Will Smith “Bullied Me” And More Horrifying Tales of Getting Hurt by Hollywood’s IT Couple

Nu Metal singer/actress Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband Will Smith are two of the most scandalous names in the entertainment world today, last year finding themselves in the spotlight again over the assault Mr. Smith committed against comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars ceremony. What is now being called a “staged slap” as part of a Hollywood “humiliation […]

Did WWE’s Vince McMahon And The Satanic Illuminati Kill Pro Wrestling Superstar Chris Benoit? (Part 1)

In the history of pro wrestling, there are many great names at the top. Perhaps the most well-known and outright respected is a man that was a two-time world champion, having been crowned as a one-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and a one-time World Heavyweight Champion in WWE. Under the nicknames The (Canadian) Crippler and The Rabid Wolverine, late Canadian wrestler Chris Benoit held thirty championships between WWF/WWE, […]

FRAZZLEDRIP Deep Dive: The TRUE STORY That Nobody Wants To Read!

FRAZZLEDRIP Deep Dive: The TRUE STORY That Nobody Wants To Read! (Part 1) by Randy “Rocket” Cody Back in 2017, after I launched my own independent death investigations for late rock stars Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, I uncovered a massive amount of shocking evidence via dozens of long format forensic dissertations, along with damning witness testimony which supported my […]

Brandon Lee, The Crow & Ritual Sacrifice (Part 3)

Report: Brandon Lee, The Crow & Ritual Sacrifice (Part 3) by Randy “Rocket” Cody “In reality, Hollywood is about control and psychological warfare, not entertainment.” – Occultbot In the first two parts of this three part report, I provided legitimate evidence plus credible witness testimony which supports my theory that late action movie star, Brandon Lee, was intentionally murdered by […]