Nu Metal singer/actress Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband Will Smith are two of the most scandalous names in the entertainment world today, last year finding themselves in the spotlight again over the assault Mr. Smith committed against comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars ceremony.

What is now being called a “staged slap” as part of a Hollywood “humiliation ritual,” has conveniently served as a distraction for much more serious crimes of “pedophilia” allegedly committed by the Smith’s against young girls and boys, connected to both the Hollywood elite and Jeffrey Epstein‘s ongoing human trafficking scandal.

Unfortunately, new accusations run much deeper than the strange moments of affection Mr. Smith has shown his own son while out in public. Sexual abuse survivor Kirby Sommers claims that Victoria Secret billionaire Leslie Wexner also played a huge role in Epstein’s ring, along with Courtney Love, Prince Andrew, Heidi Klum and Naomi Campbell.

 Will Smith has been named on the flight logs for the people who visited Epstein’s infamous Orgy Island! Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs: The Official Proof!!!

As the story goes, one of the kid rappers of Kriss Kross duo, Chris Kelly was purportedly molested by Jada Pinkett Smith at age 14 (when the singer/actress was 22), according to Kelly’s mother, who made the shocking accusation.

It was around this time that many of the world’s biggest name celebs were taking part in flights to Epstein’s private island retreat where it’s said horrifying acts of sodomy/torture/cannibalism were committed against abducted kids.


Late SOUNDGARDEN frontman, Chris Cornell, exposed the ring before he died mysteriously after performing at a sold-out concert in Detroit in 2017, and it’s said he was murdered for making the revelations, once he received the “Swordfish” computer file, that also included the Frazzledrip video, which reportedly depicts Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin murdering a little girl in a “snuff film.”

A hacktivist group known as Anonymous released a document on social media claiming to be Jeffrey Epstein’s “little black book.” 

“The 91-page document is a list of Jeffrey’s alleged contacts and associates, which includes the name of many high-profile individuals.  The flight logs however are undeniable proof that high powered assholes like former President Bill Clinton did indeed visit the location numerous times. Now Mr. Smith’s name has been included, along with actor Chris Tucker.”

The CIA, as I have pointed out, took over the cultural aspect so as to manipulate the minds of Americans.

Kelly passed away due to an overdose in 2013, but his mom was interviewed after his passing and she made the claim against Pinkett Smith. TMD has learned that this matter is part of an ongoing investigation now launched against the Smith’s. As I dug deeper, I learned this is a long running problem that has been covered up to protect the powerful celebrity couple. However, since the Epstein scandal made its way through the court system during 2020-2021, with the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, who is said to have worked as a lure for Epstein’s ring, more shocking details have emerged.

Believe it or not, Paul Rodriguez, 68, worked with Will Smith on the set of the 2001 biopic Ali where he claims the once-beloved star bullied and humiliated him on a daily basis, making his life a “living hell.” 

I was bullied by Will Smith – I get no joy from Oscars’ slap fallout but now he knows how it feels to be butt of a joke – News Headlines (

In 2020, child actor Orlando Bloom, accused Mr. Smith of raping him. Sadly, this case (or the slap heard around the world) is the least of Mr. Smith’s problems, since the #PizzaGate investigation has begun to heat back up.

What is most telling is a new bogus post that was put up to try and confuse people as to what the truth is, concerning Mr. Smith and Epstein Island. The disinformation site uses an alternate ‘dummy list’ in trying to discredit the facts.
Illuminati Butt Puppet: Will Smith Worships Satan And Wants To Eat Your Children!

According to OctoZone site:

“For whatever reason, these principal forces require the energy (i.e. from blood) of children who are sexually (physically & mentally) abused and traumatized. If you have read the general ‘Octo Model‘ [ ] in the introduction of the website, you will be aware that it is the hypothesis of Octozone that there exists a demonic ALIEN contingent (hidden from the masses) that guide the operations of our reality on planet earth. It appears these reptilian entities will stop at nothing to acquire this energy (from abducted kids who produce the world’s most powerful form of a drug called Adrenochrome) and the more the entity gets, the more powerful it becomes, and the more it wants. Perhaps the propagation of these principal forces that is controlling world events is very much dependent on acquiring this energy to survive. The work of occult researcher David Icke covers the concept of entity energy and their requirements. 

It’s said that during these sadistic ritual ceremonies, that the celebs like the Smith’s also take part in devouring organs that once belonged to the murdered children they sacrificed to the Devil. “The ‘Octo Ring‘ code acts as a powerful medium for this entity to acquire and develop this energy. However, by learning the code, one can deprive these principal forces of this energy and thus destroy it in the process. One of the main hallmarks of the ‘Octo Ring’ is that it appears to be exclusively a ‘Man-Boy‘ pedophilic occult code. Perhaps because this is the purest form of energy this entity can acquire? If we look to the works and writings of occultist Aleister Crowley, we can understand the process.”

Source: The Libri of Aleister Crowley: Collection of Essays

“It has always been my belief that Leslie Wexner, via his Victoria’s Secret, A&F was used by intel to influence how girls dress. To make children more pliable for predators.”

– Kirby Sommers

MK ULTRA: The Butterfly/Monarch Programming, Pictured; Willow Smith

Truther & Best Selling Author Barbara Marciniak takes us further down the rabbit hole to Hell:

“Humanity is cunningly manipulated, she warns us, by a cruel clan of reptilian creatures known as the “Illuminati.” “Our ancient persecutors (here since Atlantean times) feed on “negative energy.” To survive, they instigate disharmony and violence in the susceptible human species. The Illuminati are ruled by 13 Wizards, who are surrounded by a cabal of 3,000 – 5,000 additional evil-doers, “primarily white, and the Mormons are definitely involved. We are all being programmed through ritual sexual abuse, television violence, and demonic propaganda. Sinister mind-control — directed by the CIA who learned their nefarious craft from ex-Nazis who studied Pharonic Egyptian secrets — is seeking to transform all of us into murderers, suicides, Satanists, cannibals, etc., etc.”

Now Jada and Will’s former bodyguard Randy Bowie has been revealed as having worked for Jeffrey Epstein and threatened to kill victims.

In an interview (since pulled down by YouTube) with one of Epstein’s earliest victims, Maria Farmer, who was the first to expose Epstein and Ghislaine in the 90s, revealed that she was an artist who was basically pimped out to Epstein by the dean at her art school, Eileen Guggenheim. both her and her underage sister were eventually abused by Epstein and Ghislaine.
– Maria for a period was held captive in a mansion owned by Lex Wexner (head of Victoria’s Secret) where she was starved and had armed guards, trained dogs and cameras watching her every move, during this time she was terrorized by a man called Randy Bowie, who was Epstein’s bodyguard and possible hitman.
When Maria found out Epstein abused her sister and stole private photos of her, she attempted to leave. Randy Bowie attacked her and threatened to kill her. She managed to escape by locking herself in her room and calling everyone she knew. Decades later when everything was exposed and Epstein “committed suicide”, Jada approached her for an interview about Epstein (I guess for Red Table Talk) but as soon as Maria mentioned Randy Bowie, things got awkward, and Jada ghosted. Maria later found out that Randy Bowie was once Will Smith’s bodyguard.

Randy Bowie’s security firm is allegedly the same one being used by Megan Markle, who was recommended from Tyler Perry, Randy also used to be the bodyguard for Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ozzy Osbourne, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise, and has ties to Israeli intelligence.

Monarch Butterly Symbolism




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