Back in 2017, I got myself in the middle of the biggest scandal in news history, when I covered the mysterious deaths of late rockers Chris Cornell (SOUNDGARDEN, AUDIOSLAVE) and Chester Bennington (LINKIN PARK, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS), miraculously proving ‘foul play’ in both cases via my own independent forensic analysis that I executed via a multitude of long format dissertation reports for both singers, which over 1 billion readers around the globe enjoyed, including readers in Pakistan, but my work was called a hoax by Democratic backed Snopes site, covering up the truth about how both men were “suicided” and their murders turned into fake stories of suicide. It was only the depth of my conviction and faith in God, plus making sure I got the facts straight for readers, along with doing what is right by all of the missing kids, that helped guide this independent journalist to the finish line. Thank you to my wonderful wife Hope for putting up with me during this time, as I had to dedicate a lot of time to the investigations.

To get started, before he was found dead in his hotel room on May 17th, 2017 (not the 18th), Chris Cornell had been sent the Swordfish computer file by Blink 182’s Tom Delonge, who is also connected to John Podesta on the UFO disclosure project, and this is very important to understand as I unravel the dark, sinister plot being carried out by the Illuminati against the masses.

I proved with my forensic analysis that the clock is pushed back on the estimated time of death by 2 hours, because it takes at least 120 minutes for the body to cool down after death in a room that is normal 70 degree temp, and the medic said in his report at 1:30AM on the 18th of May in 2017 that the singer was cold to the touch all over his body. The only way that happens is if Chris has cooled down for the two hours, so that pushes the time of death to 11:30PM on the 17th.

Chris was murdered, without a shadow of a doubt. The police intentionally bungled the case to assist in the cover up of Cornell’s Illuminati sanctioned assassination, and the fact that The Detroit News removed Kirsten’s name from my interview that I did with that newspaper to protect him, put things in a whole new perspective, yet you as the reader must delve deeper into this subject matter to get a full grasp on what is really going on. I am not here to twist anyone’s arm. You will make up your own mind, and all that my job includes is presenting the evidence that would convict Kirsten in a court of law, plus provide the most logical answers as to who killed Chris Cornell and his friend Chester Bennington.

It all relates to the death of another whistleblower named Max Spiers who died on my birthday July 16th in 2016, with black goo oozing out of his body like he was in an episode of X Files or some shit. Four days before his death, Mr. Spiers revealed he was investigating the Presido child abuse scandal, which links to Michael Aquino (Temple of Set) who founded it and had once served as #2 under Anton LaVey of The Church of Satan.

The Millennium report revisits the epic investigation that I carried out all alone, on behalf of Chris, Chester and all of the missing kids:

Detroit police wrapped up their investigations quickly and the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the death a suicide, but investigators are claiming that unexplained gaps in the official timeline of Cornell’s final moments and suspicious inconsistencies in the records suggest that Cornell’s death was not suicide at all, but a premeditated homicide and cover up.

Investigator Randy Cody is among those questioning the suicide ruling. He points to perceived timeline gaps, forensic questions and what he says are two signs that Cornell had a head wound that was not mentioned in autopsy reports.

Pictured: Epstein’s Orgy Island

Speaking to Detroit Free Press: he referenced Detroit police scanner audio in which a medic is heard saying: “patient did have an exercise rubber band around his neck, suggestions of possible strangulation, trauma to the back of the head, history of depression. Patient is cool to the touch in all areas at this time.”

Cody also questions whether medics really broke so many of Cornell’s ribs in efforts to resuscitate him.

You mean these medics did nine rib fractures (during CPR)? I’m not buying it,” said Cody, who also believes Cornell was killed because he was about to expose a child sex ring.

Police: Chester Bennington Was Murdered

500 million readers overnight!

In a post on May 22, 2017, TMD’s Randy Cody claimed that Cornell was murdered because he was about to expose pedophiles involved in ‘PizzaGate’, a conspiracy theory holding that a child sex trafficking ring linked to Hilary Clinton was being run out of Comet Ping Pong, a Washington DC Pizzeria.

There will now be many new revelations that I am going to begin to share with the world so that everyone understands that I did not perpetuate any hoaxes in 2017. My work was 100% factual and confirmed by many to be dead on the money.


Truther Chris Weaver poignantly questions the false narrative being pushed by the mainstream news media:

 “Let’s pretend for a moment we know Podesta is his biological father. Just that single fact, turns every “coincidence” into something very different. Chester’s connection to Chris. All the “rumors” begin to transmogrify into something else. Theory becomes possibility, but can possibility be illuminated as reality? A higher truth. The only truth. Doesn’t it seem odd, that if but a single notion turns to fact, everything else suddenly makes sense? And all of those things, that begin to fall in place so perfectly, were once strewn about, inconceivable, irrational….so perfectly misplaced. You can begin to see it for what it truly is, as matchstick houses crumble, a magic trick, a veil pulled over the eyes, a lie. Coincidence?”

The star of PizzaGate is John Podesta, a political consultant who served as White House Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton from 1998 to 2001 and Counselor to President Barack Obama from 2014 to 2015.

It is my assertion that Cornell and Chester were both assassinated for getting to close to revealing the names of the key players involved with the ring’s shot callers Podesta and the Clinton’s, and this involves hardcore satanic sex orgies, culminating in the ritual murders of both rock stars, Bennington’s gruesome execution being carried out during “The Grand Climax” of all things.

You might recall learning about him and his emails during the 2016 presidential election during which he served as Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman.

Right before the election, Wikileaks released thousands of emails from Podesta’s account that exposed everything going on behind the scenes of the Clinton campaign (and may well be what cost them the election).

Podesta’s emails contained some sort of strange code, including really weird mentions of food.

2 DEAD ROCK STARS, The Clinton’s & SRS In Haiti

The Intelligence site brings the Epstein saga into full focus, as it pertains to the takedown of PizzaGate the child abduction and sex slavery scandal:

Thanks to court filings and news reports, from The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and others, the list of prominent people who were associates of Jeffrey Epstein continues to grow. For many, their ties to the notorious sex trafficker and longtime high-society hobnobber were not previously known, as they did not appear in Epstein’s infamous black book or in the public flight logs of passengers who traveled aboard his private jet before his jailhouse death in 2019 while awaiting trial.

We’ve also learned about deeper ties between Epstein and some boldfaced names with whom he had already been associated, including how frequently Epstein met with his high-flying pals. Epstein’s infamous “black book” began to shed light on the elites who were potentially involved with paying for these underage sex slaves procured by Ghislaine Maxwell, and allegedly Heidi Klum and Courtney Love.

I learned that Klum had once dated the bodyguard of Chris Cornell named Martin Kirsten (who like Robert Maxwell, and Epstein himself), was MOSSAD, and oddly enough was the last person to see Chris alive the night he died in Detroit back in 2017 (after Chris complained on the stage at previous concerts about how he did not have any billionaires for friends), along with being vocal about the human trafficking epidemic being covered up. Keep in mind, Klum was a Victoria’s Secret model and no doubt Les Wexner is a major player in the PizzaGate scandal, like the Clinton’s, Comet Pizza’s James Alefantis and the Podesta brothers.

This involved the shipping of immigrant sex slaves who are underage in shipping containers that are marked as artwork allegedly moved by Alefantis, believe it or not, from spots like Haiti, where the Clinton’s were connected to the Laura Silsby case, that saw her get off with a slap on the wrist for attempting to snatch 33 kids.

LINKIN PARK, Chester Bennington, Podesta and the Clinton’s are all linked via the SRS recycling plant the band had producing t-shirts, along with the SE4ALL global initiative, and this is where the plot thickens. Mike Shinoda apparently knows more than he is letting on because it turns out that Chester knew about the child abductions of sex slaves in Haiti, it made him want to do something about it, once and for all. He was going to take a drastic step to expose it and his friend Chris’ murder before he died.

Leslie Wexner the CEO of L Brands, which owns Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works, was once the “main client” of Epstein’s money-management firm.

Vanity Fair takes us deeper down the rabbit hole:

Epstein burnished his own myth, telling people, preposterously, that he only accepted clients with assets of $1 billion or more. But until recently, Epstein’s only publicly named client was Wexner. “When I asked Jeffrey who else he worked with, he’d say, ‘I can’t talk about it,’ ” an Epstein friend recalled. Wexner paid Epstein’s predecessor about $600,000 a year in today’s dollars. Epstein, a former high school math teacher from Coney Island, Brooklyn, was worth a reported $559 million. His estate included a 51,000-square-foot Manhattan town house (bought from Wexner); a private jet (formerly owned by The Limited) and a helicopter; a Caribbean island; a Paris apartment; a Palm Beach mansion; and a 10,000-acre New Mexico ranch. (Epstein’s brother’s real estate company also had majority ownership of a Manhattan condo building on East 66th Street where Epstein allegedly housed girls. The building was formerly owned by Wexner.) Prosecutors say that Epstein built his vast sex-trafficking ring throughout the ’90s and early aughts. In other words, Epstein became Epstein during his long association with Wexner.

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