Rocket Interviewed About Chris Cornell’s Murder

I was interviewed earlier today (May 7th) on FM Rock Radio station WQEE 99.1 with host Ryan O Neal. We discussed the Chris Cornell death investigation. Check out the 1 hour long rebroadcast down below. Report: CHRIS CORNELL, Pedogate & The Wicked Witch Of Grunge (Part 1) @TheMetalDen @EndOfCentury @chaigrl @ImperatorTruth #TruthForChris — Randy Rocket Cody (@rocketmetalden) May […]

Randy Rocket Cody Issues Update!

How the Hell is everyone? It’s been a busy time for me as of late, so while I try to respond to all my fans messages, it gets difficult to stay in touch with everyone regularly due to my heavy workload. So I wanted to post this quick update to keep y’all informed on what I have been doing. Check […]