“The Truth, when you finally chase it down, is almost always far worse than your darkest visions and fears.”
— Hunter S. Thompson, Kingdom of Fear

On The Trail of The Zodiac: Hunting America’s Most Notorious Serial Killer

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

Back in 2018, I first theorized that a high-ranking Satanist within the American military was the true identity of The Zodiac Killer, a yet to be brought to justice serial slayer who operated around San Francisco, California during the late sixties. He was infamous for having taunted the public, police and the news media with ciphers that he mailed to the editors of the local newspapers to mock them about his latest killings. He was never caught… until now.

Meet The Zodiac Killer: Michael Aquino of The NSA

“My prime suspect in The Zodiac Killer slayings is named Michael Aquino. Mr. Aquino began corresponding with legendary American Satanist Anton LaVey while a psychological operative for the U.S. Army, stationed in the jungles of Vietnam. During the late sixties while he served in Vietnam, I learned he was allowed to take leave back to the USA to attend a meeting at the Church of Satan’s “Black House”, which it just so happens was located in San Francisco.

Mr. Aquino returned to the States and was next made a high-ranking priest and editor of the church’s Cloven Hoof.

Zodiac victim Darlene Ferrin’s husband was stationed at Presidio where Aquino would ultimately be accused of child molestations. Satanic garb was found in Darlene’s home. It gets creepier. Darlene and her husband lived in same building complex as Paul Stine, another Zodiac victim.

Is it all just one big coincidence or is there something much more sinister going on that is being covered up in this matter?

Ferrin did know Zodiac victims Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday.

Yes, she previously attended Hogan High School, was 100% familiar with Lake Herman Road’s status as a lover’s lane and lived less than two blocks from Jensen’s house.

A 9mm Luger pistol was used in Darlene’s shooting, which further supports my theory that the Zodiac was a World War 2 collector and a Nazi buff, due to the fact that the 9MM Luger was the sidearm used by German soldiers during the Third Reich.

Zodiac Ciper:

“They were shot with a 9MM Luger.”

Also, the Zodiac made a phone call from a local area pay phone to the police and claimed the earlier shooting in December of 1968, so that is how I know the crimes were carried out by the same exact individual.

Fans will recall I reported on a “black book” in the Epstein “Orgy Island” scandal connected very powerful names to the human trafficking rin that also ties directly to Bill and Hillary Clinton, and their longtime henchman’s John Podesta and his brother Tony Podesta.

During my independent investigation, I uncovered that Mr. Aquino was the son of Betty Ford Aquino, and she was related to legendary car maker Henry Ford, who was secretly a Nazi sympathizer, and was funding Hitler’s Third Reich after World War 2 ended, along with Operation Paperclip, who I found out Mr. Aquino’s father was part of.

Paperclip allowed Nazi scientists to escape punishment for their war crimes against the Jews, and they all escaped into America, believe it or not. This leads to other important subjects related to SRA abuse and MK ULTRA mind control, such as Montauk.

Pictured: 9MM Luger “Death Head SS Stamp”

Occult investigator Max Spiers was found dead on a sofa in Poland in 2016 on my birthday July 16th after allegedly vomiting a mysterious black fluid shortly after he had uncovered evidence of an elite pedophile ring that connected Michael Aquino, the same #PizzaGate ring I believe is responsible for murdering late rock stars Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. According to online occult researcher, Titus Frost, I am the only journalist who forensically proved both Chris and Chester were murdered, by way of my “latch theory”, where I proved that Detroit PD covered up all of the true forensic evidence.

The body count Mr. Aquino racked up during his two-year stint in Vietnam is said to be in the hundreds if not thousands. Mostly women and children were among the casualties of his depraved actions. He was part of Phoenix program and from what I have researched thus far, this monster was behind some of the most heinous atrocities against humanity. Ruthless plots carried out under “false flags” that will simply blow your mind, and are frankly, too graphic to describe in this dissertation.

At some point on the 17th of June, 2017, Chris Cornell suffered a head injury. The medic on the scene who calls 911 to pronounce Chris “DOA” observes in his comments “possible signs of strangulation”… and “trauma to the back of the head”. He concluded with stating that the singer was “cold to the touch all over” his body. It is my assertion that Chris was the victim of homicidal ligature strangulation. I was interviewed by one of the nation’s leading newsaper’s The Detroit News in 2017 and made it clear that I suspected foul play in the rock legend’s death.

Chris Cornell knew his life was in serious trouble, and after he was found dead on May 18th, 2017, on July 22, Chris’ birthday, Chester of Linkin Park was found hung in a similar fashion. His death was also staged to look like a suicide, to mock Christianity and Jesus Christ. Not too long after I named him as The Zodiac Killer in 2018, Mr. Aquino stopped doing YouTube interviews and ultimately faked his death in 2019.

According to the official record, Mr. Aquino died from a self-inflicted gunshot. Sounds eerily similar to the way Hitler staged his death as a suicide by gunshot, huh? View Mr. Aquino’s death certificate online HERE.

It is my belief SOUNDGARDEN frontman Chris Cornell suffered SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) at the hands of the diabolical MK Ultra mastermind, retired army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, as part of the New World Order’s agenda, His death was staged to appear as a suicide to create a diversion plus mock all Christians, plus send a message to the legion: that says Satan’s army is in full control of the masses and the end game is set.

I learned that actor/Satanist Johnny Depp was closely connected to the director of Snuff films for Aquino’s top secret group called “The Finders” and a young SRA victim named Paul Bonacci witnessed the murders of kids who the CIA backed cult abducted. The director of the snuff flicks was journalist Hunter S. Thompson. The deeper I went down the rabbit hole I discovered that Depp and Cornell’s wife started a bar in Paris, France together called “Man Ray.”

It just so happens that the name of the prime suspect in the slaying of The Black Dahlia in 1947 is named none other than Man Ray. Another “black book” in that case has become of particular interest to truthers, because the murder victim Elizabeth Short was said to be working as a lure for a powerful Hollywood pedophile ring, and this book of names was very damning. LAPD to this day has it in their possession but will not let the public view it.

Paul Bonacci is the young man who said under oath that Aquino was the man behind the child abductions, including the never solved disappearance of newspaper boy Johnny Gosch.

My reports covering #Pizzagate tied MOSSAD agents Martin Kirsten & the late Jeffrey Epstein to a Vatican/Washington DC backed ELITE INTERNATIONAL HUMAN TRAFFICKING RING. Murdered rockers Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington planned to expose it.

Chris Cornell fought back at the end. The rock icon tried to make one last stand for humanity before he was murdered by the Illuminati. While I believe much of Chris’ life was scheduled for him by his handlers, there is no doubt that he was still his own man, even with the horde of bloodsuckers that were in his life, namely his immediate family.

This day of Chester’s death is very important because it is the beginning of the dog days of summer. Sirius, the star of Set as in Temple of Set (Temple of the dog, anyone?).

Although, 5 victims were attributed to the Zodiac killer, how many homicides did the Zodiac actually take credit for?

36 ( Three 6’s = 666 mark of the beast)

Set carries Isis through the underworld.


In 1975 he sought a new mandate to operate by invoking the devil. Satan responded by appearing as Set, the ancient Egyptian deity, and gave Aquino a document, The Book of Coming Forth by Night. He authorized Aquino to found the Temple of Set to supersede the Church of Satan. Aquino created a new religious society built around the worship of Set, of whom Satan is one derivation.

Aquino is said to have joined Satanic Church after meeting Lavey at theatre showing of Rosemary’s Baby.
He became a Satanic priest and worked closely with the Lavey’s for over 10 years. 

He started having disagreements with the way Lavey was portraying Satan and wanted the church to be more serious. 

As the story goes, Michael Aquino decided to consult Satan on the issue. On June 21st 1975 as the clock struck midnight at his home in Santa Barbara he did a magical working, & spent 4 hours writing his book that would become the manual for the Temple of Set called, “Coming Forth By Night.”

He believed that Satan had passed the torch of early representative from Lavey to himself. (Æon of Set)

Upon the ninth Solstice, therefore, I destroyed my pact with Anton Szandor LaVey, and I raised him to the Will of a Daimon, unbounded by the material dimensions. And so I thought to honor him beyond other men. But it may have been this act of mine that ordained his fall.

In The New Satanists book by Linda Blood, who was a mistress of Aquino she says they wrote letters to one another, & eventually she was able to meet him at a Temple of Set convention. A few weeks later they began having an affair. She joined the Temple, & began learning the rites, & ceremonies. She discovered that Aquino had a fascination with Nazi memorabilia, the Thule, and Vril society and especially Himmler’s occult operations. 

The Setian concept of good and evil is based on the idea that whatever is good for one individual may well be considered evil by someone else, and who is to say who is right and who is wrong? Aquino cautions his followers that “profane” society will tolerate them only if they are “perceived” to be ethical people.

”Aquino called the average society of profane masses, “World of Horrors”.

Christian Hospitality site takes us further down the theological rabbit hole with biblical examples to help us understand:

Seth was given his name because his mother, Eve, exclaimed at his birth:

“God has appointed me another [or different] seed in place of Abel whom Cain slew”.

(The Hebrew form of the name Seth is “Shet”, meaning “He appointed”.)

“Similarly God appointed (by adoption) another Seed, by another Comforter, the Holy Spirit, in place of the crucified Jesus Christ, namely, “One like the Son of Man”, in place of the mortal Jesus, the “Son of Man”, to be raptured up to heaven and take the kingdom in the Millennium.” (Daniel 7. 13, Revelation 1. 13, 14. 14).

This “One like the Son of Man” was identified by revelation to Daniel the Prophet as “the People of the Saints of the Most High” (Daniel 7. 27, 22).

 “A group of Setians calling themselves The Order of the Trapezoid (O.Tr) have integrated the Holy Grail legends. To maintain some kind of order we’ll be keeping to a loose chronology. The first goal is to peer into the murky depths of Arthurian legend to define exactly what we, and the Satanists in question mean by “Holy Grail”. In order to properly conceptualize the beliefs of the Order of the Trapezoid we must venture into the mercurial and hazardous waters of Nazi Occultism, particularly the doings of the SS under Heinrich Himmler. The Order of the Trapezoid, like the SS, draw heavily from Germanic myths, such as those of Ricard Wagner, and the Arthurian legends. And after discussing the Nazis’ we’ll then discuss the formation of the Order and some of its philosophies.” – Psychic Wizardman

The Order of the Trapezoid was formally introduced by Anton LaVey in the December 1970 issue of the Church of Satan’s newsletterThe Cloven Hoof.

As the story goes, the Hermetic literature states that Agathodaimonis the Biblical patriarch Seth. In Egypt, Agathodaimon was equated with Osiris and Osiris was believed to be represented in the Zodiac by the sign of Taurus.

“The other Seed is really the same Seed in another form, that is, the Messiah, embodied by the Holy Spirit in the saints. The exchange of Seth for Abel because of the latter’s murder by Cain is exactly symbolized in the conjoined sign Taurus-Auriga: the jealous bull (the bull part of the sign Taurus, Cain) attacks two children who are protected by the shepherd Auriga and Capella, the latter being the children’s mother: i.e. Auriga = Adam and Capella = Eve, and the two children of Eve are Seth and Abel.” – ChristianHospitality site

Aquino established his Order of the Trapezoid at Wewelsburg castle in Germany. Many members of the Temple had raised concerns about Aquinos authoritarian position. 

And Jesus looked toward heaven and prayed: “Father, the time has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you. For you granted him authority over all people that he might give eternal life to all those you have given him. Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.”   John 17:1-3

Victoria Alexander is a St. Claire (of Da Vinci Code fame) and her sister is married to General Michael Aquino, an ex-Green Beret who helped Anton LaVey start the Church of Satan, and split from him and started the Temple of SET. And of course a long list of other odious deeds.” Source.

Simon Cox points out in Cracking the Da Vinci Code that members of the St Clair family had actually testified against the Knights Templar when some of its members were tried at Holyrood in Edinburgh in 1309. There is indeed an underground chamber, a crypt, under Roslynn Chapel, where members of the St Claire family were buried over the centuries.

The Egyptians called Adam’s son, Seth “Agathodaimon”, i.e. “The Good, or Beneficent, Spirit”, and Seth’s descendant Enoch “The First Thoth (Hermes)”.

“The builder of the Great Pyramid, the Pharaoh Khufu or Cheops, is said in native Egyptian literature to have used the secret writings of “Thoth” (i.e. of Enoch) to build the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. He found the knowledge of the whereabouts of these writings of Thoth in the possession of a humble seer of very advanced age. “

“Thus, the secrets of the star-signs were preserved after the Flood in Egypt and used to construct the Great Pyramid. This Egyptian tradition, combined with the witness of the Enoch and Hermetic literature, confirms the testimony of Josephus that the antediluvian patriarchs discovered the secrets of the Zodiac and that their discoveries were inscribed on a monument of stone which remained standing to Josephus’ own time in Northern Egypt (the Siriadic land as he calls it). The Siriadic Land is where the Great Pyramid of Gizeh is located.”

Fiona Barnett describes the many occasions she met Aquino, and the experiments on her in MK Ultra, MK Delta, Alice through the Looking Glass, Dagon marine training as well as many places of experimentation and programming, as well as her thoughts on Aquino.

The sensational headline concerned the Franklin Scandal in Omaha Nebraska that David Shurter was a victim of and witness to. Shurter is also a victim of my perpetrator Lt. Col. Michael Aquino who was implicated in Franklin plus the Presidio and McMartin preschool scandals in which children were sexually and ritually abused.”

Pedogate whistle-blowers claimed, children trafficked to Washington DC were held in
transit cellars within local businesses including a restaurant where an ‘entertainer’ was filmed boasting about raping and killing kids.

FBI and NYPD officers apparently made multiple attempts to charge Hillary Clinton and other VIP members of the trafficking ring, but their efforts were thwarted by those in the chain of command above them.

The numbers are staggering when you look at how many ‘underage’ children disappear every year in America and start to try to wrap your head around the massive body count of kids we are talking about under Mr. Aquino’s reign of terror.

It is in the millions of dead kids he has killed via his sadistic, mind control programs backed by Uncle Sam.

The Temple of Set is an “initiatory” organization, meaning they have several degrees of membership, from I to VI. First degree (new) members are given the Crystal Tablet of Set, which contains their beliefs. The Temple of Set places emphasis on the concept of “Xeper” (an Egyptian-derived word) roughly meaning willed self-evolution.

Set = Satan

Satan is a part of the class of angels called Seraphim. He is the first ET.

Members are organized into six initiatory degrees: Setian, Adept, Priest (ess) of Set, Master of the Temple, Magus, and Ipsissimis. The Temple of Set may be contacted at P.O. Box 470307, San Francisco, CA 94147. It publishes the newsletter Scroll of Set.

The Book of Coming Forth by Night, the Setian revelation to Aquino in 1975 that prompted him to found the Temple of Set, is perhaps as close as one might come. But it is not a divine revelation to be believed in as absolute truth; rather, it is a magical text that Setians believe transferred the mandate of Satanism from LaVey’s Church of Satan to the Temple of Set.

The history of the Temple of Set is necessarily, in part, a history of the Church of Satan, the organization from which the Temple evolved. The Church of Satan has its own roots in the magical tradition that sprang from early Masonry, later Rosicrucianism, the Knights Templar, and Aleister Crowley’s Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

In March 1969, on military leave to be married, Michael Aquino attended a lecture on “fortunetelling and character analysis” held in LaVey’s by-then notorious black house at 6114 California Street in Los Angeles, CA. 

So, this puts my prime suspect in The Zodiac Killings on the ground in the same state where the killings took place during the same year, and apparently there were even more ‘military leaves’ During ’68 and ’69.

Aquino (along with his wife Janet) sent in their letters of application not long after to Lavey. Aquino’s talents were recognized early, and he quickly rose to prominence in the Church of Satan. Among his distinctions are that he performed the first Missa Solemnis as a relatively new Priest of Mendes (II°, the second degree, or level, in the Church of Satan), he performed the second Satanic wedding ever, he wrote portions of Satanic Rituals, he wrote the Manual for Grotto Administration (Grottos are the Church of Satan equivalent to Pylons), and, for years, he wrote for and edited the official Church of Satan newsletter, The Cloven Hoof.

Author of Isis Unveiled, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky refers to Seth by the name of Heth. 

Blavatsky had written: “Hivim or Chivim (Heb.). Whence the Hivites who, according to some Roman Catholic commentators, descend from Heth, son of Canaan, son of Ham, “the accursed”.

The names Hivi or Hivite, and Levi—signify a “Serpent”; and the Hivites or Serpent-tribe of Palestine, were, like all Levites and Ophites of Israel, initiated Ministers to the temples, i.e., Occultists, as are the priests of Quetzo Cohuatl. 

According to Blavatsky, “They were a two-fold colony which came both from Egypt and Syria. The Syrian Cadmians colonized the islands above mentioned. The Egyptian adventurers settled first in Crete, and afterwards in the Cyclades, Peloponnesus, Greece, Samothrace, Macedonia, Illyrium, as we shall hereafter find.”

Who Blavatsky referred to as Heth, the master of the Mediterranean, Siculus, and Strabo, said conquered the whole world, and instituted the worship of the Serpent we can easily connect with the Egyptian Pharaoh Set.

If we also look to the archaeological and historical evidence that has been found at Crete, which today is the largest and most populous of the Greek Islands, we can see the strong ties between Crete and Egypt. 

It is known as the birthplace of Western Civilization. 

They worshipped the serpent. 

Pictured: Randy “Rocket” Cody

The men of Crete are often depicted in the artwork they left behind as tall, slender, muscular and with a reddish skin color like that Egyptian dynasty in the time of Set, and other Pharaohs such as Ramesses II and III.

A report I posted on Facebook, exposing MÖTLEY CRÜE band members as being part of a secret society amassed over 4 million impressions and drummer Tommy Lee has purportedly been connected to the Epstein ring in a big way, via a Watergate style break in of “The Fixer’s” office in Brentwood, California where computer servers said to be holding damning “video evidence of underage child sex” allegedly starring very famous names. Both Lee and Epstein were known to be clients of Michael Sitrick aka “The Fixer”.

I revealed that Jeffrey Epstein was the head of the Royal Order of Jesters which is a high-level version of the freemasons and the most powerful celebrity males belong among its membership.

It is believed that Epstein held “sex tapes” for blackmail purposes to use later against those inside his ‘bloodthirsty’ pedophile ring.

How I am 100% certain I have identified the correct man guilty of the legendary “Zodiac” crimes back in 1968 and 1969 is all due to a dead woman named Arlis Perry:

On or around January 12, 1974, a caller claiming to be “Zodiac” says a body will be found in a church. Apparently, this was in reference to Daly City and/or San Mateo County.

On January 29, 1974, the Zodiac “Exorcist” letter is mailed, thought to be mailed from San Mateo County.

October 12, 1974 – 9 months after the phone call from “Zodiac” saying a body would be found in a church – the body of Arlis Perry is found inside the Stanford Memorial Church. Perry was killed by an icepick to the back of the head. The body was posed obscenely with a candle inserted in her vagina. In the film “The Exorcist” the girl inserts a crucifix in her vagina while controlled by the demon.

The young woman’s pants were situated as to mimic a demonic symbol that sent a sign to their legion of devil worshipers across the country who was in total control.

Oct. 30-31, 1974, Halloween Holiday Period: Temporary headstone of Arlis Perry is stolen from gravesite in Bismarck North Dakota.

More mockery by the Satanic cult.

In the book “The Ultimate Evil” the Son of Sam David Berkowitz claims a satanic network links his cases, the Manson cases and the Perry murder. Despite giving them credible evidence, police dismissed his claims.

It is said that another Satanic killer named Manson II was possibly the identity of the Zodiac and the killer of Arlis Perry. However, due to the timing of the events and the fact that Michael Aquino AKA “The Figure In Black” (The Zodiac) was operating Church of Satan with Lavey and his own Church of Set starting around the same time in this part of the country, with a strong military background performing ritual ceremonies in secret, sends up major red flags.

This psychopath Aquino sanctioned by Uncle Sam was allowed total immunity to operate his child trafficking business and ritual murder parties with little daycare kids he supervised while stationed at the Presidio military base in the 80s. He is said to have “Skinned children alive” and filmed snuff movies, with the assist of actor/rocker Johnny Depp’s late pal, Hunter S. Thompson.

Point blank, based off many records that have now been declassified and posted online to read, I determined that MK Ultra absolutely is real… and is still in operation today, just carried out covertly. Mr. Aquino was the top programmer for MK Ultra mind control at Wonderland facility on Lookout Mountain in Laurel Canyon, California, which is now owned by the actor who played the joker on the big screen, rocker Jared Leto.

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