Black Mass Apocalypse, Human Trafficking & The New World Order

Black Mass Apocalypse, Human Trafficking & The New World Order

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

“The prevalence of deviant and/or fetishistic behavior in our society would stagger the imagination of the sexually naïve.” – Anton LaVey

With the recent court trial of Jeffrey Epstein‘s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell having happened, the subject of human trafficking is one of the biggest topics in the news currently. It’s obviously a problem that has grown more out of control in the past two decades, as late rocker Chris Cornell had expressed to the world on many occasions how serious this truly was before his mysterious death in 2017. What the mainstream news fails to report, however, is that a much more sinister agenda is being carried out against human beings all around the world, and an even bigger plan beyond that which will frighten you to your core.

If we look around at the entertainment world around us, there have already signs being shown to us about this covert black mass agenda on TV, in the movies and an on cable programs.

Where are all of the missing people going? Not just those disappearing in America, but around earth.

The most terrifying aspect of it all, according to conspiracy theorists, is that it’s happening beneath us in a web-like maze of tunnels and underground bunkers that were built by the military as part of some secret deal that was struck with an evil alien contingent who is hellbent on taking over and calling our planet their new home.

As the story goes, these shape-shifting aliens having been hybridizing with humans for a very long time, and most importantly, like Vampires, they feed on human flesh and drink our blood.

In 2001 Scotland Yard police revealed that it “had been unable to find three hundred black boys aged between four to seven that disappeared from London in a three-month period.”

Yes, believe it or not, three hundred boys were reported missing between July and September in 2001.

They just disappeared into thin air.

Journalist Yinka Sunmonu an expert in missing children told the BBC’s Today program “Children are here one day and gone the next”.

There are over 56,000 Masonic lodges in the USA alone. These assholes don’t serve Christ. They worship The Devil and carry out rape of innocent children they snatched, ending in murder and cannibalism at these locations plus churches secretly at night, also out in the woods. These are the same jerk offs behind the plandemic, 9/11, the New World Order and the Illuminati.

Some brilliant insight into the matter of human abductions by James Casbolt will simply blow your mind:

“In 1989 in Westchester, New York which was the site of numerous UFO overflights and reports of human abductions at that time. Over three thousand missing children reports surfaced. After extensive investigation by local police departments the children were not found at red light districts or centers for run a ways. Researchers and law enforcement officials were baffled. There is also the CIA ‘finders case’. This involved negative factions of the CIA directly involved in child kidnapping. This was revealed in a 1987 US customs report. Customs and police raided a Washington DC warehouse which was used by the CIA. There they found a set of instructions broadcast via a computer network which advised the CIA to move a huge amount of kidnapped children that were originally being held at the warehouse (customs and police found large amount of nappies and other things there) and to keep them moving across jurisdictions. There were instructions on impregnation of female teenagers and also instructions on how to avoid police detection. The destination for the children in the instructions was New Mexico. The Albuquerque journal ran an article entitled ’ Why New Mexico has so many more missing children than comparable states remains a mystery’. Much of this activity is centered around New Mexico where the Dulce underground facility is. One male survivor of the MI6/CIA mind control project Monarch described in ’The illuminati formula’ by Fritz Springmeir, the China lake naval base at Ridgecrest in the California desert. This anonymous man says batches of children numbering one, two and three thousand were kept in cages piled up to the ceiling of large hangers. He says these cages are called ’woodpecker grids’.  These are electrified and the children were tortured with electric shocks. Children are today still being transported to China lake naval base by train, car and air. One of the main delivery routes for children into China Lake is by plane from the Santa Rosa airstrip near Bohemian grove. The Santa Rosa airstrip is supposed to be closed, yet planes take off from there every night and do not put there lights on until they are hundreds of feet in the air.”

Casbolt’s brutal breakdown of our grim reality continues:

“The Nazi geneticist and mind control scientist Joseph Mengela ‘The Angel of Death’ from the Auschwitz concentration camp was brought to America after the war by MI6 and the OSS (which became the CIA) in project paperclip. Many other leading Nazi mind control experts, rocket scientists and geneticists were also brought to America and Britain after the war. Joseph Mengela stayed at the China Lake base and the Tavistock Institute in London. China Lake naval base is in the same as Lancaster, California. It was in Lancaster the mass graves of mutilated children were discovered. By the sheer amount of evidence the only conclusion I can come to is that certain sections of the US and British government have sold us and our children out to malevolent ET’s in backdoor treaties. The situation is truly grim. Come on people, time to wake up! The new world order and UN one world government is this rigid control structure to clamp the people of the world into a totalitarian vice so they won’t have to tell us about the aliens. I also believe that certain sections of the intelligence community and the US and British government are directly helping the Greys and Reptilians with their takeover agenda. Evidence seems to point to the ET’s promising these humans certain powers when this happens. The name of the powerful secretive group ‘The Trilateral Commission’ is taken from the Orion Grey/Reptilian flag known as the Trilateral insignia.”

I Am Lazlow blog takes us further down the rabbit hole of humanity’s ultimate doom:

The US military and the Nazis have had flying saucers since 1933, they even circled the globe during WW11 that took them around three hours! The US military have been lying to the US Senate since 1947 regarding the Roswell incident. This is illegal Treason. Most people assume that aliens don’t exist, but I can tell you they do, it’s no fairytale. The alien agenda is the complete takeover of this planet by the year 2029, and the killing off of 7/8th of the world’s population according to Phil Schneider.

Yes, you read that correctly. Roughly, 90% of the world’s population will be exterminated. About 6 billion.

Lazlow’s bleak assessment continues:

The New World Order and the alien agenda is the same thing. There are 1477 underground bases worldwide, half of which are for the aliens. There is a threat of an invasion of anywhere between 30 million to 300 million more reptilian aliens which control the Greys according to Bill Cooper. There are smaller numbers of small planetoids that is heading toward this planet, which is approximately the size of the state of Pennsylvania. It does not travel at above light speed as do other craft because it is so enormous and holds so many aliens. It passed near the planet in 1989, dropped off some reptilian aliens and headed out to the Draco constellation in early summer of 1989. The timetable for the arrival back to earth is approximately 2020, depending on what may happen near Draco.”

The Satanic Mass: Recorded Live at the Church of Satan is the first released audio recording of a Satanic ritual by high priest Anton Szandor LaVey, recorded in 1967 at Church of Satan headquarters, known as The Black House. The album was originally released as a vinyl LP on LaVey’s own label, Murgenstrumm, in 1968

The Hubble Telescope has as its primary mission the task of tracking the return of the craft. The base in Dulce, New Mexico now has 100,000 aliens living within it at this time. Another 100,000 more have moved through the Dulce Base to other bases. The aliens continue to enter the earth at a rate of 20,000 per month. The base at Ada, Oklahoma is still very active. The aliens are attempting to move their entire planetary population from their dying planet as quickly as possible, prior to the arrival of the Draco reptilians. Presently, the assessment of those in the inner circle who are dealing with the alien invasion threat is that the Reptilians have every intention of ruling this planet. There are many who feel that the aliens have such a high technology that they cannot be defeated. “There are over 140 elements in the true Periodic Table, not 102 as generally acknowledged by regular science. There are 9 alien races (negatives?) on Earth at present. They get high (like cocaine) from the secretions of our adrenal glands. This may be the reason for the missing 100,000 children in the USA. Alien species classified: – Zeta Reticuli Greys – small. They come from cloning Bellatrax Greys Orion Greys Pleiadeans.

“They implant chips through the nose, the back of the neck and the back of the head near the right ear during times when the subject is conscious, but in a state of mental and physical paralysis. The subject is not unconscious as if they were sedated. The aliens have the ability to block the memory of the experience through the use of certain injections and drugs into specific areas of the brain. Zeta Greys abduct humans and use them for genetic experiments. They take the souls from those humans and put them in replicas and release them after having altered them to some degree. They may appear to be the same person — and the soul is in fact the same, the body is new — and certain aspects of the memory and personality have been altered slightly. The aliens create replica bodies into which souls are transplanted from one body into another. This has been portrayed on the television series War of the Worlds. This is a means by which these aliens snatch bodies and control people to make them their own. Much of this occurs in underground caverns. When people who have disappeared for some time and then are released, there is a possibility that this has occurred to them. The aliens do not see this as cruel. It is simply their unusual culture. They have been abducting humans for centuries. They see the earth as a big farm and have been raising humans for their harvest. They often abduct them and take them back to their home planet to raise there as a form of animal husbandry. Their main problem is with their cloning process. In the re-cloning, each copy of each copy of each copy weakens repeatedly so that they are, in fact, a dying race. This has stimulated their interest in creating a new being through genetic engineering, using human or some other source as a new genetic substance to re-energize the cloning process, or to create a merging of their own race with another.

“These hosts and their fellow travelers operate as a Fifth Column here on Earth to set the stage for the return of the Dark Reptilian Gods. The so-called UFO Research Community is awash with these “Muppets.” Even I have to laugh at the irony of it: Literal hosts for reptilian entities facilitating abductee support groups, lecturing at so called “UFO Conferences” and speaking on the Art Bell Show. This is so because of the long term genetic and soul-matrix manipulation of the human race. At a recent conference in San Diego an abductee was regressed “live” in front of all the other conferees in a closed session. When her memory of a benevolent childhood ET encounter transformed into a frightening encounter with a claw-handed reptilian, Boylan asked her after the regression if she had heard “the sound of helicopters” prior to the encounter. The implication of his question is apparent to anyone who can still think: It wasn’t nasty and harmful ET’s abducting the lady… it was “the military in their helicopters.” First of all, I have no beef against mind controlled and perhaps cloned out military security thugs. (They do exist. Ask survivors of Hurricane Andrew in the horrific devastation) It’s questionable whether the latter even have souls as we have come to know them.”

Do you still think this is all a big joke? Did you know two satanic black masses were held back on Friday night, October 12, 2018, the Philadelphia Museum of Contemporary Art?

And what about the “After School Satan Clubs” being installed in multiple public U.S. schools?

Infestation of Reptilian Astral Pod-like Entities. An Occult Connection.

It may seem somewhat paradoxical that Sedona Arizona is a “New Age Mecca” when at the same time it is a major hub of Satanic Ritual Activity.

Abductee James Barkley backs it all up with the most stripped down analysis of the coming 2nd holocaust:

“Also places like Salt Lake City. (Black magicians who have defected from the craft have stated this) There is also a large underground reptilian base beneath Boynton Canyon where much work is done jointly by the ET’s and their human military vassals because the entire region is a dimensional vortex area which explains why there is so much Satanic Ritual Activity there. There is a FUNDAMENTAL CONNECTION BETWEEN THE OCCULT AND THE UFO PHENOMENON. THAT’S IT, PERIOD. Now, back to the “globalist and industrialist.” Mind controlled security thugs are not the problem and anyone with the proper amount of maturity will understand that. And I speak as an authority on the subject because I’ve been run off the highway by them, dosed with powerful infections by them, dosed with powerful drugs by them etc, etc, etc. My beef is not against the human vassals of the dark gods. My beef is against the dark gods themselves. I’m not interested in the third team. Time and again abductees accept at face value what is presented to them. If they “see” men in military attire, they automatically assume that what they are looking at are human beings when in some cases the latter have proven to be shape shifting reptilians. Unlike the surface world, sensitive information is not limited to levels of classification or “Need to Know” but rather to Levels of Awareness. All that is required of a mind controlled security thug is to apply muscle when needed. It doesn’t have the luxury of Independent Thought. It is a tragic mistake for abductees to assume that the “Military” is responsible for high level policy making in the underground bases. The latter presupposes that humans are in charge and that the human/non-human interaction is a relatively new phenomenon, which it is most certainly not. The interaction between human and non-human intelligences has an Occult basis and was thousands if not millions of years in the making.”

As the historical record indicates, black mass and human abductions have been going on a very long time, according to The Mad Truther blog:

La Voisin, a French fortune teller, poisoner and professed sorceress, was known to have killed anywhere between 1000 to 2,500 people in Black Masses. La Voisin entertained powerful guests. The richest and brightest stars of the French court would visit the notorious fortune teller to request that she whisper in the Devil’s ear on their behalf. One example was Madame de Montespan who employed la Voisin to conduct multiple Black Masses in order to secure the love of the King of France. Within one year, Montespan was Louis XIV’s official royal mistress. La Voisin’s Black Mass made use of a naked female human alter, in mockery of the sacredness of the Christian altar. The woman would lie naked with a chalice on her bare stomach, as she held two black candles in each of her outstretched arms. Such an aspect would become a permanent feature of future Satanic Masses. The power of blood was also an important feature of the Black Mass. La Voisin would have many children abducted to be sacrificed. An attendant of la Voisin was discovered to have buried the corpses of 2,500 infants. A confession at the later trial of la Voisin provides this chilling account of the Black Masses performed for Madame de Montespan around 1672.”

Rocker Taylor Hawkins’ Death and Its Disturbing Links With His Band’s Movie “Studio 666”

The Foo Fighters’ movie “Studio 666” is about blood sacrifices to the devil who rules the music industry. One month after the movie’s release, Taylor Hawkins dies in strange circumstances, says The Vigilant Citizen.

 “Some suspicious minds believe that Hawkins’ death might be a murder disguised as an overdose. Was the private health company that arrived first on the scene paid off to quickly pronounce Hawkins dead? Were the city’s first responders blocked from doing their jobs of reviving Hawkins?”

Forty trillion dollars:

“Despite an ever increasing tax burden, the roads and bridges continue to decline, the cities continue to decay, social security and Medicare benefits continue to dwindle.  Today with both husband and wife working full time jobs, the American standard of living is less than 1950 when the husband worked, and the wife stayed home.  In 1950, most government buildings were somewhat dilapidated, having a “well used” look about them, while most American homes were modern and well cared for. Today the cities are full of shinny new government office buildings, and many American homes look dilapidated and in need of repair.  Government budgets and deficits continue their upward spiral, while the American family is learning how to “make do” with less. Consumer prices continue to rise and wages continue to fall, as the American dream fades, replaced with the nightmarish specter of advancing middleclass poverty.  Inexorably, despite every effort to reverse the trend, American wealth has been systematically striped from the people, and transferred to the government”, according to:
Underground Infrastructure (

“Something has gone horribly wrong in America. For the past several decades, there have been an unbroken chain of government scandals involving over billing and multiple invoicing for items ranging from toilet seats to bombers.  Inevitably the media portray these scandals as unscrupulous corporations taking advantage of an inept government bureaucracy. Sadly, these incidents are more pervasive than media reporting indicates, and the truth is far more ominous than mere government incompetence or corporate greed.  When the clandestine diversion of tax revenue was no longer sufficient to satisfy the requirements, a second method was instituted.  American jobs were outsourced to other countries, thereby allowing the government to repatriate nearly 100% of product and/or service revenue through the foreign purchase of American government bonds.  Since the early 1960s, the American citizenry have been the unwitting victims of government fraud, perpetrated on a scale so vast that it staggers the imagination.  When figured in 2004 dollars, the total amount exceeds 40 trillion dollars.”

 The ‘Black Mass’ Abductions In Australia

Snippits and Snappits blog introduces more scary truths: ‘Frater 616’ says that ‘babies were bred for their various purposes by “Broodmares” ~ young unemployed girls who were paid to hand over their “produce”.’ He says that babies were also ‘taken from single girls by promises, for a fee or occasionally, simply stolen’, and he describes some of the other ‘sources’ for procuring children and young people: ‘Often Satanists advertise in free youth culture Street newspapers. This provides them with a constant supply of young teenage hopefuls to recruit or exploit (or both). Often Street-kids are taken in, used and discarded. It is only another missing teenager! Coffee shops, city entertainment complexes and even evangelical youth based churches are still used to this day to lure the innocent and not so innocent, their hearts full of broken dreams from broken homes.’This is happening on a mass scale ~ a Black Mass scale ~ worldwide. Amazing numbers of children, many millions, go missing every year throughout the world never to be seen again. People don’t realize this. They judge the number of child disappearances by the number of such stories that they see on the television news. These represent only a tiny, tiny fraction of children that go missing. Often the police show little interest in investigating these matters.

As ‘Frater 616’ notes in the document: ‘The most disturbing aspect of the Black Masses held in Sydney was and remains the ease with which victims were and continue to be obtained and the lack of any effective interest by the police (although a number of Police Commissioners from various States were members of the Order).’Well, yes, it does help if you control the police while you are stealing and killing children, and this is how they get away with it. Satanists are placed in positions of power in law enforcement, government and local authorities, coroners’ offices and ‘healthcare’ and together they hide the evidence and protect the guilty ~ which include themselves. Politicians are secured either by direct initiation into Satanism or through blackmail. ‘Frater’ says: ‘Unknown ~ if not always unsuspected ~ Infernal Temples exist in every major city throughout the world ~ Vatican City included! Every hour of every day and every night people are knowingly engaged in Satan’s service. Human sacrifice ~ whether ritually and quicker or slowly and degradingly over time ~ is all harnessed to specific ends. Politicians are introduced by a carefully graded set of criteria and situations that enable them to accept that their victims will be, “Our little secret”. Young children sexually molested and physically abused by politicians worldwide are quickly used as sacrifices. In Australia the bodies are hardly ever discovered, for Australia is still a wilderness.’

Satanists and their lackeys gather every year at Bohemian Grove in northern California where rituals are focused on a 40 foot stone owl that represents the Babylonian god and goddess. 





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