Since I dropped my bombshell report exposing Miley Cyrus as a zoophile, which revealed a NSFW photo of the world’s biggest pop star allegedly performing oral sex on a dog, fans all over the world have been trying to accept the ugly truth about the beloved ex-Disney child star, most famous for her role as Hannah Montana. It is my assertion that Cyrus has certain figures in her life who have guided her down the satanic path that she is currently on, and one of those people is famous celeb photographer Terry Richardson. I learned he has been close to Cyrus for over a decade, including having directed her infamous Wrecking Ball video, plus shooting a raunchy XXX pictorial of the young pop sensation. Keep in mind at the time of the pics, Cyrus had barely left her teenage years behind, she was only 20 years old.

When I brought my accusations of beastiality against Cyrus, I not only provided irrefutable photographic evidence, but I also was very specific in pointing out it was the people she was surrounding herself with that corrupted her once angelic, pure as a virgin on her wedding night image, such as porn star girlfriends, and the creepy and accused rapist Richardson, well known for being a CIA backed MK ULTRA handler of top stars.

In the video clip posted to Twitter seen below, Richardson is accused of spraying cum on the face of one model, without her permission. Much like the disgraced Ron Jeremy, Richardson gained a notorious reputation as being a very evil guy.

As I dug deeper into Richardson’s background, I found that he was facing a series of sex misconduct accusations from many different models, believe it or not. Similar as to the Epstein scandal, where young models were lured by Ghislaine Maxwell to the ring, that included Prince Andrew, and Courtney Love, it seems Mr. Richardson was knee deep in some truly sinful behavior.

‘Terry Richardson Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg’

As the story goes, The Telegraph broke the news that James Woolhouse, the Condé Nast International executive vice president, had sent a memo to select staff saying that the company would no longer be working with the “controversial” fashion photographer.

“Any shoots that have been commissioned or any shoots that have been completed but not yet published should be killed and substituted with other material,” the memo said.

Check out one of Richardson’s more notorious shoots from a 2001/2002 campaign for the clothing brand Sisley. What Richardson is symbolizing here is beastiality, plain and simple. Society has normalized this kind of lewd behavior and now it is so widespread that the world’s biggest pop star being outed as a dog fucker and it barely even raised an eyebrow.

My new theory is a game changer, wherein potentially “footage exists” of Miley’s acts of beastiality and it is being used to blackmail her to not leave the satanic ring, that is responsible for the human trafficking.

During the Richardson sex scandal, Condé Nast International’s American sister organization released a statement saying: “Condé Nast has nothing planned with Terry Richardson going forward. Sexual harassment of any kind is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.”

This all coincides with my explosive Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington death investigation where I believe both late rockers were suicided for revealing human trafficking and sex slavery, connecting the black books of both the Epstein Orgy Island pedophile saga and the Black Dahlia Murder case.

Richardson is also good buddies with satanist Jared Leto who lives in the old Wonderland facility once occupied by the CIA for MK ULTRA programming mostly carried out by Michael Aquino.

According to NY Times Mr. Richardson is merely a misunderstood man:

“Mr. Richardson was widely pilloried in 2014 when allegations of behavior that included cavorting naked on shoots and forcing his penis on models surfaced in the news media. Mr. Richardson has not denied his behavior but has always maintained that any sexual activity was consensual, and no criminal charges were ever filed. No major new allegations have appeared since 2014, and he had reportedly gone through therapy. He recently had twins and got married.”

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