JACK THE RIPPER, The Hellfire Caves & The Devil

Today on Halloween, we’re going to revisit one of the most haunting mysteries in the history of the world. Back in 2018, I released via my world-famous heavy metal news site TheMetalDen.com, the most explosive theory on who I believed was the true identity of Jack the Ripper. The man I named as my prime suspect had never been mentioned […]

THE MONTAUK MONSTER, Reptilians & The Illuminati

THE MONTAUK MONSTER, Reptilians & The Illuminati (Part 1) by Randy “Rocket” Cody The hit series on Netflix titled Stranger Things was originally called “Montauk.” It was initially set to take place at the eastern end of Long Island. It is inspired by the true tale of one man bringing forth an extra-dimensional entity that ultimately destroyed the facility where […]