Unmasking THE ZODIAC KILLER: Michael Aquino (Part 1)

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

Several years ago, I shocked the world when I named Michael Aquino as the prime suspect in the unsolved case of The Zodiac Killer. It was a historic moment in crime reporting that marked a new revolution in investigative journalism, and I am very proud to be the person who was daring enough to step up to get this case solved. Since the release of my mind-blowing theory, Mr. Aquino was pronounced deceased by the Church of Satan, which means he is still alive but just hiding out now.

What I exposed is so damning against Mr. Aquino that he knew he needed to go underground and not show his face around any YouTube interviews again.

For anyone not in the know, Aquino (an ex-Green Beret) founded Temple of Set in the mid-seventies as a way to rebel against the misguided direction of satanism. He felt Anton Lavey did not have the proper focus to elevate the satanic religion to the next level.

In this explosive three-part report, I will take readers on the most brutal hell ride yet. I will further reveal never before known connections between Mr. Aquino and the Zodiac Killer murders, in a way that is so profound that doubters will become immediate believers. I will provide shocking documents released by the U.S. government under the Freedom Of Information Act, that totally supports all of my past reporting, specifically the secret Henry Ford connection that connects Aquino to Nazism and the New World Order.

Michael’s mother was named Betty Ford Aquino. She was a classy but tough woman by all accounts, and Mr. Aquino’s upraising in the Nothern California area, puts him in the middle of all the action at the same time the Zodiac Killer went on his legendary murder spree. Keep in mind, Mr. Aquino graduated from high school in Santa Barbara.

This coming July 20th marks the beginning of the dog days of summer. Sirius, the star of Set as in Temple of Set. (Temple of the dog, anyone?)

Set carries Isis through the underworld. (Dog Deis)

Set = Satan

 The Temple of Set views Satan (or Set-hen [“majestic Set,” or just Set]) as a supra-personal entity. (a being that transcends humanity)

He is the first ET.

Members of Aquino’s church are organized into six initiatory degrees: Setian, Adept, Priest (ess) of Set, Master of the Temple, Magus, and Ipsissimis.


According to High Priest Don Webb:

“The Temple of Set is an “initiatory” organization, meaning they have several degrees of membership, from I to VI. First degree (new) members are given the Crystal Tablet of Set, which contains their beliefs. The Temple of Set places emphasis on the concept of “Xeper” (an Egyptian-derived word) roughly meaning willed self-evolution. “The Book of Coming Forth by Night, the Setian revelation to Aquino in 1975 that prompted him to start the Temple of Set. The history of the Temple of Set is necessarily, in part, a history of the Church of Satan, the organization from which the Temple evolved. The Church of Satan has its own roots in the magical tradition that sprang from early Masonry, later Rosicrucianism, the Knights Templar, and Aleister Crowley’s Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.” 

Occult investigator Max Spiers was found dead on a sofa in Poland in 2016 on my birthday July 16th after allegedly vomiting a mysterious black fluid shortly after he had uncovered evidence of an elite pedophile ring that connected Michael Aquino, the same #PizzaGate ring I believe is responsible for murdering late rock stars Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. According to online occult researcher, Titus Frost, I am the only journalist who forensically proved both Chris and Chester were murdered, by way of my “latch theory”, where I proved that Detroit PD covered up all of the true forensic evidence.

Max Spiers

According to Max Spiers’ mother, Vanessa Bates, she claimed a number of people wanted her son dead due to the fact that he was getting “too close to the truth” and was about to expose a massive political pedophile ring that would have sent shockwaves through the establishment.

Just days before his death, Max texted the following mysterious message to his mother:

“If anything happens to me, investigate.”

In March 1969, on military leave, Michael Aquino attended a lecture on “fortunetelling and character analysis” held in LaVey’s notorious black house at 6114 California Street in San Francisco, CA. So, we now know for certain that Mr. Aquino was definitely in the area of these crimes at the same time with the ability to take leaves from the military, where he was already committing human atrocities.

July 31, 1969: The San Francisco Examiner, Chronicle and the Vallejo Times-Herald receive letters from a person claiming to be the killer. The letters each contain one-third of an encoded message “cipher.” The letters are signed with a crossed circle symbol. The logo is also used on Zodiac brand watches.

The Black House

It is my assertion that a U.S. government-backed demonic human hybrid used for covert CIA black ops since Vietnam pulled off the most sensational murders in American history due to his ability to appear human but also ‘shapeshift’, along with ‘teleport’ and ‘turn invisible’ at will when on the hunt for his prey and to allude the police.

The Modus Operandi of the Zodiac is to walk up on an innocent person and shoot them to
death at point blank range… or stab them fatally. Does it remind you of anything else?

From PSYOP to MindWar:The Psychology of Victory

– by Colonel Paul E. Valley Commander- with Major Michael A. Aquino, PSYOP Research & Analysis Team Leader

All one needs to do is look at how Mr. Aquino, the U.S. mastermind MK ULTRA programmer and director of false flag events, employed the same ‘walk up and shoot’ approach for the Zodiac as was used in the Dimebag Darrell murder, John Lennon’s killing and most recently the young American Idol contestant, Christina Grimmie, 22, who was shot in the face by yet another purported deranged fan while she met fans outside a concert venue. Along with The Manson murders… I believe they are all connected to one individual, in my opinion… 

Michael Aquino.

“Michael Aquino began corresponding with Anton LaVey while a psychological operative for the U.S. Army, stationed in the jungles of Vietnam. Aquino returned to the States and was soon made a high-ranking priest and editor of the church’s Cloven Hoof…”

As if this story wasn’t crazy enough. It is my belief that Michael Aquino is a Draco human hybrid. And that is why he has been allowed to commit all of these Crimes against humanity as “The Figure In Black” and “The Zodiac Killer. The U.S. government has given him full immunity and he is now co-head of the National Security Agency (NSA).

I also believe ‘the greys’ are demons/fallen angels materializing into this grey alien humanoid form also. Aleister Crowley who was a high-level Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) member and used to hold satanic ceremonies and summon demons at rituals. Believe it or not, the demon he summoned would appear in the form of a grey alien.

I myself have experienced a close encounter of the 3rd kind outside my band rehearsal studio in the early 21st century and he was a 400-pound RED DEMON with reptilian-like features. It did not attempt to attack me, we just exchanged long stares, but I totally sensed he was demonic and would have attacked me had I provoked him at all.

The demonic entity which Aleister Crowley named Lam, appeared frequently at Crowley’s satanic rituals. This demon certainly does fit the description of a grey alien and other entities which many witnesses have claimed were aliens from another planet. Many alleged abductees claim that these entities can walk through walls and appear and disappear at will, so witnesses seem to confirm that these demonic beings are in fact spirit beings and demons.

Did you know that top UFO researchers such as Jacques Valee who are objective and non-religious, have stated that they believe these alien beings are demonic and hostile?

It may very well be that the Greys and other humanoid aliens are a combination of either genetically altered/created species working for the Jesuits/illuminati (according to the new scientist journal research), or fallen angels/demons who are materializing in physical form and performing exploits and other missions to further their goals and the goals of the Jesuits/illuminati.

As the story goes, fallen angels need to visualize a physical form so they can materialize that form when they enter our physical dimension, very often they take the form of a regular human being or animal, but they may also take the form of aliens.

The reptilian shapeshifters are part human/part angel, so they have angel DNA and human DNA, which means they are physical human beings with angelic characteristics.

In the Bible angels lived in another dimension outside the physical one, but they could also materialize into our physical dimension at will. So, the reptilian shapeshifters are able to materialize their angel characteristics, into our physical dimension at will.

Don’t forget that Lucifer (Satan) is an angel who rebelled against God, and that his true form is a reptilian serpent. Yes, this is the truth. He lives in the spirit world but materializes in physical form at various spots around the world.

When you consider that Lucifer is probably the father ancestor to most of the reptilian shapeshifters, take into consideration what the fallen angel DNA and human DNA might conceive after a sexual union. 

Michael Aquino’s horrific crimes against humanity might have started in Vietnam (Phoenix Operation/False Flags) and then during his covert serial killer operation in the USA for the CIA as The Zodiac Killer, but he and his wife Lilith’s purported psychotic pedophile brutalities toward children at a daycare operation located where he was stationed at The Presidio in the 80s are beyond repulsive.

According to IFL Science, more than one cipher by the ZK references a religious belief that his victims will become his slaves in the afterlife, “necessitating more murders for a more comfortable existence after death.”

“The Zodiac Killer has yet to be definitively identified. Responsible for at least five murders and two attempted murders in the late 1960s in the San Francisco area, the Zodiac (as he called himself) grew widely known because he would mail ciphers, letters, and bits of evidence to local newspapers and police to take credit for his killings and taunt investigators. He claimed to have killed 37 people.” (via Biography).

And just like his deadly commando squad that would go out on murderous missions in Vietnam’s jungles, slaughtering innocent civilians, mostly women and children, Aquino developed into the perfect killing machine.

 “It is more fun than killing wild game in the forest because man is the most dangerous animal of all… To kill something gives me the most thrilling experience… It is even better than getting your rocks off with a girl.” – The Zodiac Killer

In his own words, Michael Aquino speaks about his mother Betty and her connection to the Third Reich:

She was “Betty” to herself and everyone else; I don’t think I learned “Marian Dorothy Elizabeth Ford” until I was just about an adult! The battle-axe of the family was her mother, Sophie Ford. San Francisco “aristocracy” of the Crocker/Stanford era, and a Grande dame attitude to match. When she took me as a little kid along with her shopping downtown, it was only to certain stores (Macy’s, City of Paris, Emporium, Gumps, Magnin’s), and she dressed to the teeth inc. gloves, high buttoned shoes, and veiled hat. Her buying statement was always “Charge & send,” and she couldn’t be bothered with charge cards; the store had better know who she was. [Try that today!] The funniest anecdote about her – which was attested to by several German acquaintances – came when she visited Mom in Berlin (where she was studying sculpture) during the early 30s. They went to dine at a posh restaurant [of course], and Sophie decided that the party at the next table was too loud and rude, so she went over and dressed them down with her usual icy dignity. The restaurant went dead silent, until one of the men at the table smiled and apologized to her. He turned out to be Hitler.”

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