Meet The Zodiac Killer: Michael Aquino of The NSA (part 1)

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

“There are two governments in America, the government you see and the government you don’t see.” – Esoteric Exposal

The most prolific serial killer of all time, “The Figure In Black” is said to have been funded by the CIA, allowing “The Finders “child snatching cult to operate with total immunity for over thirty years.

The Presidio scandal he is connected to as well is the worst case of child abuse ever.

“The Figure In Black” has a real name. It is Michael Aquino. As the story goes, a Satan thumping Vietnam veteran and MK Ultra programmer for the CIA was the person who was in charge of not only the “The Finders” but also terrorized kids at his home with the help of his wife, Lilith Aquino, while operating his own demonic church called The Temple of Set.

Prior to starting his own place of Satanic worship in 1975, Mr. Aquino was the #2 man over at The Church of Satan, headed up by the late Anton LaVey.

This Is The Zodiac Killer Speaking: Michael Aquino circa the eighties

He is now believed to be secretly in charge of the NSA, and despite bogus stories in 2020 that were posted online claiming Mr. Aquino died, there is no doubt in my mind that he is alive and has become the #1 most powerful man in America. The monkey in the suit y’all call your sitting President is nothing more than a puppet, understand?

We currently live in a a false world that offers nothing more than deception at every turn. How does it feel to know that both American political parties, the Liberals and Conservatives, are playing for the same team?

But the most important question I raise at this time is one that I believe I already know the answer to.

Is Michael Aquino the true identity of The Zodiac Killer?

In this thrilling 3 part dissertation, I will take readers on the darkest, most chilling ride of your lives. I am going to prove that my most wild conspiracy theory to date is not fake news.

Make your own decision as to what you believe to be true or not, that is your God given right. In the end, my work is simply meant to be a starting point for people to begin “jumping off” into a much deeper dive that will reveal the brutal, soul-crushing facts.

The long running pedophile scandal called PEDOGATE continues to loom large in the background currently, and I think it’s about time a journalist does what is right and to not be afraid to reveal the true story about this totally out-of-the-world ex-solider with an unmatched lust for killing kids.

Please keep in mind, as opposed to the mainstream reporters out there today, I’m not being paid for my work as a journalist. I do my reporting on behalf of all of the innocent little boys and girls who have been snuffed out by an elite devil worshiping maniac, based in the United States, who is covertly carrying out human genocide.

My intentions with publishing my reports as an independent journalist is nothing more than to wake the public up before it’s too late. In no way do I benefit from posting my opinion on such a dire situation, that I am entitled to, just like any other person in America, got it? I do not receive advertising dollars on any of my websites. Let me make it clear again. I do not profit from my journalism. To the contrary, I continue to be punished by the mainstream for exposing the truth, including the fact that my YouTube was long ago ‘demonetized’ and then subsequently terminated last year without any warnings or strikes of any kind.

The interviews I do with FM Radio and internet podcasts I am also featured on regularly do not pay me. In the past 4 and a half years, I estimate that I have donated over 20,000 man hours that I devoted to researching/reporting on the crimes against humanity that the Illuminati‘s New World Order is responsible for.

Veterans Today site takes us further down the rabbit hole:

“A famous or infamous high-level practitioner of PsyOp arts was/is ex-Lt.-Col. Michael Aquino, commanded by ex-General Paul E. Vallely[14] at Presidio. Unbeknownst to most, ex-Major & ex-Lt.-Colonel Michael Aquino is now General Michael Aquino – and still working with NSA+[15]. Approval of Michael Aquino to be elevated to the rank of General must have been approved in a closed Senate committee session, since there is no public record of Michael Aquino being considered to be a U.S. military General.”

How can such a thing be possible? An avowed Satanist reaches the highest level of power in the U.S. government, beats a major pedophile rap, and is currently at the top of the National Spy Agency calling the shots?

I learned during my research that Michael Aquino’s father was part of Operation Paperclip, a top secret U.S. government program that the CIA conducted to allow Nazi war criminals entrance into America after World War 2 without any prosecution for having executed innocent Jews. Believe it or not, Michael’s mother’s name was Betty Ford (not to be confused with the famous former First Lady) and she is said to have even hung out with Hitler once. It’s being claimed by researchers that she was actually related to Henry Ford.

Did you know that Mr. Ford was in bed with the Nazi’s? He secretly aided Hitler’s military efforts during World War 2.

The kicker is Mr. Ford was even awarded the most prestigious honor given out by Germany to any foreigner, and to this day is the only American who got this award.

 The award Hitler gave Ford was the Grand Cross of the German Eagle.

I can’t spend too much time on that particular part of the Zodiac’s history, however, because my focus is to further examine my bold theory that confirms Michael Aquino is indeed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the legendary serial killer. I just want readers to understand that we are dealing with a man who was already deeply rooted in a hardcore Luciferian belief system, because he is part of Satan’s bloodline, and his powerful family lineage allowed him total immunity for the savage acts of murder against innocent women and children that he allegedly committed, not only while serving as a soldier in Vietnam, but also while living as a civilian on American soil.

When I began to dig deeper, I was able to definitely begin to connect the dots when analyzing the potential that the world’s greatest killing machine of all time, Michael Aquino, was in the general vicinity of where the Zodiac Killer’s crimes took place during the latter part of the sixties.

I have been able to confirm that Mr. Aquino was allowed multiple ‘leaves’ while serving in the military on several different occasions. He was given leaves in 1968 and 1969, so that he could attend meetings at LaVey’s Los Angeles location for the Church of Satan called “The Black House.”

Zodiac victim Darlene Ferrin‘s husband was stationed at the Presidio. I learned during my research that Satanic garb was found in her home. Darlene and her husband lived in the same building complex as Paul Stine, who was another Zodiac victim. Bad men like Michael Aquino know how to cover their tracks, and that’s what I believe happened. The entire Zodiac Killer killing spree was nothing more than a well planned out, MK Ultra “false flag,” something Mr. Aquino is legendary for carrying out while serving in Vietnam.

It has long been my assertion that Michael Aquino was at the helm of MK Ultra operations in the U.S. when the Manson murders went down at around the same time.

Lookout Mountain was the location of Wonderland Facility, which is now owned by actor/rocker Jared Leto.

After Sharon Tate was killed by the CIA funded Manson family trained out of Wonderland facility in Laurel Canyon (where Aquino did programming for MK Ultra victims), it’s said that legendary Hollywood actors, Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson, went to her home before cops to remove a “black book.

This is identical to other high profile cases I have worked on, so there seems to be a running theme with “black books,” the Hollywood elite, and pedophiles who murder children.

I was able to connect Chris Cornell‘s murder to Jeffrey Epstein‘s “black book” and The Black Dahlia murder of 1947, where LAPD came into possession of the victim Elizabeth Short‘s “black book” that purportedly could identify powerful people who are part of a human trafficking ring she was involved with, working as a lure for snatching up unsuspecting young victims, much like Ghislaine Maxwell was doing for Jeffrey Epstein.

Last year, I was interviewed on rock radio station WQEE 99.1 in Georgia about my theory for the Zodiac Killer. The hour long discussion I had with host Ryan O Neal is the first time that a journalist named Mr. Aquino as the true identity of the Zodiac Killer on FM radio in America.

Out of Mind site gives us more background on Aquino and

the Temple of Set:

“Michael Aquino established his Order of the Trapezoid within the Temple of Set at Wewelsburg Castle in Germany to honor the Nazis which used this location. Lady Gaga or Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is one of the highest level satanic witches and serves the German-Nazi royal families. The Nazis were involved in occultism and openly carried out human sacrifices. The word holocaust means a wholly burnt offering. The Nazi ideology was partly developed by the Thule Society which is an occult organization. Aquino studied Nazi occult beliefs for establishing his satanic cult and knighthood. The openly satanic YouTube shill Styxhexenhammer666 runs a large Satanic-Nazi cult. Anton LaVey founded the Church of Satan and today Peter Gilmore is a high priest of the Church of Satan and top Satanic warlock and mind controller in the United States. Peter Gilmore has a very high level authority within secret societies and he is extremely sadistic. Peter Gilmore’s wife is Peggy Nadramia and she is also a Satanist. Anton LaVey’s daughters Karla LaVey and Zeena Schreck are high level satanic witches today. Sammy Davis Jr. was a well known member of the Church of Satan and was also a Jewish convert and Roman Catholic Knight of Malta.”

Zeena Schreck: leader of the Sethian Liberation Movement, which she founded in 2002.

On the evening of July 4th, 1969, a young woman named Darlene Ferrin and her friend Michael Mageau were shot to death while they were both sitting in a parked car at the Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo, California.

Michael Mageau gave testimony to the police stating that the shooter had pulled into the parking lot, and next exited his automobile and soon began firing at both Michael and Darlene.

As cold and calculating as he emerged, The Zodiac Killer was gone like a passing patch of fog in the night.

The two victims were taken to the hospital but Darlene passed away on arrival at 12:38 AM.

Moments after her dying, the Vallejo Police Department received a phone call that was answered by a police dispatcher named Nancy Slover.

The caller said very firmly, “I want to report a murder. If you will go one-mile east on Columbus Parkway, you will find kids in a brown car. They were shot with a nine-millimeter Luger. I also killed those kids last year. Goodbye.

In claims made by Michael Aquino himself, dated March of 1989, he had gotten his doctorate at the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1980, with his dissertation on “The Neutron Bomb.” He listed 16 separate military schools that he attended during 1968-87, including advanced courses in “Psychological Operations” at the JFK Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and “Strategic Intelligence” at the Defense Intelligence College, at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, D.C.

Of course, everyone knows me for all of my epic #Pizzagate reporting that is the modern version of PEDOGATE, where I made claims backed with a mountain of evidence that Washington DC was the epicenter of evil in the USA, centered around Comet Pizza, a pervy eatery littered with ping pong tables and kids. Well, it appears there has been a much bigger ongoing problem of child abduction, stemming from the New World Order‘s vicious onslaught of human genocide all around the world.

Esoteric Exposal brings forth a chilling story recounted to him by a man known only as Bob.

Esoteric Exposal

As I have explained many times during past interviews I did, Saturn represents Satan.

From all of my research, what mystified me the most was this idea of “soul scalping” or what is also termed “Droning” within the occult, among those elite who carry enough of the Draconian DNA in them, which apparently makes this Satanic ritual ceremony done by the reptilians that essentially replaces that human with an alien/demonic entity easier to do, that could explain how Michael Aquino literally became the living embodiment of Satan, once he reached such a high level in the worldwide Luciferian hierarchy. I believe he actually possesses the ability to shapeshift.

EYE OF HORUS: Double click picture to see full size!

Mystic Knowing site details the ultra cosmic background of the Draco reptilians:

“When the Reptilians arrived on earth during the time of Atlantis, they brought their advanced technology with them. Hundreds of animal-human genetic or DNA experiments were engineered in Atlantis and have continued on into today with no concern for what is created and how it is treated or suffers. Only 2% of Reptilians have souls. The soulless Reptilians and mated with human females so their hybrid babies would have souls. From the Bible Genesis 6:4. The Nephilim (Reptilians from Draco) the product of the sons of God, mingling with the daughters of men and they bore children to them .The tops of the illuminati pyramid on earth are HYBRIDS having 50% or more reptilian DNA. The edge they had was their ancient secret knowledge and a vast network of control. They have remained in power the past 13 thousand years from the end of Atlantis until 1995. They brought with them their religious practices of Satanism and worship of their serpent gods from Draco. The Old Testament made Jehovah a vengeful god, just like the ancestral bloodline of the Illuminists god is. All the children they had and had control over or access to are raised with trauma-based programming also brought from Draco.”

Justin Taylor, an ordained interfaith minister explains who Set is:

“Set was the Egyptian god of the underworld. There are many stories involving Set. Set was essentially, the embodiment of evil. In the ancient Egyptian Myth, Set killed his brother Osiris. He was the Prince of Darkness. Each evening Horus, the Sun or solar deity that ruled the day, would do battle with Set who ruled the night. Set would win this battle and send Horus into the underworld. The two combatants would fight throughout the night and in the morning Horus would eventually overcome the powers of darkness to rise or ascend into heaven. The next SUN/SET that you see may now have a different meaning to you. Set had many names throughout the thousands of years that numerous forms of this myth prevailed. “

Invasion of The Body Snatchers: Can You Handle The Truth? Probably not!

The following are some of the various names of Set or that Set was identified with:









Look at the last name on the list. You probably see where this is going… SATA(N).

The Zodiac killed victims in Benicia, Vallejo, Lake Berryessa, and San Francisco between December 1968 and October 1969.

Oddly enough, December, July and October are the three most popular months for ritual killings on the Satanic calendar.

Michael Aquino easily had the capability to strike in any of these regions of California at that time. He was never questioned in the case. Which I find to be very telling, because if I was the first homicide detective working on this case, this maniac, who freely operated a child snatching ring in the USA in the same region as the ZK killer, and had a brutal Vietnam kill record that included numerous war crimes, plus owned his own Satanic church that was tied to another big abuse scandal connected to worship of Lucifer, would have been the very first person I talked to.