Just when you thought one man could not get greedier. The biggest hustler and salesman in the entertainment world who continues pushing a gimmick that earns billions Vince “Mr. Shady” McMahon is ready to show everyone he is down to sell his soul to the Devil.

Wrestling Inc has released shocking news about WWE and the gambling industry:

When WWE entered into its partnership with DraftKings, the popular online betting site, gambling laws in the United States meant that people couldn’t traditionally bet money on WWE events. Instead, the site offered free-to-play betting pools that would give winners a portion of a pre-set amount of money. But now, WWE is in talks with state gaming regulators to change that.

CNBC is reporting that WWE officials are currently in talks with gaming regulators in Michigan and Colorado, hoping to assuage any worry about betting on a pre-determined piece of entertainment. WWE doesn’t exist in the same realm as other sports, with the possibility of planned results leaking to the general public, and has thus existed in a grey area gambling-wise. Even WWE’s own betting partner DraftKings does not release betting odds for WWE programming, due to the restrictions of some state gaming commissions.

WWE has reportedly talked with gaming officials about locking in the results for its premium live events months in advance. WWE is reportedly working with the accounting firm Ernst & Young, famous for helping to tabulate and secure results for the Emmy Awards, to help convince regulators that it will keep all results secure from any parties outside the company, with even the wrestlers themselves not being told of the long-cemented results until hours before the show. Certain states allow betting on the Academy Awards, including Colorado and Michigan.

“Show me the money!”

What kind of message does this send to all of the young children who look up to the WWE and Vince McMahon? That betting on something that is admittedly staged is a solid moralistic thing to do?

Is he absolutely insane? Has the world totally lost its mind? Apparently so, for anyone like this blood-leaching Lizard who snuffed out Chris Benoit and his wife and kid, while making a joke about it with his faked death in a life built around being the biggest snake of them all.

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Mr. Adrenochrome Eyes… yikes!!

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