FRAZZLEDRIP Deep Dive: The TRUE STORY That Nobody Wants To Read! (Part 1)

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

Back in 2017, after I launched my own independent death investigations for late rock stars Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, I uncovered a massive amount of shocking evidence via dozens of long format forensic dissertations, along with damning witness testimony which supported my theories that both Chris and Chester were suicided as part of an agenda to continue to subvert the truth about Pizzagate, a global child abduction and human trafficking ring based out of Washington DC, from getting out the masses.

“Dark Web sites include the Silk Road and its offspring, such as Dream Market. The Silk Road was a website for the buying and selling of recreational drugs, and a lot more scary things besides.”

My legendary #Truth reports covering Pizzagate tied MOSSAD agents Martin Kirsten and the late Jeffrey Epstein to a Vatican/Washington DC backed elite global human trafficking ring.

Chris Cornell was exposing all of this from concert stages he performed on leading up to his staged suicide hit by the Illuminati. Nine rib fractures. Blood everywhere. A botched autopsy. His foundation to help kids goes black. Money is missing from the account managed by Vicky Cornell.

The purpose of this special 3 part report is to shut up all the people who say I am just clowning around. Y’all want to get tough with a real crazy G? I will take you there, no problem. See, while the other whistleblowers keep getting clipped like Max Spiers did on my birthday back in 2016, I am still standing right here, and ready for whatever is clever. Nobody has the balls to make a move on me. Guaranteed.

In 2016, the Feds brought forth criminal prosecution against Anthony Weiner for him for sexting an underage girl, so Weiner‘s laptop was confiscated and found to contain the most disturbing evidence of all, which was a purported snuff film starring Hillary Rodham Clinton and Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin. The two women were seen carrying out the horrific ritual murder of a 10-year-old girl. The video, consisting of two parts, was labeled ‘FRAZZLED’ with the words RIP added to the end because it was a rip of the original source, hence the name it is now known as today: FRAZZLEDRIP.

My source working the dark web to confirm the authenticity is who I was able to obtain the NYPD cop audio from, that has since been pulled down by the elite Nazi’s running YouTube.

What I learned was that Chris Cornell had been sent the infamous SWORDFISH computer file by rocker/UFO truther Tom DeLonge, which contained damning information, that included Jeffrey Epstein‘s black book, along with the Clinton snuff film.

I heard for myself the actual audio recording (which YouTube since banned along with my channel on their site) that features who is believed to be the NYPD cop and was as authentic as it gets, as the officer describes what he saw when he viewed the snuff film. Why was the audio I posted banned if this is was all a hoax?

The Truth About Pizzagate: Can You Handle It?

The cop’s testimony is so frightening and out of this world brutal in its detail, that frankly, I myself a hardened investigator had difficulty listening to all of it, but I did, and it was beyond gruesome.

The little girl’s ritual murder in the snuff film starring Hillary Clinton exists in two parts, one is macabre exterior shot of the girl chained to a tree, and the other part takes place in a bathroom interior shot.

In a blind item posted to the web in July of 2018 (seen in the screenshot below), further revelations connecting Mr. Cornell to the Clinton mob’s heinous crimes against humanity were uncovered and are connected to the murderous hit put out by Bill and Hillary to silence a woman who was also helping to expose the truth Monica Peterson.

Did you know that Neon Nettle site pulled down a 2017 story that featured my work? I found the archived version, so fans can learn more background on the matter.

Chester Bennington was About to Expose the Truth Behind Chris Cornell’s Death:

Report: 2 DEAD ROCK STARS, The Clinton’s & SRS In Haiti

The Brutal Reality of MK Ultra/CIA Evil Agenda

Truther Susan Marconi of Chris Cornell Behind The Darker Veil group on Facebook takes us further down the rabbit hole:

“Billions of years ago beings in this cosmic matrix fell from higher harmonic universes and infiltrated Earth.. they reversed their Krystal lightcode DNA blueprint.. traveled across the galaxy.. and used a method of inter dimensional genetic templating to fuse with the human strain of our ancient source planetary ancestors in the constellation Lyra. They have chosen the old lineages of Babylon (Bab EL on) in antiquity here to hybridize their seed in what is known as the illusionati… a hidden carrier cult of the negative frequencies within their bloodline fused with entities from the Annunaki (Orion /Sirius/Pleiades). Their NWO plan uses geomantic ritual to harness the vibration of their objective.. and sacrifice is their means.. holding blood covenants of anti-energy to maintain the lockdown on consciousness ascension out of 3D… they have done this for millennia and… done to Chris who was sacrificed during the 100 year anniversary of the great solar eclipse in honor of the black hole sun Wesedek system in Alpha Draconis from which they source from .. and hidden under cover of the FOX MGM Grand parent company… Olympus Entertainment… a metaphorical symbol of Mt. Olympus..where the temple of Zeus resides and where the world’s grand sacrifices were made to the “god’s” in their honor.”


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