With my worldwide #Truth reporting having eclipsed billions of online views over the past 6 years, I have not only dominated the mainstream news media as an independent journalist, but my theories have never yet been debunked by anyone. Sure, my work has been labeled as hoaxes, and dismissed by the general public for the most part, allowing the Illuminati to continue to cover up their dirty deeds, but the fact remains that my reports exposing #Pizzagate along with solving Jack The Ripper, The Black Dahlia Murder and The Zodiac Killer, among many other high-profile unsolved cases, established me as the most successful investigative reporter to ever live.

Back in 2017, when my shocking journalism covering the double murders of late rock stars Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington erupted in the mainstream news media online, on radio and in newspapers, I was called “The Joker” by everyone, and a troublemaker looking to merely cause chaos among the masses with well-crafted hoax articles.

Firstly, 45th American President Donald Trump (R), went on the record to say that the elites human trafficking operation called #Pizzagate by the media, that was labeled as another hoax by the corrupt American news media, is in fact as real as it gets.

Secondly, I unleashed hundreds of long format investigative dissertations which proved forensically that Chris Cornell was murdered, after trying to expose the ritual murders of children who are abducted by ‘lures’ for the evil cabal, tied to the infamous Jeffrey Epstein case.

I am now here to throwdown my most compelling ‘conspiracy theory’ to date, by way of biblical prophecy, expert testimony and historic documentation, that I believe fully proves that we are in the end game stage of life on earth as we know it.

It is my assertion, along with many other experts, that the ushering in of The New World Order totalitarian government is going to be kicked off by the largest act of mass genocide in the history of humanity.

The NWO’s 5G and DEW attack systems are no joke. They are preparing for something big for sure.

5G is a weapons system!

They are using 5G To control the Minds of the Masses and Kill anyone opposing the NWO!!

This epic 3-part report is also going to expose the truth behind the forthcoming covert black ops staged alien invasion called Project Blue Beam, by using hologram technology, plus Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), and also involves pulling off the biggest hoax of all time with the “second coming of the Messiah”, believe it or not. This will all be done to get everyone around the world prepared to accept the Anti-Christ. It is my opinion the staged UFO invasion will allow for the NWO to gain full control of the earth’s population by declaring martial law. This will be followed by what I believe is going to be the start of the human extermination campaign, a second holocaust, that will not merely target Jews like Hitler did in the first holocaust but will involve the systematic killing of a large amount of the populace and will target all ethnic groups.

Revelation 6:8A pale horse — The symbol of deathPallida mors, pale death, was a very usual poetic epithet; of this symbol there can be no doubt, because it is immediately said, His name that sat on him was DEATH.

And hell followed with him — The grave, or state of the dead, received the slain.

Over the fourth part of the earth — One fourth of mankind was to feel the desolating effects of this seal.

To kill with sword — WAR; with hunger-FAMINE; with death-PESTILENCE; the devastations occasioned by war, famine, and pestilence.


5G is based on millimeter wave technology. According to The Fullerton Informer, this can be used as a weapon for ‘crowd control’ and heat the skin up and also potentially cause organ failure.

“Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) are weapons that use directed energy to target and damage or destroy an enemy’s equipment, facilities, or personnel. The term “directed energy” refers to various types of energy such as electromagnetic radiation, high-energy particles, sound waves, or laser beams that can be focused and directed onto a specific target. DEWs can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes and are becoming increasingly popular among military organizations around the world.”

Source: TommyTruthful

Here are the various types of DEWs, including:

  1. Laser weapons: High-powered lasers that emit coherent light beams capable of damaging or destroying targets.
  2. High-Powered Microwave (HPM) weapons: These weapons use intense bursts of microwave radiation to disable or destroy electronic systems.
  3. Particle beam weapons: These weapons use a beam of high-energy particles, such as electrons or ions, to damage or destroy targets.
  4. Sonic weapons: These weapons use sound waves to disrupt or damage targets.

Part 2 Coming Soon!!!

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