Rest In Peace, Bud Rotman!

  ‘When evil men destroy, good men must build and bind.’ – Anas Aremeyaw Anas I want to take a moment and acknowledge the 2018 passing of my legendary Venice High School journalism teacher Mr. Rotman also known as “Bud”. He passed away July 7th in Idaho at the age of 90. Without his belief in me as a young […]

LADY GAGA Is Recording Music With METALLICA?

Gaga fans are going nuts. What is the fuss all about now? Did Bradley Cooper call her the ‘C’ word or something? No, it’s even worse than that. A METALLICA forum member posted the above recent photo of Lady Gaga and a mystery person believed to be Lars Ulrich standing outside an L.A. recording studio. Last October it was widely […]

KRAMPUS: The Xmas Devil Who Eats Kids!

Every year, millions of Americans celebrate the Christmas holiday on December 25th, joyfully ripping open presents on that morning bestowed upon them by loved ones. What most of these people don’t realize is that Xmas is just a diversion used on Christians to take their attention off a much more darker annual long held Pagan undertaking of pure evil under […]