Did WWE’s Vince McMahon And The Satanic Illuminati Kill Pro Wrestling Superstar Chris Benoit? (Part 3)

Today is the 16 year anniversary of the purported murders of late WWE wrestling superstar Chris Benoit’s wife Nancy and his young son. When they were found slain in their home, police estimated the deaths of his family members by his hand happened on June 23, 2007. Chris was said to have committed suicide the next day on June 24, […]

Chris Cornell’s Vigil: The 5 Year Anniversary of His Death

This coming May 18th will mark five years since legendary SOUNDGARDEN great Chris Cornell was found dead in his hotel room after performing with his band at a concert in Detroit Rock city. For nearly 5 years, I dedicated thousands of hours investigating his case, and I wrote over 200 #TruthForChris reports, exposing a massive amount of evidence that points […]

ALIENS IN THE FOREST: The U.S. Missing Persons Crisis!

ALIENS IN THE FOREST: The U.S. Missing Persons Crisis! by Randy “Rocket” Cody “Human trafficking still exists… slavery exists in many different forms. It’s in every big city.” – Chris Cornell My groundbreaking reporting on #Pedogate has opened up a can of worms for the New World Order, exposing not only an elite pedophile ring operating out of Washington DC, […]

Rest In Peace, Bud Rotman!

  ‘When evil men destroy, good men must build and bind.’ – Anas Aremeyaw Anas I want to take a moment and acknowledge the 2018 passing of my legendary Venice High School journalism teacher Mr. Rotman also known as “Bud”. He passed away July 7th in Idaho at the age of 90. Without his belief in me as a young […]