Why doesn’t anybody care about all of the missing human beings?

ALIENS IN THE FOREST: The U.S. Missing Persons Crisis!

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

“Human trafficking still exists… slavery exists in many different forms. It’s in every big city.”

– Chris Cornell

My groundbreaking reporting on #Pedogate has opened up a can of worms for the New World Order, exposing not only an elite pedophile ring operating out of Washington DC, but the escalating problem of missing persons all around America, including parks and forests. Thankfully, my work is finally starting to wake some people up. Due to the fact that the mainstream news media has “blacked out” this kind of reporting, I’m technically one of the very few worldwide published journalists
who is covering the story.

In 2017, I shocked the world with my theories that late rockers Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were both murdered, in direct relation to “Pedogate” for crimes against humanity committed by a vast network of secret societies backed by the CIA, CPS, NSA, DOJ, NASA, FBI and the Vatican, dating back to a cocaine smuggling ring being run out of Mena, Arkansas, operated by Bill and Hillary Clinton, and culminating in a sinister child snatching operation for profit in Haiti, tying to a Washington DC restaurant owner named James Alefantis, who was a supporter of Hillary’s 2016 Presidential campaign connected to the Rothschild’s.

My work was called a “Hoax” and swept under the rug by all the mainstream news sites, but I am here to defiantly stand up against the outrageous corruption to report to the world loud and clear:

“Houston, we have a problem!”

John Podesta, the campaign manager for Hillary, who worked directly with Mr. Bennington’s band, LINKIN PARK, via the rollout of the global initiative called SE4ALL, has been tied to Mr. Alefantis and C2C shipping container business, that truther investigators have determined is being used to transport stolen kids to Jeffrey Epstein’s “Orgy Island.

Mr. Podesta is also working closely with rock star, Tom DeLonge, of BLINK 182 band to bring FULL ALIEN DISCLOSURE TO AMERICANS. (Wink Wink)


Epstein’s island has long served as a “hub” for the operation, and my reporting in 2017 connected Chris Cornell to a “black book” that contained the inner circle of Epstein and the highly organized criminal syndicate.

Are Invisible Aliens Snatching U.S. Citizens?

As my readers who follow my work regularly know, since 2018 I have been hard at work investigating multiple high profile unsolved “serial killer” cases, including Jack The Ripper, The Black Dahlia and
The Zodiac.

I fully believe my theories on all three “serial killer” sprees, wherein I introduce three never before proposed suspects: Dr. Frederick Treves, Man Ray and Michael Aquino, will stand the test of time as the bonafide answers as to who actually committed those sets of killings, and until someone can debunk my work it is my belief that I solved all three of these cases.

It turns out Mr. Aquino’s fascination with the Nazi’s and UFO’s was so great that he actually founded his own church for Satan and summoned a very powerful demonic god named Set to possess his body.

Man Ray gifted George Hodel, a Los Angeles area abortion doctor with “the Oculist”, and it is designed with the ‘all seeing eye’ of the Illuminati.

Man Ray, picture courtesy of Sotheby’s

“As with other of his Surrealist and Dadaist contemporaries, Man Ray was a multidisciplinary artist who explored using many mediums, attracted by their new possibilities. Having become known for creating intriguingly surreal objects and photographs such as his famous Solarisations, Man Ray began a creative collaboration with the the highly-skilled Italian goldsmith and his good friend GianCarlo Montebello which extended throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Many pieces of jewellery they created were based on earlier sculptural designs by the artist and their collaboration resulted in some of the most imaginative artist-made jewellery produced during this period. Man Ray used the medium of jewellery to further explore the artistic preoccupations of his career and the stunning craftsmanship of The Oculist exemplifies this. He only produced eight pieces of jewellery between 1970 and 1976, in editions of twelve, which often included variants. These were designed as wearable sculptures and were often created as personal gifts for friends and family. The Oculist existed in its original form as a Surrealist object, conceived and executed in 1944. It was assembled from a plank of wood, doweling, string and a broken plane of glass and was exhibited at Julien Levy Gallery in New York in 1945, however was later destroyed.” – Christies Online

Mr. Ray was never questioned by LAPD in the Elizabeth Short murder case, only Mr. Hodel, which allowed the Black Dahlia’s killer to get away, in my humble opinion.

Elizabeth Short was also in possession of a “black book” that listed many of the players in an elite pedophile ring that included the top names in Hollywood and Washington DC., and my reporting uncovered the fact that she was being used as a lure in the L.A. area for the ring to bring young kids into their underground dungeons. Did you know that Miss Short only lived a block away from where Man Ray was living at the time of the killing?

The writing is on the wall… so says child killer John Podesta.

A serial murderer of kids like John Podesta must be stopped and I aim to keep working on the matter until justice is brought down upon this man, the Clinton’s and anyone else guilty of crimes against humanity.

Since 2009, it’s estimated that MILLIONS of American children have vanished never to be seen again! WHY DON’T YOU CARE?

A super drug called “Adrenochrome” is at the center of the Pedogate scandal I determined. Fans will recall the time actor/rocker Johnny Depp (a close pal of Hunter S Thompson’s and actually portrays the late journalist using the drug in the movie titled Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas) visited the White House dressed up like the Mad Hatter for fun and laughs but the reality is that this drug he is now allegedly addicted to is not a pretend mind altering substance. It really does exist and goes for top dollar on the black market. An abducted person’s head must be “hacked apart” to harvest the drug from the victim’s body.

My goal is to not only wake people up who are still asleep but provide key insight into why the rise of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) is happening, along with the flat out denial from the establishment, who turn the victim’s plight into joke. Have you ever heard of the False Memory Syndrome Institution in Pennsylvania? They are experts in trying to dissuade victims from the true reality so that nobody in the public takes them seriously.

I pinpointed the usage of special “symbolic” angles used for cuts by each of these legendary homicidal maniacs, all of which brings me back to the “Trapezoid” and Michael Aquino, former green beret,
founder of the Temple of Set and currently running the NSA.

I can now without a doubt prove that all of these high profile slayings are connected to the Copiale Cipher, a manuscript written in the 18th century by the Oculist society, which is even higher level than the freemasons, and I will explain how it links to the Vatican and the Royal Family, who are the ones calling the shots for the New World Order.

A freemason named Bryan Godwin surfaced online last year to explain exactly “what the Copiale Manuscript is and what implications it has for the Masonic timeline.”

The ramifications of the breaking of the code in the Copiale Manuscript will be felt for some time as it connects the Premiere Grand Lodge of England, The Oculist Society, and the Scottish Rite “Key of Lodge” ritual.

It’s not just some crazy conspiracy about a cult of eye doctors. This goes much deeper and darker than any God fearing Christian could ever fathom. It all ties together the mystery of the Zodiac Killer, FULL ALIEN DISCLOSURE and the rise of the Anti-Christ.

Are you prepared for the shock waves of reality from this revelation to hit you?

In this dissertation I will look at the grim forecast dead on in the face and help my readers understand what is to come next in the USA so that you all get the best possible breakdown of where things are headed in the immediate future, so as a Christian you aren’t totally blindsided when the shit literally starts to hit the fan.

I will take you on a mind numbing ride into the most bloody corridors of the Satanic bloodline in America, the grueling ice cold of the North Pole where aliens are supposedly hiding out and the eerily silent vast acreage of the national forests of the United States, where innocent people continue to disappear.

Is there a secret entrance to the North Pole?

“The emblem that is used today for the Order of the Trapezoid was conceived in the Wewelsburg Castle, Westphalia, Germany during the Wewelsburg Working on October 19, XVII / 1982 in the Hall of the Dead
(Walhalla), was sketched out on a desk in the Wewelsburg caretaker’s office when I returned the Walhalla keys to him following the working, and was drafted in precise mathematical proportions on a table in Eva Braun’s tea-room in the Eagle’s Nest at Obersalzberg. I could have done the drafting before then, but wanted the environment to be magically appropriate. There were a few tourists milling around the main room of the Eagle’s Nest, but as it turned out I had the wood-paneled tea-room to myself.”

– Michael Aquino

AQUINO: Halloween Goof Ball Or Real Deal Satanic Black Magick Witch?

I learned Halloween in October is one of the biggest months for ‘human abductions’, mainly because of all the kids who go out to gather candy in costumes on October 31st, as late journalist/snuff film director Hunter S. Thompson talked about openly in his own writings several decades ago.

What I want to do for my readers is help you understand what I feel is going on so that people can at the very least be made aware of the hot spots for this activity and the timing, so that you and your family stay as safe as possible.

Occult expert Susan Marconi helps us better understand MK Ultra and the Beast System of the Illuminati.

“… controlled opposition. What is that? It is the mechanism of appearing altruistic as a means of covertly controlling the sinister aspects of that which they pretend to uphold. And everyday more and more is coming out in regards to this… “charitable” actors/actresses in Hollywood who use “foundations” as cover for the abominable, “religions” that upon deeper examination are complicit in crimes against humanity, “government watch groups “ set up to secretly assist the evildoers…. and medically as institutions claiming to “heal” are actually fronts for the conditions they have created themselves. As in this online video we see describing how the MK monarch mind control program done under CIA sanction and through the bloodline families are used as control for their “assets” of the cult. Why do they do this? Because their genetic profiles make their children easily and highly disassociative for better programming. Part of this is related to the agenda of the illusionati and their mission as a proxy for negative alien entities who use these very DNA templates for interfacing their reptilian astral possessions… all to come out in conjunction with the human trafficking aspect in due time. Chris, a hidden illusionati bloodline and secret child of the cult as well as reptilian entity bound had been made mention of in cryptic references from others as having been under mind control. His inability to break out from under it as he was in thrall to the programming system the night he died was evident… as his struggle was clearly met with battering and abuse trauma the night of his death to force his presence to go through the ritual night.. his head wound most certainly from an assault. The MK system uses a literal Beast computer, of which there are 9 global link networks, to sink into the alters of their monarch slaves, controlled from demonic programs designed by UNIX data tied directly through triggering signals.. as well as the use of “wives for handlers” as proclaimed particularly by the women in this whistleblower video. Does this sound like someone we know? ”

Chris and Vicky Cornell: The Diabolical End Of A Rock Icon

Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were both MK ULTRA slaves, desperately trying to break free from their programming.

Mr. Cornell adamantly spoke about the epidemic of ‘human trafficking’ many times during his final year alive, by making cryptic comments in interviews and from the stage while he was performing for a live audience.

The constellation Draco the Dragon is where I am going to focus my report on from an astrological analysis, so my readers come to terms with the true horror story we are all living in today.

Pictured: Rocker/Alien Hunter Tom DeLonge and John “Skippy” Podesta

Each year between October 8 thru 9th, the draconids meteor shower occurs in the skies above the North Pole region of the world. This trippy astrological event has a major influence on UFO activity in wide open forest areas and parks during the month of the Witch, and what I have determined is that Uncle Sam is allowing the evil alien contingent to freely abduct men, women and children. Did you know the the National Park Rangers are not enforced to keep records of the people who go missing in U.S. forests and parks?

Window2Universe site takes us further down the rabbit hole and it is a cosmic trip you won’t soon forget:

“Draco the dragon is a circumpolar constellation, which means it revolves around the North pole. It can be seen all year round. Draco is only present in the Northern Hemisphere, so those living in the Southern Hemisphere will never see this long constellation. The easiest way to spot Draco is by finding his head. It consists of four stars in a trapezoid, burning brightly just north of Hercules. From there, the tail slithers through the sky, ending between the Big and Little Dippers. The end of the constellation is held by Thuban, which was the pole star over 4,000 years ago. Several galaxies and even one nebula is found within the constellation. The Cat’s Eye Nebula is a favorite among astronomers. Many myths revolve around this chaotic dragon. It is said in Greek myth that a serpent named Ladon guarded the golden apple tree. One of the twelve labors of Hercules was to steal apples from this well-guarded tree.”

Slaughtered: All Humans Resemble Cattle To The Alien Contingent!

What myself and other investigators have come to agreement on is that many of these missing people, mostly youths under the age of 16, are sold into sex trafficking rings and like a cattle is expected to produce milk until it is slaughtered for its meat, the same exact thing is happening to human beings who live in the United States of America. The abducted are expected to produce what is called “Adrenochrome”, while being terrified and violently abused for days on end so that the captors are able to extract the most potent form of the drug. In the infamous Podesta emails the super drug is also given the code words of “walnut sauce.”

The head of the Dragon seen in the draconids constellation is shaped in a Trapezoid.

All year long people have been going missing in America at a rate that is so alarming I am classifying it now as a National Crisis and will do my best to continue posting reports to try and wake up the world community.

Yes, the strange cow mutilations we’ve all been seeing for the past decades is a signal that the Alien Hostile Takeover of humanity is fully underway.

Did you know that 80 people on average go missing in Las Vegas every weekend? Where the Hell are all of these people going?

“Randy, people go missing all the time. They have for centuries!”

Yes, that is true. However, I’m afraid the past decade alone in the USA has seen an incredible rise in missing persons cases, that remain mysteriously unsolved, yet nobody seems to be concerned at all. One man simply vanished in 2009 after walking away from his automobile that was loaded up with wrapped Christmas gifts. He has never been seen again.

Idaho itself comes in as third for the state with the most acres of wilderness, with a total of 4.8 million acres of trees and wildlife.

However, looking at the bigger picture, the United States currently has a total of 154 protected National Forests around the country covering 188 million acres. We are talking about a lot of area that unwitting hikers can go missing in very quickly.

The U.S. Forest Service, which hired more than 1,900 seasonal workers for spring and summer 2019, cannot seem to locate these missing persons.

“The agency oversees 154 national forests and 20 national grasslands. Many of the jobs are located in two main regions, with about 1,000 positions for workers allocated in the Pacific Northwest and 900 positions in the Rocky Mountain Region.”

So based off this info, we know there are a bunch of government employees walking around these parks at various times, doing various jobs, I imagine with their eyes wide open, right? So why are so many people still vanishing never to be seen again?

Tom DeLonge Knows A Big Secret: Can You Handle The Truth?

Maybe it’s time the American public stops living with their eyes wide shut, and then maybe just maybe we can start to tackle this serious problem. Unfortunately, most will not even acknowledge there is anything wrong going on. They just continue to play silly games on their cell phones, make text messages out of emoji’s and act like life is totally perfect.

Believe it or not, a lot of people in the U.S. government and media are trying to put all the blame on Bigfoot running around snatching all of these people. I think there is certainly a big time cover up and sadly, the long running iconic monster myth is only a convenient excuse to use by our authorities, but what I will prove once and for all is that they are all liars and are the ones who are indeed involved in keeping the truth from getting out to the American public.”

“I’ve been reading and learning about the Adrenochrome drug. It is adrenaline and hormones harvested from the brain/pituitary gland of a person (or more potent from a child) after intense torture at time of death. If Podesta/Alefantis operation of obtaining Adrenochrome is done…” @punkassaudrey

Hitler & The Thule Society: UFO’s And Man Make Contact!

There is a much darker element involved and it all first came about thanks to Hitler and the German Third Reich around the end of World War 2. The Thule Society headed up my a medium named Maria Orsic connected Hitler to “the Vril” and it kick started human interaction on a global level with an alien species that can turn invisible when hunting human prey.

One of many who have disappeared into the Idaho wilderness was a toddler named DeOrr Kunz Jr., who was on a happy family camping trip that turned a horrific nightmare.

“…there was confusion when DeOrr Kunz Jr. couldn’t be found by his parents at Idaho’s Timbercreek Campground. They had initially thought he was nearby with his grandfather. Authorities were called, and a search ensued, bringing up no results. No evidence of an abduction or animal attack was ever found. Fingers have been pointed at the child’s parents, who have denied any wrongdoing and who continue to search for their son. The toddler’s whereabouts remain unknown to this day.”

So who does the blame fall on for such negligent mishandling of security in the forests all across America?

Digging deeper, I learned that the U.S. Forest Service has been in absolute turmoil for the last couple years while it was deemed to be under control of one man and, believe it or not, in 2018 this poor excuse for a human got busted for allegedly “sexually raping” other employees.

Tony Tooke, the 19th Chief of the United States Forest Service (USFS) of the Department of Agriculture, was sworn in on September 1, 2017, and was subsequently removed (by himself) the next year. According to CBS news:

“Tooke’s sudden retirement comes less than seven months after he was named to the post by Trump’s appointed Agriculture Secretary Sonny Purdue. “

“U.S. President-elect Donald Trump named former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue as his nominee for secretary of agriculture…”

“PBS and other outlets, including The Associated Press, have previously reported a culture of harassment and retaliation at the Forest Service dating back years. Many of the problems mirror misconduct within the nation’s other major public lands agency, the Interior Department. Congress held hearings on the problems at both agencies in 2016 and senior officials have repeatedly vowed to address the problem. The Forest Service has about 35,000 employees and manages more than 300,000 square miles (777,000 square kilometers) of forests and grasslands in 43 states and Puerto Rico. Tooke, a native of Alabama, was a career agency employee who worked in Florida, Georgia and Mississippi.”

Draco The Dragon Constellation

The Anunnaki Reptilians — The reptilian species known to as the Anunnaki (the Sumerian for “those who from Heaven to Earth came”), is known in our Universe as “Alpha Draconis”.

A realm of existence that is physically separate from another such realm.

“Alpha” because they are the dominant reptilian species and “Draconis” because their main home in this Universe is/was located in the Draco Constellation (Latin for “Dragon”). 

As the story goes, the Alpha Draconis are said to be the oldest species of our Universe, but they did not originate from earth. No, they got here from another dimension via interdimensional space travel, and these bad boys and girls are hellbent on bringing humanity to its knees.

Like Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), Secret Cold War experiments tested various drugs during unethical human experimentation in the United States. These hallucinogenic drugs (See also psychosomatic medicine) antagonize psychological phenomena, which may explain (but not conclusively) seeing “aliens” during abductions. Adrenochrome, a chemical known since at least the 1930s, is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3 produced by the oxidation of adrenaline (epinephrine) in mammals. The chemical especially concentrates in the body during times of high “fight or flight” response conditions, such as during extreme trauma and suffering. Author Hunter S. Thompson mentioned Adrenochrome in his book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1971). The adrenochrome scene also appears in the novel’s film adaptation.” – Exposing Pedovore

Whether it is LSD, adrenochrome, Yage or DMT, the bottom line is these drugs not only open the Third Eye but during rituals is a way to help a transformation to begin. One person’s account of hallucinating turning into something much more frightening and real signifies the quest to connect with our inner beast:

“…When I say I felt as though I was first one water creature and then another, what I mean goes far beyond merely “feeling slithery and reptilian.” The experience had a different feel to it, different from anything I had previously felt, both physically and mentally. Under the drug, I was conscious of having different types of memories, and I lost my normal self-awareness. Rather than empathy with what I might imagine a snake or frog might feel, I was sufficiently absorbed in snakeness… as to wonder vaguely how the humans around me might feel.”

An SRA survivor named Donald Marshall went on the record to claim that a literal alien hijacking of a human being occurs during a ritual ceremony that the elites perform to allow the reptilian entity to overtake the subject’s body and enter this world where they can now push their evil agenda.

Did you know that Hitler was totally infatuated with the imagery and symbolism of the wolf?

Tom DeLonge hangs out at a Freemason Lodge… because that’s where the hidden knowledge of Alien Contact resides. Or it’s possible he just like to wear this goofy looking apron in front of a bunch of strangers?

Like the werewolf or vampire myths, a Jekyll and Hyde split of two distinctly different entities is battling for possession of one individual’s mind, body and soul.

Did you know that originally the Black Dahlia Murder was called “the Werewolf murder?”

“I did not merely feel “like a snake,” but in some sense I was a snake, that somehow I had reached a level of experience where I could contact a potential “snakeness” residing within?

“Princess Diana said she saw Queen turn into a reptilian.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PENdXoV3T_w Putin did not want to get near the Reptile Elizabeth. Diana then died when she was going to tell the truth. She died in the ambulance that had mysteriously stopped on its way from the crash to the hospital. Maybe the wait was for her blood to be drained to be sold at super prices? Adrenochrome induces SCHIZOPHRENIA – the old name of SCHIZOPHRENIA IS SPLIT PERSONALITY – the old name of SPLIT PERSONALITY IS DEMONIC POSSESSION. Possessed people have amazing super strength far above what ordinary human skeletons can achieve. The only way for that strength to happen is by the body being altered – or shape shifted!” – R White

Just as I previously reported that Johnny Depp himself is on a downward spiral due to his alleged addiction to adrenochrome, other top name celebs like Tom Delonge and Lady Gaga also appear to have gone totally off the deep end in their pursuit to become their own gods.