In the first part of this report, I detailed my theory that the identity of the Zodiac Killer is a legendary former Green Beret named Michael Aquino, founder of the Temple of Set, who carried out these perfectly orchestrated Satanic sacrifices of innocent Americans decades ago after returning from a tour of duty in Vietnam, typically ending the life of a man and a woman at the same time.

There is symbology at play and that is why my work will be such a profound experience for anyone who actually takes the time to read my opinion on the matter, and fully absorb what I reveal to you, instead of rejecting it, without even giving me a chance to tell you what it all means.

His trademark modus operandi of “walking up” and attacking the unsuspecting victims has morphed into its own special kind of folklore. Could the Zodiac Killer indeed disappear and vanish into thin air like some kind of ghostly spirit? Could he become invisible at will to hide from the public during his sensational killing sprees or to give him the edge right before he attacked his human prey?

Better yet, I am going to take my readers deeper into this cosmic homicide investigation like never before, suggesting that not only was the Zodiac a full fledged ET “Phone Home” humanoid with a penchant for stalking human beings in his spare time, but my radical analysis is going to stun the world in a seismic manner by connecting Aquino to the murder spree in a way that will be totally irrefutable… and downright disturbing in the most bloody way possible. I will do this with the assistance of several experts in the areas of the occult and paranormal phenomena.

My fans know that my groundbreaking reporting on #PedoGate has opened up a can of worms for the New World Order, exposing not only an elite pedophile ring operating out of Washington DC, but the escalating problem of missing persons all around America, including parks and forests.

Thankfully, my work is now starting to stir the sleeping sheep. Due to the fact that the mainstream news media has “blacked out” this kind of reporting, it is my mission to get the truth out, no matter how dangerous that might be for myself. Like the late Max Spiers, who was investigating Mr. Aquino and became an internet sleuth star for a short period, before he was found dead on my birthday, on July 16th in 2016.

What did Max learn that got him killed? What was he trying to tell all of us? He definitely deserves massive credit for helping connect the dots by way of a historical perspective of the evil Illuminati’s involvement in other epic “false flags,” who I feel indeed birthed the most notorious killer of his generation.


I will further introduce evidence to support my belief that there can only be one person, entity or whatever the hell you want to call it who could have been responsible for the Zodiac slayings, and that individual has dually earned the haunting nickname “The Figure In Black,” and Mr. Aquino, a true madman from beyond, will be shown to be tied to other high profile serial slayings, like the Manson murders, who was guided by his own hardcore understanding of Druidism, astrology, plus carefully crafted military assassinations (carried out by his crazy commando squad for Uncle Sam back in Vietnam), and strange codes that he taunted everyone with all the while… most of which still have not been deciphered to this very day.

“The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by hands. And he is not served by human hands, as if he needed anything, because he himself gives all men life and breath and everything else.” Acts 17:24,25

My work reaches far into the cosmos, so prepare yourself for some heavy information, that will certainly test your mind as it pertains to the extraordinary, such as quantum physics, and the creation of the Zodiac chart, which is where the story of the Zodiac Killer truly begins.

Firstly, occult expert, Susan Marconi, explains the connection between the galactic gods and two dead rock stars killed within two months of each other back in 2017.

“For those who find it exceedingly hard to believe in the presentation written in relation to Chris and his cosmic profile as well as the entities not of this world having to do with his death… I present Fiona Barrett’s touch upon this very subject. She references what the illusionati have done as part of The Gateway Process ..the Stargate Project, which describes the galactic core being a consciousness gate of inter dimensional portal transfer that the US military and global elites are well aware of and have communicated with entities from the Orion Nebula, Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius and others. These beings take many forms… the one worshiped by the elites called the Dagon and takes Reptilian/amphibious form. Fiona also states CERN is part of the portal objective to link in with the beings of the biblical Apollyon through Stargate quantum technology … which is the ancient star of the Black Hole bottomless pit in antiquity or the Wesedek phantom matrix part of the universe.”

The Dagon Mythos: “Dagon” is a short story by American author H. P. Lovecraft. It was written in July 1917

She continues her wonderful assessment:

“This information is simply another layer of validation from her as a source of firsthand veracity to the long list of other whistleblowers, many of which have been judiciously taken out. I point out one cryptic Instagram post early after Chris’ death that highlights a tiny clue, one of the many upon close examination.. and one that runs along the lines of Fiona’s testimony… that they can interface with certain technologies and have claimed through genetic blending within certain bloodlines… hybrid control. Like they did with Chris.”

The Zodiac Killer did not just act on impulse. These were carefully thought out murders, that involved a lot more than killing some people.

My job here is to take you by the hand like I am your tour guide into the abyss. It’s a very dark place, and I truly hope you enjoy this wicked lesson in ‘homegrown terrorism ‘I am about to bestow upon thee. This dissertation will take us way back in time to when the gods of Egypt used ‘Stargates’ to travel back and forth from this world returning like ET in the movie… yes, back home.

noun: symbology

the study or use of symbols.
symbols collectively.

The Figure In Black & His Lady Lilith

Was the Zodiac killer indeed able to shapeshift like the gods of the Nile, such as Sobek the half man/half crocodile?

The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

It all relates to Mr. Aquino and my belief that once during a ritual he became possessed by an Egyptian god named Set (Seth), which ties to another dude named Seth (Set) who was the third son born of Adam & Eve. I know this crazy story can get confusing at times, so hang on and pay attention.

Chester Bennington & Chris Cornell: Why Can’t People Handle The Truth?

Once attached, this powerful entity takes over just like a parasite. It can only be activated in half human/half serpent people. But let back up thousands of years to give you a fuller understanding of what has been going on in this world for a very long time.

Seth was born when Adam was 130 years old.

Seth introduced worship of Serapis the Serpent.

Seth was born at 1:30 AM… and late rock icon Chris Cornell was officially pronounced dead in a Detroit hotel room at what time? 1:30AM.

How is that for symbology?

Sethians. Sons of Seth, all of it is the basis for the gnostic religion, understand?

Zodiac Killer Letters, Symbol & Cipher

On August 1, 1969, the San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco Chronicle and Vallejo Times-Herald both received one identical handwritten letter within an envelope that was not labeled with a return address.

Beginning, “Dear Editor: I am the killer of the 2 teenagers last Christmas at Lake Herman,” the chilling but “coded” messages contained details from the Zodiac Killer’s crimes that only he could have known.

The Zodiac Killer continued to promise further attacks if the letters weren’t printed on the front page of the area newspapers.

The Temple of Set, Mr. Aquino and a mostly unknown biblical figure hold all the important answers we need to fully be able to solve the puzzle once and for all.

Please keep in mind, joint CIA–Army Special Forces operations go back to the MACV-SOG branch during the Vietnam War, okay? This was the place where PSYOPS happened wherein it allowed the best young military psychopaths like Aquino to grow.

“…to denote any action which is practiced mainly by psychological methods with the aim of evoking a planned psychological reaction in other people.”

“False Flags” were done to scare the shit out of the general population of that particular country where the morale of the people became the target, and this tactic has been used on the American people ever since. The Zodiac Killer is nothing more than a product of that demonic government backed system of killing for sadistic pleasure, such as MK ULTRA torture, snuff films that are sold to the elite, and experiments conducted on humans that would make your skin crawl.

The Zodiac Signs were originally instituted by Adam, Seth and Enoch before the Flood. Their meaning was transmitted to Noah who preserved it, according to the Enoch and Hermetic literature, on an Emerald Prism, left hidden in Egypt. The Egyptians called Adam’s son, Seth, “Agathodaimon.”

Christian Hospitality site takes us further down the theological rabbit hole with biblical examples to help us understand:

Seth was given his name because his mother, Eve, exclaimed at his birth:

“God has appointed me another [or different] seed in place of Abel whom Cain slew”.

(The Hebrew form of the name Seth is “Shet”, meaning “He appointed”.)

“Similarly God appointed (by adoption) another Seed, by another Comforter, the Holy Spirit, in place of the crucified Jesus Christ, namely, “One like the Son of Man”, in place of the mortal Jesus, the “Son of Man”, to be raptured up to heaven and take the kingdom in the Millennium.” (Daniel 7. 13, Revelation 1. 13, 14. 14).

This “One like the Son of Man” was identified by revelation to Daniel the Prophet as “the People of the Saints of the Most High” (Daniel 7. 27, 22).

As the story goes, the Hermetic literature states that Agathodaimon is the Biblical patriarch Seth. In Egypt, Agathodaimon was equated with Osiris and Osiris was believed to be represented in the Zodiac by the sign of Taurus.

“The other Seed is really the same Seed in another form, that is, the Messiah, embodied by the Holy Spirit in the saints. The exchange of Seth for Abel because of the latter’s murder by Cain is exactly symbolized in the conjoined sign Taurus-Auriga: the jealous bull (the bull part of the sign Taurus, Cain) attacks two children who are protected by the shepherd Auriga and Capella, the latter being the children’s mother: i.e. Auriga = Adam and Capella = Eve, and the two children of Eve are Seth and Abel.” – ChristianHospitality site

And Jesus looked toward heaven and prayed: “Father, the time has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you. For you granted him authority over all people that he might give eternal life to all those you have given him. Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.”   John 17:1-3

The Egyptians called Adam’s son, Seth “Agathodaimon”, i.e. “The Good, or Beneficent, Spirit”, and Seth’s descendant Enoch “The First Thoth (Hermes)”.

“The builder of the Great Pyramid, the Pharaoh Khufu or Cheops, is said in native Egyptian literature to have used the secret writings of “Thoth” (i.e. of Enoch) to build the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. He found the knowledge of the whereabouts of these writings of Thoth in the possession of a humble seer of very advanced age. “

“Thus the secrets of the star-signs were preserved after the Flood in Egypt and used to construct the Great Pyramid. This Egyptian tradition, combined with the witness of the Enoch and Hermetic literature, confirms the testimony of Josephus that the antediluvian patriarchs discovered the secrets of the Zodiac and that their discoveries were inscribed on a monument of stone which remained standing to Josephus’ own time in Northern Egypt (the Siriadic land as he calls it). The Siriadic Land is where the Great Pyramid of Gizeh is located.”

In the graphic of the Zodiac from Denderah in Egypt reproduced below the zodiacal circle is marked in red.

The theology experts over at Christian Hospitality site inform us of the Zodiac Circle’s background:

“It is remarkable that the symbol of the Ogdoad or “Group of Eight” (representing the Eight persons saved in the Ark of Noah), an oval with eight persons within it at a position corresponding to one o’clock, is located beneath the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, which are the star-signs of Noah and Shem respectively (Capricorn = Noah, Aquarius = Shem). The divine members of the Ogdoad were referred to in Egypt as the eight original progenitors of mankind, four male and four female, who emerged out of the waters of Chaos and founded the regenerated world upon the peak of a primeval mountain projecting out of the waters. All the “gods” (primeval kings) of Egypt traced their descent from them. The Armenian historians (following Moses of Khorene, History of the Armenians, I. vii.) record that the Egyptians called one of these Ptah (“Hephaistos” = Ham, the progenitor of the Egyptian race) and said that his son was Ra (“the Sun” = Cush), and his son Geb (“Chronos” = Nimrod).”

Serapis, as some kind of reincarnation of the fertility god Apis, is a fertility god himself as well. This is clearly shown by the corn measure (Gr kalathos, Lat modius) the deity is wearing on his head. Furthermore Osiris is a cereal god as well, although he’s god of the underworld in the first place. It’s not surprising Serapis, the immortal god who rose from the deceased Apis, is also god of the underworld. Like the Greek god of the underworld Hades he’s accompanied by a three-headed dog. This dog has a strong resemblance to the Greek Cerberus (Gr Kerberos, Lat Cerberus), but usually a snake is twined around his body and he bears the head of a dog, a wolf and a lion. As a revived God the immortal Serapis is also a healing god with a reputation at least equal to that of the Greek Asclepius. His healing powers are probably symbolized by the snake. As god of the sea he replaced the Greek Poseidon as well. His followers even regarded him as the new chief god instead of Zeus.” – Mind Serpent site


“His followers even regarded him as the new chief god instead of Zeus. The universal Serapis was therefore the right God for the Gnostic movement in Egypt. This philosophico-religious movement in the first centuries AD was a combination of Eastern religious ideas from Syria, Persia and Judaism, and Greek philosophical elements from Plato and Neo-Platonism, from Pythagoras and Neo-Pythagoreanism and from Stoicism. The Gnostics believed knowledge was the only way to salvation. To them religion was thinking about the great questions of life and studying secret texts, although important mystical aspects were involved as well. Furthermore they considered everything as a struggle between good and evil. There were several different fractions however, namely Jewish, Christian and pagan Gnostics. Because they believed the world was created by the highest God, the pagan Gnostics needed a deity superior to all the others. In the Egyptian city of Alexandria, the most important intellectual centre in the Mediterranean and therefor an important Gnostic centre, Serapis was an obvious choice. Serapis became the object of a mystery cult with similarities to other Eastern mystery cults as Christianity and the Mithras cult, which were both strongly influenced by Gnosticism.”

NSA Bad Ass Michael Aquino: The Zodiac Killer

Susan Marconi Says:

“The Nephilim are actually a true genetic hybrid combination of the Oraphim(6D-Sirian) and the Reptilians(4D-Alpha Draconis). The Oraphim(highly ascended) are part of the original Founders Race of the 6D Family of light beings that source from the Melchizedek(ancient Hebrew, and I suspect Chris hidden bloodline) lineages originally created from the Lyran-Sirian (Dogstar Sirius/Temple of the Dog) shapeshifting consciousness strain that can transmute in/out of dimensionalized time.”

The Reptilians (highly descended) source from the black hole Wesedek anti-universe through the center of our galaxy and have infiltrated through our disabled 12th Stargate portal that has blocked our ascension potential into our etheric elevation beyond 3D. Both of these entities exist in higher harmonic universes and are part of a cloistered system of humankind.”

The Nephilim are the actual incarnated child bloodline offspring of these entities… the Oraphim being highly prized for their easy ability to be mind controlled by the genetic manipulations of the Reptilians. They were alleged to have originally come to Earth via the reported Nephilim portal described in the Bible on Mt. Hermon on the 33rd parallel in antiquity.”

“Why the 33rd? Because the energy grid vortex point of that location is necessary for intra dimensional Stargate activation.. which the government knows about and actually keeps a military base upon it’s peak in Syria to this day. This is Chris’ mysterious mountain.. depicted on Higher Truth into which his “spaceship” ascends to. It is his final hidden disclosure of his ancient hybrid Nephilim status and his return back through the portal into the black hole galactic center of the universe.. thirteen rays to define the thirteen illusionati/hybrid nephilim bloodline families he was secretly a part of. Again, this was all tied in to the 2017 Stellar Activation Cycle of the Galactic precession/ascension window. He was soul bound… but his Oriphim essence was able to transcend his death..taken back home to the higher realms.. and to the galactic Family of Light.” – Susan Marconi

It is believed that the Egyptian god Set was the father of Sobek.

The absolutely blood thirsty and ferocious nature of Sobek was was respected by the Egyptians.

Sobek was actually considered to be the patron of the army.

Furthermore, he was regarded as “a symbol of the pharaoh’s power and was called upon to protect the dead in the Underworld.”

Finally, a researcher of ancient times details a sacred place called “Kom Ombo”:

“About 1289 BC Pharaoh Seti I became consecrated to the god Set and having founded the 19th dynasty he reigned for an estimated 55 years. Now, ancient carvings including ‘stone engravings and paintings’ have been found at Kom Ombo, a twin temple in southern Egypt, which are yielding new information about his relentless and highly-successful military campaigns in North Africa, and a lot more. The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced that their archaeologists had discovered the inscriptions while “conducting a groundwater-lowering project in Aswan” at the ‘twin’ or double temple at Kom Ombo. Situated about 30 miles (48 km) north of Aswan, Kom Ombo was built during the Graeco-Roman period between 332 BC and AD 395 and was dedicated to both the falcon-headed god Horus and a crocodile-headed god named Sobek, according to a report in Live Science .”

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