Report: Elizabeth Short, Jigsaw and Temple Of The Dog (Part 2)
Randy “Rocket” Cody

In the first installment of this three part report, I carefully explained to readers my explosive theory that LAPD is involved in a major cover up with regards to the murder of Elizabeth Short, aka “Black Dahlia”.

Did you know that early on in the homicide investigation of this young woman’s gruesome slaying it’s known that a purported ‘anonymous phone tip’ stated Elizabeth Short was killed by police officers?

I have detailed the fact that LAPD will not release the official autopsy report in Elizabeth Short’s murder, nor will they release to the media the purported “black book” that was found among her last possessions.

The first part of this thesis examined Chris Cornell’s tragic 2017 death and Temple of The Dog, which was not just a band he played in for a short period during his career… but the fact is that Mr. Cornell was also in possession of a black book that belonged to convicted pedophile billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, therefore I feel it directly connects him to both #Pizzagate and The Black Dahlia, seven decades apart. The evidence I will present is simply irrefutable when it comes to proving that Elizabeth Short was indeed a Satanic ritual murder victim. I will not only be able to prove it, I will prove that the freemason brotherhood, Hollywood and LAPD are the monsters behind her brutal death.

I will take my readers much deeper down the rabbit hole than anyone would ever expect, tying Elizabeth Short to a nineteen forties elite pedophile ring based out of Los Angeles, where she was used as a “lure” for little kids… due to her mesmerizing beauty. I will connect Man Ray, Jigsaw St. John and all the dots together, once and for all, solving the most well known unsolved crime in American history.

To begin, it’s my bold theory that a lunatic French surrealist artist named Man Ray, who was a big time occultist, art genius, and alleged hardcore pedophile, operated an international child trafficking ring out of L.A. during the mid forties, along with his friend George Hodel, including major movie celebs, such as director John Huston, and a truly twisted homicidal police officer known to eat up being around big name stars, the one and only John “Jigsaw” St. John, who oddly enough later on got his own 1976 TV show based on his life as a “super cop” .

Pictured: Man Ray in 1965

While Jigsaw was active on LAPD since 1942, he suspiciously was not put on the Black Dahlia case until 1949, which I feel is part of the elaborate cover up done by his superiors that I will explain to my readers in this jaw dropping forensic thesis that will truly freak you out like no other. Jigsaw worked on this case for over four decades but never once questioned the person I believe is the #1 suspect in orchestrating this beautiful woman’s gruesome fate.

That person is undoubtedly Man Ray. 

Ray was well known to hang in a circle with Mr. Hodel, Mr. Huston, and a sinister crew of “Hollywood” cops hellbent on carrying out sacrifices for Satan, and staging the macabre scene so that it would scare the Hell out of the masses like a horrifying climax seen in an Alfred Hitchcock flick. This is a cover up eerily similar to the moves made by the crooked cops of Scotland Yard in the Jack The Ripper case. Last year, for the first time I suggested the Ripper was Dr. Frederick Treves of Royal London Hospital. I have found a mountain of evidence that points to an elaborate cover up carried out by the Royal elite.

Just as in the tragic case of late rockers Chris Cornell and his friend, Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK fame, where I reported in 2017 that their deaths were not suicides but MK ULTRA assassinations, overseen by mastermind military psycho, Michael Aquino, founder of Temple of Set and Grand Master for Order of The Trapezoid.

Did you know that Elizabeth Short was given a monument tribute in the state where she was born and the shape was a trapezoid?

“The memorial is a large trapezoidal stone inset with a plaque that tells the story of the Black Dahlia and highlights her connection to the area. It was installed in 1993 and faces Salem Street at a point near the aforementioned rotary. The easiest way to get to the trapezoidal stone is to take Fountain Street, which ends in a cul-de-sac directly behind the memorial. “

Even more incriminating, I learned there is a Freemason/Shriners secret sub-group, the Royal Order of Jesters. A list of Jesters got exposed, yes, busted for human trafficking of all things, and oddly enough the surname “Bennington” is among those in the club, which is London in origin, connecting to the Royals. It is my assertion that these secret societies have long been in existence in the shadows, dating all the way back to the launch of The Hellfire Club with Benjamin Franklin, influencing the psychotic carnage that would come to the future world society, such as Jack The Ripper in England and the Black Dahlia in America. The same demonic forces at work all those centuries ago, I’m afraid to report are the same entities that have taken over the likes of Mr. Aquino and Hollywood darlings like Leto, who merely serves as a host for the parasitic demon entity.

And looking more closely at the wounds received on the Black Dahlia, we see sharp angular cuts done to the mouth and other sections of the corpse.

An angle formed by two rays emanating from a vertex.

Temple of Set’s site explains the meaning:

“…the study and cataloging of the subjective/objective impressions and manifestations which occur within an “angular” environment. By the term “angular” I am specifically speaking of the ratios of both pi and phi. These may come in the form of physical planes, freqency ratios (resonant forms),measured electrical field phenomena, and visual representations. Why are these ratios important?

Anton LaVey summed it up via his LAW OF THE TRAPEZOID, which is:

“All obtuse Angles are magically harmful to those unaware of this property. The same angles are beneficial, stimulating, and energizing to those who are magically sensitive to them.”

“By environment I mean the AREA OF INFLUENCE by which the various representations of the angles (visual,audio,field phenomena) are able to act within. What exactly happens when an individual enters a angular environment? It is very apparent that a polarity is produced within the individual. This is in essence what the LAW OF THE TRAPEZOID describes. Some are attracted to the environment and others are repelled. Along with attraction comes mental imagery that tries to encompass infinite concepts. Those who are repelled go to the opposite with imagery that has a profound morbid aspect connected to it. Feelings of impending death on a individual and species wide scale, theirs is a finite image. These are generalizations, I have seen extremes with both polarities. The bottom line is that there is an effect produced, no one really understands the actual nature of the effects, nor its boundaries, we will find out. Most certainly each individual has felt the effects of an angular environment. Many symbols incorporate angular features into their motif, and most certainly we have all felt moved by particluar music forms in a manner falling into the above description of what happens in a angular environment. Haunted house phenomena is most common in homes that have many angular shapes both inside and out. Angles produce the COMMAND TO LOOK which then motivates into a polarity which can be predictable.”

It’s well documented that after World War 2, operation paperclip allowed Nazi criminals into the USA secretly to begin carrying out MK ULTRA against the American people, without their knowledge or consent. High level politicians, musicians and movie stars all were involved, and the dude behind it all was none other than Michael Aquino, operating out of the covert Wonderland Facility in the hills of Hollywood (a property now owned by actor/rocker Jared Leto, who yes, most recently portrayed the Joker in the movies.

Instead of glamour and glitz, Mr. Aquino and his army of mayhem unleashed bloodshed on a level that had never been witnessed before. I fully believe he is the man behind the ‘programming’ for the Manson Murders and Star 80 (Dorothy Stratten) plus a lot more…

In Mr. Aquino’s own words… “The Order of the Trapezoid is a chivalric Order of Knighthood dedicated to the Prince of Darkness and protection of the Black Flame.”

“The Order was first formally introduced by Anton LaVey in the December 1970 issue of the Church of Satan’s newsletter, The Cloven Hoof, where it was described as the “Board of Directors and security staff” of the Church. The idea of what the Order signified morphed at various times, always with a focus on its vital role as caretaker of the Hidden Tradition behind the Visible Tradition exemplified first by the Church of Satan and later by the Temple of Set. The Order of the Trapezoid was finally given a definite form by Dr. Michael Aquino, High Priest of Set, in 1982, and took its place as one of the three oldest still extant Orders (or areas of specialization, under the leadership and teaching of a Grandmaster) within the Temple of Set.”

In my past investigative reporting, I identified Mr. Aquino as “The Figure In Black”, a legendary mythical serial killer who first got his start killing in Vietnam for Uncle Sam. To this date, Mr. Aquino still holds TOP SECRET clearance with the CIA and NSA. He was also allowed to walk away from the infamous Presidio Childcare tragedy without serving one day in prison.

The Grandmaster’s statement conveys the vision of the Order under its recently invested seventh Grandmaster.

This insignificant stone is indeed of trifling value; it is despised by fools, the more cherished by the wise.

“Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction”

As the story goes, Elizabeth Short’s dead body revealed many disturbing clues, as if left by the killer to taunt everyone, including other fellow policeman and detectives:

“Capt. Jack Donahoe, Homicide Division, was notified. The call car was out on a natural dead body on Westmoreland Avenue so officer Marty J. Wynn, Homicide Division, was dispatched to the scene. Capt. Donahoe then telephoned the adress where the call car, operated by Sgt. A.A. Brown, #248, and Harry L. Hansen, #859, of Homicide Divison, was located. They responded to the call, arriving at the scene at 11:30 a.m. Upon the arrival of the Sgt. Brown and Hansen who were assigned to the case, they found present officers Perkins and Fitzgerald, Lt. Paul Freestone, Det. Lt. Jack Haskins, Sgts. Wynn and Vaughn, Forensic Chemist Ray Pinker, photographer Laursen from Sci. Investigation Division, and representatives and photographers from the newspapers. Pictures had been taken by the newspapers of the body. They were later joined by Lt. Leland V. Jones of the Scientific Investigation Division. “

” The body was that of a white, female, American, approximately 20 years of age, 5’6” tall, weighing 115#, brown reddish hair, green eyes, fingernails bitten down to the quick. The body was nude; there was no jewelry on the body. There were no women’s clothes found in the vicinity. The post mortem condition of the body revealed no indication of rigor mortis. The body was lying on its back, head to the north and feet to the south, on the west side of Norton Avenue, approximately 2 ft west of the sidewalk. The body was just south of a paved driveway approach to this lot which is the first driveway north of the center block fire plug. The body had been cleanly severed at the middle line and the lower half was lying about 1 ft to the south of the upper half, the upper half being slightly off line to the west of the lower half. Both parts of the body were lying absolutely flat with protruded entrails of the lower half lying under the buttock.”

“There was a marked post mortem lividity on the top side of both parts indicating that the deceased had lain on her front side of face for some period immediately following death. The body was comparatively free of blood stains or smears which indicated it had been washed off some time after death. There were several fibers which were recovered and turned over to Mr. Pinker, which appeared to be bristles from a stiff brush. (Later identified as cocoa fibers by Scientific Investigation Division.) Those were adhered to the body, particularly in the pubis region and points of mutilation which included several lacerations on the forehead which appeared to have been inflicted by a blunt instrument; laceration left breast; laceration right breast, top of which appeared to have been removed. “

Art by Man Ray

“The area covered by pubic hair was slashed in criss-cross fashion and scarcity of hair gave rise to the opinion it had been cut off rather close to the skin. There was also a sort of tic-tac-toe design on the right hip. The mouth was badly slashed approximately 3” each way from the corner and the upper lip was deeply lacerated on the right-hand side. There were strangulation marks on the neck and definite rope or tie marks on both lower legs and arms. From lack of blood stains around and under the body, it was definitely concluded she was killed elsewhere.”

Report: CHRIS CORNELL – “Suggestions Of A Possible Strangulation”