THE MOMENT OF TRUTH: Chris Cornell’s Salvation, Jeffrey Epstein And PizzaGate

Back in 2017, I got myself in the middle of the biggest scandal in news history, when I covered the mysterious deaths of late rockers Chris Cornell (SOUNDGARDEN, AUDIOSLAVE) and Chester Bennington (LINKIN PARK, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS), miraculously proving ‘foul play’ in both cases via my own independent forensic analysis that I executed via a multitude of long format dissertation […]

Rocket Issues New Update 10/29/2023

Thank you so much to all the fans of my work for making October the biggest month of the year with over 12.5 million impressions at TMD Facebook. My creation is the most popular heavy metal news webzine in the world, and it is an honor after nearly 20 years since first creating TMD on Myspace, to have climbed […]

Epstein’s “Black Book”, Two Dead Rock Stars & PIZZAGATE

Readers will recall the drama surrounding Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington‘s deaths centered around “spirit cooking”, a “black book” and a pizza joint with ping pong tables located in Washington DC called Comet Pizza, where the mainstream news media labeled the “Pizzagate” scandal to be a hoax.  The Pizzagate theory accuses both John Podesta and Hillary Clinton of knowingly supporting, participating in disturbing rituals, […]

Rocket Interviewed on FM Rock Radio Station WQEE 99.1: THE MAFIA TAPES!

Rocket of was interviewed today about his family’s involvement with the Chicago Mob and legendary crime boss Al Capone. Listen below! This shocking 41 minute interview includes a 9 minute EXCLUSIVE audio preview of THE MAFIA TAPES. Are you interested in reading the hottest unproduced gangster movie in Hollywood right now? Read Rocket’s epic spec screenplay titled “Public Enemy Number One” […]

Rocket Issues New Update: 7/18/2023

First off, I want to thank everyone who sent me happy birthday comments and messages via Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and other platforms. I really appreciate it. What I would like for people to remember is that investigator Max Spiers died under mysterious circumstances on my birthday July 16, 2016, the year before Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington both were suicided, […]

Did WWE’s Vince McMahon And The Satanic Illuminati Kill Pro Wrestling Superstar Chris Benoit? (Part 3)

Today is the 16 year anniversary of the purported murders of late WWE wrestling superstar Chris Benoit’s wife Nancy and his young son. When they were found slain in their home, police estimated the deaths of his family members by his hand happened on June 23, 2007. Chris was said to have committed suicide the next day on June 24, […]

Terry Richardson, MK ULTRA & Hollyweird

Since I dropped my bombshell report exposing Miley Cyrus as a zoophile, which revealed a NSFW photo of the world’s biggest pop star allegedly performing oral sex on a dog, fans all over the world have been trying to accept the ugly truth about the beloved ex-Disney child star, most famous for her role as Hannah Montana. It is my […]