Frazzledrip: The Shocking Truth, part 2

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

Take everything you think you know about Hillary Clinton‘s snuff film called “Frazzledrip” and throw it out the window.

What I have learned through my Dark Web source is that the version which has been getting pushed around currently is a decoy… in other words, it’s a fake.

This was done to throw everyone off the track of the real version.

Yes, the real deal definitely comes directly from the laptop of infamous convicted pedophile and husband of Huma Abedin, Anthony “I Can’t Keep It In My Pants” Weiner.

Word going around is the actual footage is much worse than anything you could ever imagine. This is another reason nobody in a law enforcement leadership position wants it to get out.

It will undermine the narrative being put out that all pedophiles are being rounded up currently in the USA, because the truth is a powerful mafia-like criminal empire is behind the biggest human trafficking ring ever, and the psychopath behind the sadistic, murderous group is allegedly former Presidential first lady plus failed candidate for President: Hillary Clinton.

Another investigator working SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) who I spoke with and shall remain anonymous for their own safety said that the most gruesome sections of the snuff film involved Courtney Love, who was named as part of Jeffrey Epstein’s inner circle in his “black book.”

“Human trafficking still exists… slavery exists in many different forms. It’s in every big city.”

– Chris Cornell July/2016

What is the Dark Web? TechAdvisor site helps bring everyone up to speed:

“The Dark Web refers specifically to websites that exist behind multiple layers of encryption and cannot be found by using traditional search engines or visited by using traditional web browsers. Almost all sites on the so-called Dark Web hide their identity using the Tor encryption tool. You may know Tor for its ability to hide your identity and activity. You can use Tor to spoof your location so it appears you’re in a different country to where you’re really located, just like when you use a VPN service.”

Once you decide to take the plunge it’s not that difficult to get up and running:

“Technically, this is not a difficult process. You simply need to install and use Tor. Go to Anonymity Online and download the Tor Browser Bundle, which contains all the required tools. Run the downloaded file, choose an extraction location, then open the folder and click Start Tor Browser.”

My Dark Web source already is set up to browse this dark and macabre content, so he checked all of the hottest areas where he might find the real version, and he learned Frazzledrip does indeed exist, but the asking price is currently one hundred thousand dollars.

Horror On The Net: The Darkest Spot On The Web Is

I learned the reason a ‘decoy’ was put out there is because NYPD does not want the real version that includes a third person involved in the sacrificial killing and cannibalism of a ten year old girl being seen by anyone.

Why this that? Well, it’s because of who this third person is.

Courtney Love is that person I’m being told and it presents a lot of problems.

Mainly, that Love is connected to the most powerful person in the elite child abduction ring at the center of the #Pizzagate scandal: Prince Andrew.

As the story goes, her royal highness, The Queen of England, does not want the real Frazzledrip to be exposed in the mainstream press because the truth is Courtney has been working as a procurer of kids for the ring on behalf of the Prince!

Just like Ghislaine Maxwell worked for Jeffrey Epstein (the former Kingpin of the abduction ring), a close pal of Andrew’s for many years up until his arrest as the head sicko behind crimes against humanity carried out on “Orgy Island.”

Maxwell herself has now been arrested. Is it time to arrest Love? What do you think? Hang on, before you give me your answer, I’ve got more information to share.

One seller my source came across on the Dark Web has “screenshots” available from the real version of Frazzledrip, and one of them is said to depict Courtney eating parts of the dead girl while wearing a Nirvana shirt. His asking price is $20,000 for that picture, and the others he had available for a cheaper price ranged between $1,000 to $5,000 each.

The seller was willing to give up a one time “freebie” screenshot just to prove it is the real deal, but said it was ‘very blurry’ – and then mentioned:

“Maybe we would want to invest our money into buying the ones where the faces are seen more clearly afterward.”

Exhibit A: Courtney Love And A Young Girl – The Smoking Gun! Frazzledrip Is Real!

“Dark Web sites include the Silk Road and its offspring, such as Dream Market. The Silk Road was a website for the buying and selling of recreational drugs, and a lot more scary things besides.”

In the video, it’s said the Courtney is seen walking with the ten year old girl inside some dark club in an unknown location that is lit up with candles everywhere and blood red lights. This is right before the child is executed by the ring. She is first raped on film by everyone, and then they cut her throat and begin to drink her blood together from goblets as it spurts out of the gaping throat wound. In the next segment, the face is removed while the girl is still alive.

The Vampire’s Drug: Adrenochrome Is The Fountain Of Youth

This is called flaying the skin off the body. During a brief scene located around the halfway point, only Courtney Love is seen wearing the child’s face. Adrenochrome is said to be seen getting harvested in one of the next segments, along with members taking part in having sex with the corpse that also purportedly involves Love all throughout.

Towards the end of the snuff film, Love comes back wearing a Nirvana T-shirt, perhaps because her darker colored shirt seen in the first released screenshot became too soaked in the girl’s blood. It is at this time that Love and the others begin to eat pieces of the dead child.

Believe it or not, many researchers, including myself, think Hillary Clinton is a shapeshifting Lizard alien who lusts after child flesh and various human elite like Love are being enslaved or blackmailed to be involved. They are forced by threats to keep the sinister truth hidden from the public.

This is not a joke. Despite my work being labeled a hoax in the past, I assure my readers that I am telling you the truth, as hard as this pill is to swallow, you better face reality now before it’s too late.

During a recent appearance at the 2020 DNC, Hillary appeared to have some technical difficulties with her shapeshifting technology, because here face kept morphing. Normal human’s flesh doesn’t behave like Gumby.

Apparently the original Hillary got ‘soul scalped’ and a reptilian counterpart has overtaken her body via parasitic takeover.

Go ahead and laugh, but I guarantee if and when you find yourself face to face with Hillary without her makeup on, you’re going to think you have seen the Exorcist in real life.

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