What is the one topic you see being talked about right now the most all over the internet but very rarely see any substantial coverage on your favorite TV news channels?

Alien disclosure.

Supposedly, John Podesta and rocker Tom DeLonge have all the answers, and are moments away from telling us all that indeed contact with aliens has been made.

I myself think there is already a long running covert agenda carried out by Uncle Sam and the CIA in America to ‘dumb down’ the population, while they have already begun contact with an ‘evil alien contingent’ starting around the rise and fall of German dictator, Hitler, and the Roswell Incident, which happened in 1947.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, earth is swarming currently with an army of pissed off aliens posing as humans and they’re hellbent on destroying humanity once and for all. I’m not joking.

After World War 2, Operation Paperclip was put into affect and allowed war criminals guilty of exterminating millions of human beings during the holocaust to assume new identities and become American citizens, without even a slap on the wrist for the horrific atrocities they were all a part of. I am speaking about psychotic sadists like Josef Mengele, “The Angel of Death.”

In my recent reporting, I shocked the world with purported true tales of Lizard People and one out of this world meeting I had with Hollywood shapeshifter, Jane Fonda, in 1986.

Was it all a joke or is there really an alien race living among us who are designed to look and act like us, but underneath it all… actually are demonic human flesh eaters?

Bottom line, PizzaGate is either the biggest ‘fake news’ story of all time… or the New World Order is really abducting millions of kids each year and allowing these sicko alien creeps to eat their faces off during hardcore Satanic Rituals held by the elite at the Bohemian Grove.

Who else are we going to blame for the disappearance of all these missing U.S. kids?

Bigfoot? Or better yet, how about the Sleestaks from my favorite childhood TV show, The Land of The Lost?

Sure, you laugh now… but when I get done telling you the reality of the matter, I think you’re going to start running back to the open arms of Jesus Christ.

Like late SOUNDGARDEN vocalist, Chris Cornell, a Draco hybrid, whose death I theorized was a homicide not suicide, attributed to the New World Order’s agenda to terrify the masses into a state of overwhelming fear.

A lot of people were infuriated and demanded I stop posting such hoax articles on the internet, calling me a “prankster” who was looking to get attention for my blog, a special kind of New Age artistry that somehow I have become the ‘poster boy’ for and is blamed for it happening now on
a regular basis, despite bloated Hollywood personalities like Orson Welles pulling off “War of the Worlds’ on the radio nearly 80 years ago, wherein he did what?

He faked an alien invasion of mankind.

YouTube has now demonetized my main site’s channel due to the deemed too controversial subject matter, and Facebook regularly bans me from posting in news groups.

Wait a minute, I thought nobody was supposed to take anything I do or say seriously. Why am I so important all of the sudden?

Legendary black magician Aleister Crowley of Britain sketched a picture of an evil entity he had once “summoned.” Does the drawing below look familiar to you?

The million dollar question is do you think Crowley “summoned” aliens, or
demons/fallen angels? Or are they both one in the same?

Gray Alien

John Denugent site takes us further down the rabbit hole:

“The Exonordics are advanced HUMANOID BEINGS in every way, and we came originally from them but degenerated.They are tall like NBA players, 6’5 to 7 feet tall. They marry normally in their worlds, have sex the normal way we do, eat food, defecate, sweat, and feel emotions, and thus are fully human, but they benefit from centuries of eugenics and the weeding out of their bad blood.They speak telepathically, and it is easy to see where OUR stories of angels come from. These are clearly the Aldebarans and Pleiadians, who, the Vril Society German women of 1920-45 claimed, were helping the Third Reich but very discreetly and without having any permission to overly interfere in WWII and its outcome. That is, they were not permitted to simply win the war for Germany. This would have triggered intervention on the other side by the Grays and then yet another world nuclear war, I repeat, yet ANOTHER world nuclear war- (Think about that one.) Ye,s ther could have been a full-scale nuclear war back in the 1940s between the Grays and the Exonordics, and that would have once again destroyed our planet pointlessly. Why? Because once both sides have nukes, world war obviously becomes insane; it becomes MAD, as the nuclear warfare phrase goes, Mutually Assured

Many of my readers have left passionate comments on my recent posts, that fully support my theory that we have never been all alone.

“The reptilians are part of the Black Sun program that source from the Wesedek part of galaxy.. where there is a black hole being fed by our Earth energy system .. this is the black hole sun.. a song lasting 5:18.. in honor of the day Chris Cornell died .. 5/18.”


In the first part of this report, I detailed the story of one man’s discovery of underground tunnels beneath Los Angeles, as it was first reported in The Los Angeles Times newspaper.

Engineer Sinks Shaft Under Fort Moore Hill to Find Maze of Tunnels and Priceless Treasures of Legendary Inhabitants

As the story goes, a man named G Warren Shufelt and his radio X-Ray machine revealed the location of one of the three lost cities on the Pacific Coast, the local one having been dug by the Lizard People after the “great catastrophe” which occurred about 5000 years ago. This “legendary catastrophe” was in the form of a huge tongue of fire, which “came out of the Southwest, destroying all in its path.

Shufelt is said to have learned of the legend of the Lizard People after his radio X-Ray led him to a horde of them via an area extending from the Los Angeles Public Library on West Fifth street to the Southwest Museum, on Museum Drive, at the foot of Mt. Washington.

“I knew I was over a pattern of tunnels,” Shufelt explained, “and I had mapped out the course of the tunnels, the position of large rooms scattered along the tunnel route, as well as the position of deposits of gold, but I couldn’t understand the meaning of it.”

Then, as the tale goes, Shufelt was taken to an indian named Little Chief Greenleaf of the medicine lodge of the Hopi Indians in Arizona.

His English name was L. Macklin. The Indian helped by providing Shufelt with a legend which, according to both men, totally connects with what Shufelt claimed he found underneath Los Angeles.

Robert Stanley from Unicus Magazine takes us further down the rabbit hole:

“They decided to obtain a permit to sink a shaft down into the ruins of the subterranean city. They located a vacant lot at 518 North Hill Street, directly above one of the largest rooms. On 21st February 1933, the County Board of Supervisors approved a contract with Rex McCreary, Warren Shufelt and Ray Martin to search for buried treasure there. The permittees were to bear all expenses, to leave the property in its original condition, and to share 50% of all discoveries and treasure with the city of L.A. The county originally only allowed them to dig up to depths of 50 feet for fear of cave-ins. On 27th March 1933 they requested additional time and depths on their permit, believing that the labyrinth of tunnels was at least 1,900 feet in length, with rooms containing 9,000 square feet which contained valuable gold treasure in at least 16 places. On 10th April 1933, the contract was renewed. By the end of November in 1933, the main shaft was at a depth of 200 feet. Shufelt was determined to drill to a depth of 1,000 feet if necessary. On 29th January 1934, the first stories regarding the legend of the “Lost Land of the Lizard People” made the L.A. newspapers. By this time, one of the five shafts was already 250 feet deep.”

“The book of Genesis has a story about a serpent who tempts Eve, the first woman, by offering her the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. It is understood, in ancient legend, that prior to God punishing the serpent, the serpent was completely humanoid in character. And that this serpent was only one of a race of reptilian beings who served God.”

According to Larry Harnisch, The Times reported that Rex. I. McCreery and Ray Martin were the ones who provided an “ancient parchment map” showing the Lizard People’s underground empire, which purportedly traveled from the Central Library on 5th Street to the Southwest Museum, undoubtedly an epic amount of space.

“Earlier Times clips report that Shufelt had been a mining engineer employed by a mine in Kingman, Ariz., so evidently he was legitimate. Unfortunately, The Times’ stories about the gold excavation are vague and conflicting about the origin of the map. Most stories say it belonged to McCreery and Martin, who presumably brought in Shufelt as a partner because he was a mining engineer. Our later story says Shufelt got the map from “Little Chief Greenleaf” alias L. Macklin.”

Aug. 15, 1897: An early story about gold buried on Fort Moore Hill.

March 3, 1933: Gold hunters are excavating directly over the Broadway tunnel, a long-gone downtown landmark that was just north of the Hall of Justice. Evidently they didn’t question why the crews digging the tunnel didn’t find anything.

March 4, 1933: Gold hunters consult their ancient map.

March 7, 1933: Onlookers apparently heckled the diggers.

March 9, 1933: They’re close!

March 27, 1933: The hunters are secretive about their map, attributing it to the Spanish rather than the Lizard People.

April 10, 1933: The Board of Supervisors allows digging to continue.

McCreery and Martin had an ancient and yellowed map of the Great Lizard City that lies beneath Los Angeles. They never mentioned where they got it from. This far out ancient underground civilization of the Lizard People, as it was claimed, was shaped like a turtle, and the mastermind Shufelt had invented a device that, when exposed to different earth rocks, such as gems, like gold, it could detect deposits of that material underground.

Based on the map, the head of the turtle was located under Dodger Stadium but it could not be dug up due to the construction that went on at Chavez Ravine.

Paranormal expert Dana Donlon describes the reality of the reptilian Lizards that are said to currently dwell under Los Angeles and even further beyond, like the sixth dimension:

“Even if a person has the purest reptilian compatible bloodlines they will not become a reptilian unless a reptilian entity inhabits their physical body.For those who WANT to become reptilian (mostly silly teenagers and the like), do you really want to be possessed? To lose control and even be forced out of your body? Your soul/consciousness removed and perhaps enslaved? Be careful what you wish for. We all have choices about destiny. The best and easiest ways for a bloodliner to avoid the issues that may come from being one are the following; Keep your vibration high. Live in a state of kindness and love. See things from other people’s perspective and be compassionate, don’t judge.”

She goes on to explain that these “interdimensional reptilian entities” cannot access this reality in the physical without a conduit. That conduit is a physical body, a human body.”

“There are several ways a reptilian can access or use a human body. One way is a human with compatible DNA. There are certain humans with genetics that make them more easily accessible by the reptilians, these genetic families are called bloodline families. It is commonly believed that many eons ago the reptilians manipulated our DNA and in doing so created a human bloodline that was accessible to them. These human were either already in positions of power or manipulated their way up to positions of power. If you look at the history of the world you will see royalty intermarrying with other royalty. This was done on purpose to keep the bloodlines compatible for reptilian use. There are many many people all over the world who carry DNA and bloodlines that make them useable by the reptilian entities. The second way is access through the energy/vibration of the human. People who live in a state of negativity, fear, anger, violence, aggression and or abuse of drugs or sex are creating an energy within their body that is compatible with the reptilian energy (which is based on many of these traits) Just as humans draw to them other people who have similar energy to theirs other Beings do also. The third way is the most complicated. It may be a combination of the above two. It is created by the reptilian and includes the reptilian entity targeting a human who is not quite compatible, usually a bloodliner who is not pure enough in lineage to be directly accessed. The reptilian then begins the grooming or manipulation of the person to change their energy enough that they may become a useful conduit. This many times begins with the dream world, mental manipulation or physical illness/torture.”

Once the reptilian has started to manipulate a human who is compatible he will do one of the following;

1) Ride-along. This means that for large periods of time the reptilian will actually hop into the human energy field and ride along with the human in the human body. When this happens the degree of control reptilian has is quite varied. It depends completely on the individual human nd how much control they have over their thoughts or actions. A very self controlled person who chooses each thought, action and reaction will allow the ride-along reptilian very little control. If the person who is “hosting” the reptilian acts only with love, kindness and similar thoughts/actions/reactions and has a high vibrational rate the reptilian will be very limited in what control he can establish and how long he may reside within such an incompatible (energy and will wise) human. However if the person is weak willed and has a negative nature and personality such ride-alongs tend to allow the reptilian more and more control.

2) Attempt to take over the Human completely. Begin to invade the human in total, this means as attack from one or all sides. the dreamscape may be first to be invaded with amazing sexual dreams (the norm for women who are wanted for astral/interdimensional sex, this turns into torture later) or amazing sex dreams that begin well but then turn into nightmares with the sex partner in the dream turning into something repulsive (usually done to me, this is the beginning of impotence and a change in attitude, energy towards the negative reptilian attitudes). The other common invasion technics are the reptilians projecting thoughts into the mind at random times and sudden angry energy bursts/transfers that result in bursts of anger form the person. Again these are attempts to change the basic vibrational energy of the human to allow the reptilian access.