Chris Cornell, The Illuminati And The Bloodline Cult, part 1

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

“What makes the most money for this business? Dead rock stars.”

– Courtney Love

Since I began my own independent death investigation for late SOUNDGARDEN frontman, Chris Cornell, three years ago, I have encountered a myriad of twists and turns, involving trying to engage Chris’ family, along with his wife’s family, his managers, and I got nothing but ‘strange behavior’, to add more obstacles to my work, the narrative of his last hours alive has been getting changed by his widow, Vicky Cornell, more times than she purchased a new fifty thousand dollar purse.

Susan Marconi operates a Facebook page titledChris Cornell: Behind The Darker Veil,” and it’s dedicated to educating people about Chris Cornell’s true purpose on earth. She supports my theory that indeed he was murdered and sacrificed. She also supports my belief that Chris was killed on 5/17/2017 not the 18th of May in 2017 as the mainstream news media claims. She also believes the cabal has planned for the death of Will Smith, and so this information she shares I feel is important to include in my essay, which is edited down from its original presentation:

Chris Cornell: Behind The Darker Veil

“As many of you know I have spoken a lot on this page about the Ascension and it’s relationship to Chris’ life and death.. the whole of the subject would take volumes to thoroughly explain it but it’s truth is unprecedented in our lifetimes. I have in previous posts touched on the fact of how Chris’ death was a planned, pre-birthed, architected lifelong legacy ritual… The players who managed his legacy death were part of the secreted agenda of the ancient illusionati bloodline cult, who are themselves a proxy for off world entities called the Annunaki.. a faction of descended fallen beings from many harmonic star systems but mainly involved with Earth from Orion constellation and Alpha Draconis, one contingent being called Dragon Moth.. a reptilian hybrid group and one I believe was the genetic line Chris’ hybrid status sourced from, his other half being light bodied Oraphim. Who knew this? Well.. as I’ve highlighted before… it took up close and personal intimate associations to manage his life path…to it’s sacrificial conclusion 5/17/17… at the closing of the morphogenetic wave stellar activation cycle that split the timelines from 3 to 4/5D… or The Grand Ascension of the Age of Aquarius.”

Marconi continues her earth shattering revealing:

“So it is no surprise that Chris’ brother Peter not only knew of his siblings cosmic status.. but was part of the orchestration of his legacy death.. along with others and with insider help from his wife at the time, Chris’ management assistant and internal handler, Amy Decker( listed on many liner notes along with Ron Lafitte). How could his brother be involved?
It was not for bitter envy of his brother’s fame… not for money, not for hate… but for his painful reluctant role he was obliged to play and in knowing as Amy Decker said herself… “It is all about the long game”.
The long game. This is the biblical ancient bloodline contract… played out over millenia… by the chosen fallen legion Seraphin Annunaki who agreed to be the dark polarity instigators for humanity and who agreed… by contract… to reach a 95% negative reversal by the 2017 ascension Stargate window before their final leaving.. all to close out their role and return to their original place in a higher 6D harmonic, contract fulfilled.
This is the long game… one Chris as its chosen Annu hybrid was destined for.. his end a final negative ritual.”

“And one Peter Cornell, on the official opening day of the galactic Ascension 1/10/20.. chose to post a symbolic picture to the world… a blood tear… representing his brother’s blood (and his lineage bloodline) sacrifice for the Annu..Chris’ death being the luciferian or “light bearer “ Chris(t) in Revelation. Peter, knowing the Stargates have closed and the Ascensional vibration split of souls is irrevocably underway, feels freedom now…. to come out and be the thoughtful, thankful brother he wants to be seen as…and because Chris loved him and he loved Chris… there will not be any retribution for his attendant role in humanity’s salvation.”

As I determined during my 3 year long investigation, Chris Cornell was murdered and did not commit suicide.

#Pizzagate is not a hoax.

The mainstream news is covering up the largest worldwide human trafficking ring in world history.

An estimated 800,000 Americans go missing each year, mostly children.

Why can’t anyone find these abducted people?

Why doesn’t anyone besides me truly give a shit?

Well, I can tell you that my research has informed me that most of the world’s population are hybrids, just like Chris Cornell was. They are of mixed Draco/Human DNA, and so that means that we have a lot of “predators” hunting, fucking, killing and eating kids, due to the fact that the biggest character trait of Draco reptilian aliens is the fact that they love the taste of human flesh and telling big lies to cover up their disgraceful crimes against humanity!

Doctors, nurses, police officers, politicians, social workers, movie stars, priests, athletes, teachers, musicians, and the list goes on and on for who is involved. The Illuminati is comprised of even your closest loved ones, and you would never know this because they took an oath of secrecy.

“Pretty soon the girls would become victims of more than being sex objects… they could just as easily started maneuvering some of the girls into heavier shit — like chains, whips, blood-drinking, animal death and even human sacrifice.” – Charles Manson

Their large bloodline cult is directly related to Vlad The Impaler (another Draco hybrid cannibal), who as I reported on previously, is also related to the Royal Family (yes, they all eat abducted kids too).

Hell, I just proved in my epic Titanic dissertation that the Illuminati sacrificed over 1,500 unsuspecting passengers by using sabotage to sink the legendary ship back in 1912. It was a flaming Satanic ritual ceremony in the middle of the night on the sea!

These maniacs are capable of doing anything they want and getting away with it easily. They are the spawn of Satan, who is the master of trickery and deception!

I was interviewed by a webzine based in Romania (the home of Dracula, the character whom is based off Vlad) and at that time in 2017 I already had these matters well figured out, in terms of what I really think happened to Chris and whether or not the elite really were behind a pedophile ring that is so massive and has been responsible for snuffing out literally hundreds of millions of lives in the past seven decades since the Roswell incident, and an aspiring actress nicknamed The Black Dahlia was found cut in half and drained of all of her blood in 1947. Through my hard-nosed efforts I was able to gather some key evidence that connects Hollywood’s involvement in the #Pizzagate scandal to another “black book” that was owned by the dead wannabe starlet that ironically enough LAPD will still not release to this day.

That’s why there is such an effort being made to make me look an asshole and troublemaker. They desperately need to quiet the scandal down so they can protect baby killers like Prince Andrew, who just happens to be very close friends with who? Courtney Love.

Love is now rumored to be in the infamous Frazzledrip snuff film starring Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.

It was revealed at the start of my investigation, that Chris Cornell was purportedly sent an email containing the “Swordfish file” – and that is when the shit hit the fan between Chris and his wife Vicky, because Courtney’s name is listed in Epstein’s “black book.”

Courtney and Vicky are best friends.

I proved Kurt Cobain, late frontman for NIRVANA, was suicided the same way as Chris and it looks like potentially Courtney pulled the trigger.

And you’re damn skippy Chris got attacked before his final performance. I only determined that during my initial forensic analysis three years ago!

This connection also ties Prince Andrew to the Orgy Island mess, and I am being told by my source that a “screenshot” of Love is making rounds on the Dark Web, and it’s said to depict her eating pieces of a dead little girl while wearing a NIRVANA shirt.

Apparently NYPD won’t release any portion of the HRC snuff film because Love is literally seen all throughout its entire length, at different times, and they can’t easily edit her out and make the final product look like it was not tampered with.

Ready for the biggest bombshell? My source has been working hard to get a copy of any screenshots from Frazzledrip that possibly include Courtney, even if it’s not from the cannibal scene at the end. This will help prove to the world that this not a hoax. It’s the real deal.

I am now in possession of one screenshot that features Courtney and the dead little girl while she was still alive. I will be revealing this shocking evidence in my next report posting on September 25th.

How deep is the rabbit hole exactly? I am afraid we are talking about a bottomless pit to Hell.

Keep in mind, I already presented a medical professional’s testimony that the large amount of blood seen on and around Chris when his body was discovered is not at all consistent with a suicide by hanging.

I also uncovered the emergency medic’s conversation via audio at the time of Chris’ death pronouncement and clearly he states he spots a major “Headwound” during his observation. Yet, the Detroit coroner does not mention this injury in Chris’ official autopsy report.


“What is the cabal? Who are the illusionati? They are an ancient bloodline cult who are hybrids of ET entities primarily from the Orion constellation made up of what is called the Draco/Zeta Resistance faction. They were commissioned to bring in negative polarity and reversal energy against the human race to create duality.. which is the hallmark of the 3D paradigm. The cabal runs it’s operations primarily underground via a network that spans the globe by tunnels using magnetic levitation rail and massive DUMBS (deep underground military bases) that are involved in very occult, very nefarious activities. Many missing children end up here… and many are used for on and off planet slave trade. Genetics and DNA is the primary currency of choice because it holds light codes of dimensional fractal quantum power. Chris was a chosen hybrid of this group.. and very much an MK ultra slave whose mind files link to their 9 terminal ultra Beast computer system that is headquartered in Belgium. Each file is tagged with an astral demonic symbol program name and run by the head operator called the Postmaster. Social security numbers when they are issued at birth contain 9 numbers that are prefaced with 3 unseen extra cabal generated numbers programmed into the Beast computer (who they call Birtha) that tags each and every one of us as an etheric sigil binding into the AI 3D matrix. All of this is unseen by humanity. The months leading up to his death and the night of the last show specifically upon close examination show his surrender to the mind control.. his resignation to it as he understood his role despite wanting to optout from it (and likely sustained the storied head trauma in defiance of it) and understood then… it was non-negotiable. He then abandoned any ideas of escape and gave one of the most haughty, fevered, stoic, pained, blaze of glory performances ever in Detroit on 5/17/17…. the day of the Grand Particle Conversion Split of the Galactic vibrational schism between 3 and 5D(more to follow on this) planned by the cabal to orchestrate the final biblical Luciferian divine sacrifice for the end of the Picean Age as prophesied in the Book of Revelation like they did to Jesus and then re-enacted once again with the stolen blood of Chris(t).” – Susan Marconi