Chris Cornell’s Rock & Roll Nightmare: The Dead Zone!

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

“We have summoned entities by massive sacrifice of war…” – Michael Aquino

(This article originally posted on December 15, 2019)

What exactly happened to Chris Cornell? Was it Chris’ own hand that ended his life?

Or was Mr. Cornell murdered by his wife, with the help of a hit man posing as his bodyguard, because she did not want to be shut out from his wealth should he follow through with a divorce?

Is it possible he was assassinated over uncovering an elite pedophile ring operating out of Washington DC, as my groundbreaking reporting boldly exposed back in 2017?

Perhaps he was simply sacrificed as part of a New World Order ritual killing for the ages, connecting the “Higher Truth” to the Nazi “Black Sun.”

NWO Shill Joe Rogan and Anton Lavey’s Grandson, Stanton Zaharoff LaVey

Will the rock idol’s spirit ever find peace in the afterlife despite all the drama that still continues on in the wake of his death?

Deadlights AKA “The Dead Zone”

The Dead Zone is a place/stage or zone where the soul of the dead go to, ultimately leading to the “Doomed” or “Dead Zone,” where the soul could be trapped for a long time or it is lead toward the “astral gate,” to the world of the spirits.

“Bennington and Cornell were close friends and it was known that the Linkin Park singer was also working with Cornell’s foundation to help prevent child abuse as reported by the Boston Globe. Chester Bennington had admitted to being abused by an older male when he was a child, and it was a very serious subject for him.”

The mainstream media purports that I concocted an elaborate hoax surrounding the matter, which if true would establish me as the greatest internet prankster ever.

To make matters worse, LINKIN PARK lead vocalist, Chester Bennington, was found hanging from his bedroom door on Chris’ birthday. A confirmed fake news story claiming the rocker was “murdered” mentioned my Pedogate investigation and it went viral, reaching over one billion readers globally within 24 hours after being shared over 1 million times on Facebook. This is a world record, whether my work turns out to be a hoax or not.

According to Neon Nettle site:

Families and friends of both men say they were shocked by the news and that they were “in a good place”, yet the mainstream media paints a very different picture of how they were battling with addiction and depression and were “suicidal”. The two singers had something much more troubling in common: Pedophilia.

Worldwide Acclaimed Journalist: Randy “Rocket” Cody

Bennington had also previously spoken out about being sexually abused as a seven-year-old, saying he had been molested by an older male friend. “If I think back to when I was really young, to when I was being molested, to when all these horrible things were going on around me, I shudder,” he said in one interview.

This tale of rock carnage all revolves around ancient Egypt, 2 black books, the Zodiac Killer and an army of demonic humanoids who are said to be waging a ‘secret war’ today versus humanity via a covertly staged, U.S. government backed military coup by way of a black ops driven alien contingent, who are conducting twisted experimentation with human/alien DNA that first kicked off in a major way in the USA with the infamous Montauk project.

In my past reporting, I connected both the biblical and Egyptian dieties SETH/SET with the Zodiac Killer, who I formally named as Michael Aquino, former Green Beret and now one of the top figures at the NSA.

Mr. Aquino founded the Temple of Set, after having served under Anton Lavey of the Church of Satan.

It is my determination after a long and careful examination into Mr. Aquino’s background that he is a draco hybrid posing as a human being, and thanks to a ‘demnic possession’ this monster has now actually morphed into the incarnate of Set. Yes, that’s right, kids, the Zodiac Killer has the ability to shape shift, teleport and become invisible when hunting humans to kill.

Let me be clear Seth, born to Adam and Eve, is to the non-Christian Gnostics what Christ is to the Christians.

As the story goes, Col. Michael Aquino made claims that he has personally connected to dark forces and had conducted an invocation, which had summoned Satan.

Mr. Aquino claimed he had “direct constant contact with Satan himself under the guise of his original avatar,” which Aquino claims was the ancient Egyptian god name Set (the original god of darkness).

THE METAL DEN ( is an online webzine that promotes hard rock and heavy metal music, offering regularly updated news content, interviews, CD/DVD reviews, remixes/mashups, and investigative reports. THE METAL DEN, also referred to commonly as “TMD,” enjoys readers in over 100 countries around the world. TMD’s owner and editor, Randy “Rocket” Cody, launched the webzine initially in February of 2005 via Myspace, while writing for leading heavy metal site The next year in 2006, Cody partnered with Eddie Karam of Florida based THE EDGE FACTORY, to officially launch the website for THE METAL DEN.”

“Cody’s also well known for posting successful hoax articles, like the one that fooled the United Kingdom site Metro in 2017 by sending a fake press release that claimed Lady Gaga was going to collaborate with METALLICA and sing on their next album to be released in 2019. The fake article was titled “Metallica ‘set to record album with Lady Gaga for release in 2019’.”

“However, without a doubt, Cody is most well known for his work investigating the deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. He posted over 400 long format reports between 2017 and 2018, reaching over an estimated one billion online readers in that time due to his work being published at many major mainstream news sites, including the Detroit News in the USA, one of the top 10 most read newspapers in the United States. Cody was interviewed about the late SOUNDGARDEN frontman’s purported suicide by hanging, and a subsequent Detroit News newspaper article was circulated to the public next which featured Cody. The article was titled ‘Chris Cornell Death Probe Leaves Some Unsatisfied’, and the news story next exploded into a viral sensation when LINKIN PARK vocalist, Chester Bennington, was found hanging on Chris Cornell’s birthday two months later in 2017. Cody’s work was immediately deemed a hoax by the Inquisitr news site by way of a piece titled “For Some Reason, People Believe Chester Bennington And Chris Cornell Were Murdered By A Pedophile Ring.””

Chester and Chris: Eternal Friends… Forever Missed.

“It is Cody’s site who claimed from the start that Chris Cornell did not commit suicide and was murdered due to damning info he came across that was tied to an elite child trafficking ring operating out of Washington DC, commonly referred to as “Pizzagate.” Cody was approached by an anonymous source with the file for a ‘black book’ that Mr. Cornell was in possession of at the time of his death, said to belong to billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Although, Cody made it clear to Detroit News crime reporter, George Hunter, during his July/2017 phone interview that he personally feels it is Chris Cornell’s bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, who is the person that’s responsible for Cornell’s death. Detroit PD will not release the closed circuit security camera footage from outside Chris Cornell’s hotel room they claimed they watched which verifies that the bodyguard did indeed kick the door in and not be pretending that he did. For this reason alone, Cody believes very strongly that Chris Cornell did not commit suicide.” Source:

“It’s very unlikely such large amount of blood found in a case of hanging,” Dinesh Rao, a forensic pathologist who has conducted more than 12,000 autopsies, told International Business Times in an email.

According to TMD, Bennington’s close friend and his wife had set up the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation for neglected children and also worked with a number of charities that worked with children rescued from child trafficking networks. During his charitable work, Mr. Cornell had discovered a “black book” of names for an Elite pedophile ring that was part of a global child abuse network. Sources close to Cornell revealed that he was planning on going public with the names shortly before he was found dead.

Maria Vultaggio of IB Times detailed my homicide theory:

Randy Cody, the blogger with the murder theory, claimed he heard a Detroit police scanner audio. On it, a medic spoke about trauma to the back of the head, which was never mentioned in the autopsy report.”

“Patient did have an exercise rubber band around his neck, suggestions of possible strangulation, trauma to the back of the head, history of depression,” the medic supposedly said in the audio. “Patient is cool to the touch in all areas at this time.”

“Cody maintained Cornell had a head wound, citing a video that showed the back of his head was injured. “There’s a YouTube video of (Cornell’s) last concert that clearly shows a wound on his head, but that’s never mentioned in the autopsy report,” Cody told the publication.”

“When the Detroit News tried to find recording of the audio from midnight to 2 a.m. on May 18 when Cornell died, it was (mysteriously) missing from the website, which archives scanner traffic.”

“There’s an ongoing theory that Cornell was allegedly murdered because he was going to expose a child sex ring. Some of the pedophiles included top entertainment and political heavyweights, Cody claimed.”

Even more incriminating, I learned there is a Freemason/Shriners secret sub-group, the Royal Order of Jesters. A list of Jesters got exposed, yes, busted for human trafficking of all things, and oddly enough the surname “Bennington” is among those in the club, which is London in origin, connecting to the Royals. It is my assertion that these secret societies have long been in existence in the shadows, dating all the way back to the launch of The Hellfire Club with Benjamin Franklin, influencing the psychotic carnage that would come to the future world society, such as Jack The Ripper in England and the Black Dahlia in America. The same demonic forces at work all those centuries ago, I’m afraid to report are the same entities that have taken over the likes of Mr. Aquino and Hollywood darlings like Jared Leto, who merely serves as a host for the parasitic demon entities.

If Chris Cornell was in such bad shape, the bodyguard would have noticed that and simply stayed at Chris Cornell’s side, right? PROTECT AT ALL TIMES. Vicky Cornell, now denies the last words Chris spoke is “I am tired” over and over (just wanting to go to sleep after a long day). So based off all of that, it’s safe to assume that if Chris was really in jeopardy after the concert, the bodyguard would be forced to contact the front desk person to tell them to call 911. The hotel by law MUST fulfill that request, especially coming from the man who is paid to protect a famous rocker’s life.

I personally spoke directly on the phone with a representative for the manufacturer of the Lock Jockey, which is the only tool of its kind out on the market. The product is patented.

The anonymous company spokesperson (who himself has 20+ years of law enforcement experiene) stated for the record:

9 Rib Fractures

“I’ve talked to a veteran cops who said they used a police breaching ram on the ‘latched from inside’ door 8 times to get it open finally and they did extensive damage to the door jamb/frame and the door itself.”

If Martin Kirsten would have done his job properly, he never would have let Chris Cornell leave his site after the concert until he has confirmation that help was on the way. For him to leave a man that his supposedly having some kind of ‘drug reaction’ shows the world he did not live up to his obligations or the standards his own company claims to adhere to so strictly.

It’s well documented that after World War 2, Operation Paperclip allowed Nazi criminals into the USA secretly to begin carrying out MK ULTRA against the American people, without their knowledge or consent. High level politicians, musicians and movie stars all were involved, and the dude behind it all was none other than Michael Aquino, operating out of the covert Wonderland Facility in the hills of Hollywood (a property now owned by actor/rocker Jared Leto, who yes, most recently portrayed the Joker in the movies. Do you see the reoccuring theme of the psychotic prankster who gets away with murder all of the time?

#TruthForChris #TruthForChester