Chris Cornell, The Illuminati And The Bloodline Cult

Chris Cornell, The Illuminati And The Bloodline Cult (Part 2)

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

“If anyone still doubts government agencies were involved, remember that Jean Luc Brunel (one of Jeffrey Epstein’s supplier of girls) had an “arrangement” with the government to get passports for girls.” – Kirby Sommers

Four years ago, I established myself as the most dominant independent news journalist of all time, when I began covering the worldwide scandal known as #Pizzagate, by way of the infamously connected double murders of two famous rock icons, Chris Cornell of SOUNDGARDEN and Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK, whose own family, band mates and the fake news media successfully passed off as each having committed near identical suicides.

Since I began publishing my first reports that were essentially long format forensic dissertations – that without a doubt proved both late rock stars were covertly assassinated, well over one billion people have been exposed to my acclaimed journalism. It’s hard to express what a profound experience this has been for me, and for the rest of my life, no matter what other cases I tackle, as the world’s most famous conspiracy theorist, there is nothing that can ever compare to the absolutely insane odyssey I endured when dedicating over 10,000 man hours to finding out the #TruthForChris and the #TruthForChester.

My reporting was an instant global news phenomena, reaching hundreds of millions overnight by way of the largest news portals online, such as Yahoo, plus leading American newspaper, The Detroit News, along with one hundred others news sites/blogs that covered my sensational Cornell/Bennington murder theories. My work was was turned into a hoax by the mainstream news who I proved are all satanic baby rapists and cannibals behind closed doors.

I was interviewed by a webzine based in Romania (the home of Dracula, the character whom is based off Vlad the Impaler, yes, the legendary madman Prince Charles admits he is related to) and at that time in 2017 I already had these matters well figured out, in terms of what I really think happened to Chris and whether or not the elite really were behind a pedophile ring that is so massive and has been responsible for snuffing out literally hundreds of millions of lives in the past seven decades since the Roswell incident, and an aspiring actress nicknamed The Black Dahlia was found cut in half and drained of all of her blood in 1947. Through my hard-nosed efforts I was able to gather some key evidence that connects Hollywood’s involvement in the #Pizzagate scandal to another “black book” that was owned by the dead wannabe starlet that ironically enough LAPD will still not release to this day.

2 Black Books: The Biggest Pedophile Scandal In World History!

That’s why there is such an effort being made to make me look an asshole and a troublemaker. They desperately need to quiet the scandal down so they can protect baby killers like Prince Andrew, who just happens to be very close friends with who? Courtney Love.

It was revealed at the start of my investigation, that Chris Cornell was purportedly sent an email containing the “Swordfish file” – and that is when the shit hit the fan between Chris and his wife Vicky, because Courtney’s name is listed in Epstein’s “black book.” This is where the inner circle of Epstein’s was revealed, connecting Love to Prince Andrew and a slew of other elite pedophile monsters.

Keep in mind, Courtney and Vicky are best friends.

I proved Kurt Cobain, late frontman for NIRVANA, was suicided the same way as Chris and it looks like potentially Courtney pulled the trigger.

And you’re damn Skippy Chris got attacked before his final performance. I determined that during my initial forensic analysis four years ago.

Skippy and Chester: Father and Son? The John Podesta & LINKIN PARK link

Supermodel Heidi Klum, the former girlfriend of Chris Cornell’s bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, now emerges as one of the key players as she is well known to be very close friends with Ghislaine Maxwell, the procurer of young girls and boys for Epstein, Trump and their other psychotic, baby fucking cohorts.

Let us not forget that Heidi walked the runway for Leslie Wexner‘s company Victoria’s Secret.

Many millions of Americans are still under the assumption #Pedogate is a hoax and not a real problem that they need to worry about. I will now drop the hammer on everyone’s mask wearing heads, by way of a satanic cult immersed in the gruesome slayings of stolen children, bringing us full circle back to Temple of The Dog.

According to Vigilant Citizen site:

“A thorough investigation of Epstein Island would most likely lead to some extremely disturbing discoveries. However, as this recent drone footage reveals, the “temple” appears to be undergoing some “renovations” (various tools can be seen through the window) while the golden dome and other golden statues are gone. According to Qanon, Epstein spent over $29 million to bury the underground tunnels underneath the island.”

The Detroit News reported back in 2017:

“Blogger Randy Cody is among those questioning the suicide ruling. He points to perceived timeline gaps, forensic questions and what he says are two signs that Cornell had a head wound that was not mentioned in autopsy reports.He references alleged Detroit police scanner audio in which a medic is heard saying: “patient did have an exercise rubber band around his neck, suggestions of possible strangulation, trauma to the back of the head, history of depression. Patient is cool to the touch in all areas at this time.” “There’s a YouTube video of (Cornell’s) last concert that clearly shows a wound on his head, but that’s never mentioned in the autopsy report,” Cody said.”

#Pizzagate is very real, unfortunately, and the one question asked the most is “Where are the victims?”

We are talking about a systematic extinction program that is totally clandestine, meaning nobody ever sees the kids vanish and bodies of the dead are typically never found, therefore most parents never get to bury their children.

Many kids are used for ‘organ harvesting’, along with extracting the adrenochrome from the victims, who were mostly tortured to death to make them as sacred as possible at the moment of execution. This helps make adrenochrome an even more potent super drug, with effects similar to LSD and speed.

When will the public wake up from the zombie sleep they are all in? This is not a joke, and things are only going to get much worse, whether you believe it or not, understand?





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