His Name Is Man Ray: The Black Dahlia Killer

His Name Is Man Ray: The Black Dahlia Killer, Part 1

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

When I first shocked the world to its core several years ago, it hadn’t fully dawned upon me just how big of a deal my solving The Black Dahlia murder case is. I had already solved Jack The Ripper and was on my way to also nabbing The Zodiac Killer, all within the span of one year, believe it or not, which nailed down the serial killer trifecta of exposing the true identities of three of the most wanted homicidal maniacs who ever lived, an accomplishment that no other homicide investigator could achieve in world history. What an absolute honor. It was my destiny I believe, and while I give all the glory to God and his son Jesus Christ, I also utilized a lot of occult wisdom from other individual sources. In this new thrilling update report on my investigation of a prime suspect I named (never once mentioned by the press or anyone at LAPD as a suspect) in the horrific killing of aspiring actress Elizabeth Short AKA “The Black Dahlia” back in 1947, I will introduce some disturbing never before shared details as it pertains to the person that I believe is responsible for her morbid death.

His name is Man Ray.

Minotaur by Man Ray

A new report that just published which states a man named Leslie Dillon is responsible for Short’s mutilation death, gets it all wrong, and I believe it is smoke n mirrors being used by the Illuminati to cover up the truth. This author of this piece has obviously no clue about the true facts in the case. Previously, a man named George Hodel was named by his son Steve as Short’s killer, who imagine that is a former LAPD officer and also directly quoted in this deceptive article, but he himself exposed that George Hodel was close friends with Man Ray, and Ray was allowed to flee back to France without having been questioned by the police. George Hodel, the decoy, was questioned.

The author of this load of BS report posted by AllThatsInteresting.com, named Katie Serena, has obviously been employed to construct a diversion piece to take attention off my solving the legendary case, once and for all.

“Though we may never know who killed the Black Dahlia, poring over the evidence of this case is just as darkly fascinating today as it was in 1947.”

That statement right there is indication that they are only trying to confuse the public, so that all eyes are not on my prime suspect, a person who had very powerful connections and was a member of the “oculist” secret society, which is a top tier club within the freemasons I learned.

In this spine-tingling three-part report, I will reveal the darkest secrets of the past. My laser sharp accuracy is going to not only frighten many people, but I am going to bring the dead associated with this story back to life, if even for just a short moment, I assure everyone these dead souls will haunt the reader as I take you into the most frightening scenario ever, the psychotic dismemberment and torture slaying of a 22-year-old girl, who got herself in way too deep with a cult that is dead serious about sending a message to the world.

Pictured: Late Artist & Photographer Man Ray

I connected the modern day Pedogate scandal called “Pizzagate” to a couple of dead rockers in 2017 named Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, which launched my journalism into the stratosphere. In the past five years, my journalism has been viewed more times, via online, newspaper and radio outlets around the world than any other crime news writer alive. I am unchallenged and this brutally straight-up dissertation I am providing you all now on this case is my way of asserting more of my dominance into this realm.

Cornell received the infamous Swordfish computer file, which included Epstein’s “black book” and a snuff film starring Hillary Clinton called Frazzledrip,” which also ties to The Black Dahlia case as I learned Elizabeth Short (the young actress whose body was cut in half and drained of all its blood) was also in possession of a “black book” that contained names of the people involved in an elite pedophile ring going down in Hollywood 75 years ago, eerily mirroring the Jeffrey Epstein saga.

Conceptual art by Man Ray

LAPD will not release The Black Dahlia’s “black book” to the public. What are they hiding?

Elizabeth Short’s Death Was Originally called “The Werewolf Murder”

Chris Cornell’s Vicky is also connected to the modern elite pedophile scandal, due to the fact that she once managed the publicity for a Johnny Depp co-owned bar in France that was named… yes, that’s right… Man Ray bar. Not even a Hollywood movie could make this stuff up.

Ella Raines: Lookalike of Elizabeth Short, Photo by Man Ray

According to ChurchofMena site, ” The last 4 months of her life Short-lived in Southern California, working as a waitress and renting a room behind the Florentine Gardens nightclub on Hollywood Boulevard.” 

Short also frequented the same spots in Hollywood that Ray did I discovered, and in fact Ray was living nearby her.

Elzabeth Short’s Autopsy Photo – Courtesy of Matt Terhune/Splash News


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