As this strange world that we all live in today… gets… well, even stranger by the day, I find myself digging deeper for totally twisted stories that some think are real while others call it a hoax. These are the types of myths that develop a life of their own, offering real life witness testimony that they are indeed real, therefore making it extremely hard to deny. The goal that I had from the outset of this particular dissertation, beyond that I share cool occult information straight from the mouths of the experts with my readers, is to somehow make YOU a believer in the “We’re not alone” theory, no matter how much you will undoubtedly try to resist.

I do believe I have found a real gem this time around.

To begin, I will quote a little snippet from an old L.A. Times news article:

“G. Warren Shufelt, geophysical engineer now engaged in an attempt to wrest from the lost city deep in the earth below Fort Moore Hill the secrets of the Lizard People of legendary fame in the medicine lodges of the American Indian.”

Mr. Shufelt was a real person. This story is not make believe or a hoax, I promise everyone, okay?

His fullname at birth was George Warren Shufelt. (1886 – 1957)

He died on November 17, 1957 in Los Angeles, California.

His crazy tale starts at an old historic spot in California called Fort Moore Hill. There is a map that serves as an essential guide to a story that has ‘Raiders of The Lost Ark’ written all over it: secret caves, a lost civilization and most importantly, an enormous treasure trove of gold beyond your wildest imagination. Yes, all of this vast amounts of valuable treasure is reportedly in the ground below the present-day city of Los Angeles, California. This is where the entertainment capitol of the world, Hollywood, was founded, pumping out MK ULTRA movies and devil worshiping rock music, which are the main mind control weapons used against humans, based out of Lookout Mountain. The evil Illuminati is a very large and secretive syndicate that is basically a much more powerful version of the mafia… only reptilian aliens are in charge, not guidos.

You remember the California Gold Rush? Well, this ‘alien invasion’ all started to rear its ugly head back in the mid 19th century when an escalation of Bigfoot and UFO sightings began to occur that carried into the 20th century.

“Some 80,000 immigrants poured into California during 1849. They came overland on the California Trail and by ship around Cape Horn or through the Panama shortcut. The majority of them came in one immense wave during mid summer, as covered wagons reached the end of the California trail. At the same time, sailing ships were docking in San Francisco, only to be deserted by sailors as well as passengers. Competition for the gold grew fierce. New methods were invented to wash more pay dirt in less time. At the same time, merchants raised the prices of mining tools, clothing, and food to astronomical levels. A miner had to find an ounce of gold a day just to break even.” details more background on Fort Moore Hill:

“The Mexican-American war began in 1846 with the American annexation of Texas. It officially ended in May of 1848 with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, in which Mexico ceded the Southwest, including all of California, although most of the fighting had ended with the signing of the Treaty of Cahuenga in January, 1847. During the war, battles with local “Californios” in Los Angeles had led the American army to begin building an earthen works fort on the hill overlooking the town. After an internal skirmish, the first fort was abandoned, but work started again in the spring of ’47. The majority of the labor was done by the U.S. First Dragoons, New York Volunteers, and the Mormon Battalion, the lone religious military unit in American history.”

Screen capture of a U.S. military member shapeshifting in April/2019

Mr. Shufelt went digging below Los Angeles and found a lost civilization of Lizard People.

A secret takeover of humanity is well underway. The top reptoid (reptilian humanoid) commanders on earth here now in the 21st century are living today in host bodies, such as your Royal Majesty the Black queen as she is called by those within her Satanic inner circle. Also, the Pope at the Vatican, and there’s plenty more. They are all the figureheads of the New World Order representing the best interests of these aliens I speak of.

A figure called PINDAR who is a full blooded reptilian who wears a large bony crest on his head which signifies his royalty is who they all report to I learned who serves as the “go between” between the alien hierarchy beneath our feet of shapeshifting Vril humanoids below who have taken over the power postitions in all aspects of human society, like the leaders in Washington DC, Hollywood, music and all of the mainstream news.

This is why PizzaGate is being covered up.

Yes, I understand that my work in concern with this matter has been called a hoax.

The truth is that millions of children in the USA have disappeared never to be seen again, since the 80s. These are the FBI’s own numbers, I am not pulling it out of the air and making it up. And whatever stats they give us, triple them and that is the real number. Because all they do is tell lies.

The Lizard In Chief waves to the unsuspecting American public…

Where are all of these kids going? We have cameras up everywhere today in modern society. You can’t go anywhere in the U.S. without at some point stepping in front of a camera, right? Why doesn’t Child Protective Services do anything about it? Besides reporting they are rounding up record numbers of criminal sex offenders. Well, I learned it’s because they are a big part of the problem!

I have a family friend I know of right now who recently filed a complaint of sexual abuse by an Uncle in their family against two litte girls. CPS picked the girls up, but then eventually brought them back to their home with their molestor Uncle also lives. So they did nothing!

They don’t care, because they are Satanic psychopaths who want to see the downfall of any human beings… namely good Christians, understand? The coming Fourth Reich is all about instituting a one world leader under a new one world religion: Satanism. Most of these people in positions of power are reptoids themselves, they have no soul, compassion or concern to do what is right and that is the dilemma we all face today as a society.

CPS return the harmed kids back into the arms of the sadistic abuser and then next are literally stealing innocent kids from their homes under false abuse allegations and putting them into foster homes that they soon disappear from, stated to be a runaway, but the truth is far more sinister.

These kids, like Johnny Gosch, who Paul Bonacci admits to have lured into the CIA finders van back in the late eighties, are never seen again.
Kids are disappearing all over, from state parks, out in the woods, or while on hiking trails, carelessly walking around spots like the Redwood Forest, generally anywhere where they can snatch you and nobody else sees it happen. The body part business and blood harvesting of humans is a trillion dollar per year business. And this feeds the evil black ops budget of the U.S. military and intelligence community. This is how they were able to build over 150 deep underground military bases without most of us knowing about it.

Again, Uncle Sam and the NWO steals kids from everywhere. They even have lookouts sitting in the parking lot at grocery stores. Kids get snatched there all the time, “grabbers” inside near the bathroom wait to make a move on the most unsuspecting. The news never reports on any of this, because they allow CPS to steal “undesirables”, those they consider poor and uneducated, like the homeless and young at risk teens. This includes kids who get into acting, and then find themselves at a strange Hollywood party like in the movie Eyes Wide Shut, where humans get sacrificed and large blood orgies take place. It is all very real. But very much hidden. “As above.. so below”… so who is behind it? While there are certainly abductions believed to be going on by the Grays, most of the child abductions are due to the Lizard People.

You remember the missing kids on milk cartons? Well, this was the Lizard aliens, who now run the U.S. government, way of mocking all of us, and putting it right in our faces… what they were doing. These kids most times were taken away underground to these secret government bases Donald Marshall referenced and either were raped, killed and eaten or turned into sex slaves, cloned made into U.S. spies controlled like remote control robots to pull off “false flag” assassiantions and mass shooting of U.S. citizens with Michael Aquino and MK Ultra as their road programmer of absolute chaos and anarchy. God bless America.

Have You Seen Johnny Gosch?

A man named Jacob Cohen was working in Riverside’s Banning tunnel’s as a 16 year old when they collapsed. His testimonial may help us uncover the truth about the underground Lizard People.

Jacob claims he saw Lizard figures with “shiny claws” grab dead human bodies that had slash marks all over them and dragged them away.

“Here is a reptilian relic that was found in Los Angeles in 1954 that neatly fits into the “Lost Land of the Lizard People” article [see NEXUS 2/19]. Enclosed is a photo of an artefact that is definitely very old, depicting a full-bodied dragon. The upper section of the medallion is made of pure silver that was somehow fused to a copper-alloy base which is composed of over 40 different types of metal. The medallion’s actual dimensions are 7/8″ (width) x 1/4″ (length) x 1/l6″ (depth). The man who found it, Mr G., was an aerospace engineer who lived and worked for the US Government in Chatsworth, California. The artefact was found while Mr G. was helping a friend, who lived on the northern shore of Lake Chatsworth, repair the wooden stairway to the front porch. Mr G. dropped his hammer, which fell into a soft sandy area, and when he reached to pull his hammer out he noticed this small metal medallion. Mr G. still has the artifact in his possession, and after much research feels that it belonged to an ancient race of space people named ALTEC, who left behind their influence on this world long ago. The Friendly or Sleeping Dragon is a very old symbol, one which has definite connections to UFO’s. I once had the opportunity to show a picture of a Pleiadian -style UFO to a man from Bhutan (near Tibet) and asked if he had ever seen such a thing. He replied that yes, they did see them often and that they were called “Friendly Dragon”. Chatsworth is located in Los Angeles County near the north-west border of the city and county lines. It is likely that a Chinese laborer lost this artefact while working in Chatsworth on railroad construction, around the turn of the century. There is a rail-road tunnel that was cut by the Chinese through a solid red rock ridge called the Santa Suzana Pass near the Chatsworth Lake. Old Chinatown is located in downtown Los Angeles and was built where the new rail-yard now sits. New Chinatown is built over much of the old tunnel systems that the first Chinese leaders had constructed for their ‘safety’ when they first arrived in the area. It is possible that engineer/inventor G. W. Shufelt did not know what he had stumbled onto electronically, and it is also logical that Chinese people would not admit to the existence of a secure system of tunnels and rooms they had worked so hard to build in secret. There may even have existed a series of older tunnels and rooms that the Chinese discovered during their own excavations and construction. However, the Federal Government definitely stepped in during the ’50s and took control of the entire underground tunnel system for their Cold War operations, adding many new paranoid-influenced improvements over the years that followed. In the ‘9Os, suspicious arson fires prevented well-equipped – ONI – intelligence operatives from gaining access to the secret entrance that was located in the basement of the so-called ‘public’ library. There is more to this story than can be told at this time.
Take care,”

Robert Stanley Editor,
Unicus Magazine
Suite 43,
1142 Manhattan Avenue,

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, USA

Alien mural in Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria in Washington DC

“The leader of the Earth’s Illuminati is called the “Pindar”. The Pindar is a member of one of the 13 ruling Illuminati families, and is always male. The title, Pindar, is an abbreviated term for “Pinnacle of the Draco”, also known as the “Penis of the Dragon”. Symbolically, this represents the top of power, control, creation, penetration, expansion, invasion, and fear. The holder of this rank reports to the purebred Reptilian leader in the inner Earth. Recently, there are reports that the Marquis de Libeaux is the Pindar, but this is disinformation.”

“The true current Pindar is the head of the Rothschild family, as has been for several hundred years. He is based in Germany near Frankfurt. In the late 1970s, he oversaw the sister project to Montauk, called M.A.L.D.A. is an anagram for Montauk-Alsace-Lorraine Dimensional Activation. This project was located near the city of Strasbourg, France, historically once part of Germany. Interestingly, there is a winery on the east end of Long Island, not far from Montauk Point, called Pindar Vineyards.”

The Lizard People under Los Angeles myth goes way back to the turn of the twentieth century:

“In 1902, an old Mexican woman from Sonora Town (present day Chinatown) summoned her best friend to her deathbed. She drew a map for her equally aged friend that she claimed would lead her to treasure on Fort Moore that had been buried well before the American occupation. After her death, her friend and a former policeman named Anton hired a man with a “divining rod” to help them find the spot. A group of volunteers dug all night by candlelight at a spot near the cemetery fence, stopping only when they hit an abandoned drain.”

But once Mr. Shufelt entered the picture, history was truly made.

The funny thing is that “clandestine shill” shapeshifting lizards today are hosting deceptively innocuous “investigative YouTube channels.”

These human imposters will use disinformation and trickery to make the story look like a myth… when the very type of Lizard alien I speak of in our midst is staring you all in the face mocking you.

The Many Lives of Fort Moore Hill: The Shifting and Shrinking of a Los Angeles Icon

Notice The Turtle Shaped Head And Reptilian Vertical Slit In Pupil?

There were several treasure hunters on the hill during the 1930s. This led L.A. Times columnist Ed Ainsworth to ask, “Isn’t it funny how the early Spaniards seemed to do nothing but traipse around the country with jack loads of gold bullion?”

According to Shufelt’s map of the tunnels (which were shaped exactly like the turtle of the reptile species) the head of the turtle was located under Dodger Stadium but it could not be dug up due to the construction that went on at Chavez Ravine.

“None of these modern-day diviners were more interesting than a geophysical mining engineer by the name of G. Warren Shufelt. Shufelt first burst into City Hall in 1933. He and two other men claimed they possessed an ancient sheepskin map, which marked the spot of that conquistador gold. The country agreed to let him dig, as long as any riches were split 50/50. Perhaps he had wowed the notoriously corrupt Board of Supervisors with his self-invented “radio x-ray” machine. Or maybe they just thought it good fun. Whatever the case, a great dig soon began. Along with volunteers, they dug for over a month, Shufelt claiming that his “machine” had detected gold in five spots in a previously unrecorded labyrinth of tunnels and vaults. A “willow man” named C. Burrows, from the “ancient order of willow switchers,” disagreed with Shufelt’s claim. He walked all around the hill with his willow wand, capped with an old leather tobacco pouch that he claimed dipped in the presence of gold. He reckoned there was two dollars tops on the whole mountain.”

“Others must have agreed with him, because the dig soon ceased. Not one to give up easily, in 1934 Shufelt was back with an even bigger tale. Under Fort Moore was not just some Spanish cache but an entire city built in the shape of a lizard by the ancient, highly intelligent “lizard people.” Chief Greenleaf, a Hopi Indian, had told him all about these people, who had built the underground city after fire destroyed their city 5,000 years ago. Inside the hill, he was sure to find gold tablets which would expose the “origin of the human race.” He claimed to have taken pictures of 37 of these tablets with his x-ray machine.”

Paranormal researcher Mary Sutherland offers a further historical perspective:

“According to the Chumash Indians, the Lemurians lived on the Western Coasts of the Americas, before their homeland sunk into the Pacific Ocean.”

“The Atlanteans suffered the same fate as their cousins when their homeland on the Eastern Coast sank into the Atlantic Ocean. Dropping below sea level, the old coast lines were covered by water and a new coast line was born. Survivors fled to lands deemed safer, which were found further inland and in the higher elevations.”

“Cherokee tradition retains the memory of their people coming from the Old Red Land that existed during the period when North America (Laurentia) collided with Northern Europe (Baltica) to form The Old Red Sandstone Continent. Hopi tradition calls this landmass, Turtle Island, describing it as having four arms, a head and tail. One arm is Baja, another is the Bay Area peninsula, another is Florida and the other long arm is Nova Scotia.”

Did you know that DNA holds memories, such as “evil, sadistic hatred and malevolence toward others?

“The tail leads down to Central America and its head is the Bering Strait. Geological evidence clearly indicates that physical disruptions of enormous magnitude have in the past imposed major alterations to the planet’s geography, often submerging entire continental landmasses into the sea, raising others to become some of today’s highest mountain ranges.”

“Evidence confirms that the great plains of North America and Mexico to Alaska were at one time under the sea, as was today’s eastern coast of America where the ocean once broke the shores of the Appalachian Mountains. In the past, there have been major uplifts of land masses around the globe. Rock geologists have estimated the great mass of the Himalayas to have risen to its present height since the last Ice Age of over 11,000 years ago. Likewise the Andes in South America also show evidence of having been thrust upwards at this time. Far back in the geological past, perhaps six or seven hundred million years ago, Wisconsin was part of a mountainous region which covered all this state and much territory outside it. We know of this former mountainous condition from a study of the rocks and the topography of today. The types of the folds tell us that the ridges were parts of a mountain range more like the Alps or the Rockies than the Appalachians. The fossils in the overlying sedimentary rocks show that these mountains are among the oldest in the world.”

“Speaking with a Native American Indian Elder from the Wolf Clan, I was told that there is an entrance to the underworld in what we call the Wisconsin Alps. The Northern Wisconsin Indians tell the story of being forced to live in the underground world, until the surface of the earth was once again safe to live on. They re-entered the world in the Penokee Mountains of Northern Wisconsin. The exact location is a safely guarded secret by the Native American Indian Wolf Clan. According to evidence from Professor Alexander Tollmann seven burning mountains fell to earth from space; the largest in the Sunda Strait, setting in motion a great migration north, which created civilizations in India and then in Sumeria. Biblically known as Noah’s Flood and written about in Epic of Gilgamesh, took place approximately 6000 B.C. The Deucalion Flood occurred in the Bronze Age, around 2200 B.C. Another vast catastrophe struck in 535 AD, causing worldwide famine, drought and plague, which have been theorized to have destroyed, among others, the civilization of the Maya in Central America, and Peruvian Nazca Indians.”

“It is quite obvious to me that ancient man must have lived in a frightened state of mind, justified by the events they or their close ancestors had witnessed. Records they left behind documenting their awe, engendered at seeing nature’s elements unleashed, are extremely unsettling to us, thus for the most part we try to ignore the obvious. However, we have now entered into an age where information is readily available to us and the old paradigm of control and cover-ups is quickly giving way to enlightenment. Today it is becoming more and more difficult to ignore the facts of our past that are continuously being revealed to us through the many recent discoveries. There is no doubt that what happened in our past will be repeated. It is my hope, that by learning the true history of our past, we will gain a better understanding of our own nature and gain power to face whatever may come.” – Mary Sutherland

Another researcher named Chad Michael backs up my assertion that illegal black ops is going on between the aliens and the evil elite in secret underground bases. This man has a ‘DD-214’ proving he was in, and stationed at 29. Plus all the pics of 4 years in active duty there at Lake Bandini.

“I haven’t been anywhere close to everywhere underground beneath 29 palms marine base, but I doubt very many have seen it all. It’s massive. First off it’s the largest base in the continental United States. Tunnels go on across state and connect to other bases Edwards and Paige Az. Directly beneath 29 Stumps are medical facilities. They are top secret and are actively being worked in, as of 2010 when I got out. Massive tanks for what appeared to be clone growing tanks. The stuff I saw was extremely high tech, more than any hospital I’ve ever seen. Even more high tech than what I saw when I worked at Intel. I think but don’t know for sure that they have and operate a particle accelerator due to the great care of isolation of magnetic currents. Signs that I saw mentioned great care around such forces. Kind of similar to what you see when around an MRI machine at the hospital but on a massive level, which is why I think they have a particle accelerator. Mind you I wasn’t allowed to go to many places as I have a technical background. My Lieutenant knew as such, which is why I was allowed entry in the first place. They have massive underground hangars, and other type medical facilities. They have filming equipment and weapons bunkers. I think when many people are abducted, they are actually being taken underground to bases like this, and this one in particular. This is where a lot of beings like Aliens are created. Speculation of course but the things I saw made me think, actually believe, that they were doing more than just cloning down there, that they were genetically altering and creating beings down there as well. I think I was even taken down there on several different accounts, some known and others unknown. Accounts that are only recently coming back to memory. That base goes way deep underground and is bigger than I even possibly realize……” – Chad Michael

As the story goes, Shufelt had no idea that the tunnels system were connected to the older ruins of an even greater city which was covered by the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago during a tremendous earthquake and subsequent flood.

“The subterranean complex he had discovered was used for emergencies and was only designed to accommodate 5,000 people or less. Food supplies of imperishable herbs were stored in sufficient quantities which would enable the survivors to live underground until it was safe to come back to the surface. Valuable personal belongings and utensils were also brought into the complex along with historical records and gold treasures. During his research, he met a Hopi Indian named Chief Little Green Leaf, who told him about the legend of an ancient race of “Lizard People”. The legends said that about 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, an enormous meteor shower fell on the western coast covering an area hundreds of miles wide.”

“Winslow crater in northern Arizona is only one of the pieces that fell from the sky at that time. Thousands of people were killed, their crops wiped out, dwellings destroyed, and the forests set on fire. The surviving members of the medicine lodge, which had remained on the west coast, met to make plans for constructing safe areas. The sentinels of the sky gave their warning that it was time to enter the shelters and seal the shafts behind them-selves. They were forced to go underground to save them selves from a gigantic meteor shower which devastated most of the west coast of the US . The “Lizard People” of Los Angeles survived the meteor shower, but were killed by natural gas leaking into their bunkers.”

“Shufelt believed that they had built 13 such underground facilities in different areas for such a purpose. One was located in the eastern section of Arizona in a small town called Springerville and was only discovered recently. Another was located under a hill which was surrounded by a curving ridge of mountains like the middle of a horse’s hoof. This is exactly the type of terrain seen in downtown L.A. in the area that is now the Board of Education, which is built over the ruins of the old Willis Estate on top of Fort Moore hill. Shufelt and his partner Chief Little Green Leaf were both convinced that the ancient legends and the readings from Shufelt‘s mystery machine were true. They decided to obtain a permit to sink a shaft down into the ruins of the subterranean city. They located a vacant lot at 518 North Hill Street, directly above one of the largest rooms. On 21st February 1933, the County Board of Supervisors approved a contract with Rex McCreary, WarrenShufelt and Ray Martin to search for buried treasure there. The permittees were to bear all expenses, to leave the property in its original condition, and to share 50% of all discoveries and treasure with the city of L.A.”

Top photo by NSFF

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