The Titanic Bombshell, Pedophiles & W.T. Stead, Part 1

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

In my previous reporting on the Titanic disaster, I substantiated my theory that the epic sinking of the world’s biggest ship of its time happened not due to it striking an iceberg, but instead it was due to a sensational ‘freemasons’ plot to stage a sacrifice on the ocean, by way of using a bomb making component called thermite. This highly combustible material can actually cause an explosion to occur once it reaches a high enough temperature.

Let’s keep in mind that all of the poor souls who lost their lives when the Titanic sank could have been saved, had there been enough lifeboats on the ship. This was one of many safety violations that the Captain had committed, and I learned that it was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to his shady actions.

I uncovered supporting information from several testimonies given by Titanic case experts who said that a fire was raging below deck on the Titanic the entire time the first voyage was happening, and none of the passengers was made aware of it by the ship’s captain.

The Titanic leaving Belfast. Photo by Robert John Welch, official photographer for Harland & Wolff, April 2nd 1912

I also told readers about the true story of an early version of PEDOGATE in England that had been exposed years earlier by a legendary newspaper editor named W.T Stead. He authored a sensational four part child sex slavery/human trafficking report and published it in the Pall Mall Gazette in 1885. He also happens to be one of the over 1,500 human beings who died on the Titanic.

Most fascinating, however, is the fact that he predicted his own death and roughly two decades prior to the sinking had actually written a piece about an eerily similar accident.

According to researcher, Michael Gallagher, Stead often joked that he would meet his demise “at the hands of a lynch-mob or by drowning.”

“In 1892 he published a story entitled From the Old World to the New, in which the survivors from a ship that had collided with an iceberg are picked up mid-Atlantic by a conveniently passing vessel. Some people interpret this as Stead foretelling his own death. They may well be right. Twenty years later, on the 15th of April 1912, William Thomas Stead met his end on the ill-fated Titanic’s maiden voyage. After helping the women and children into the lifeboats, he surrendered his life jacket to one of his fellow passengers. His body was never recovered.”

The opening of Stead’s denouncement of pedophilia reads as follows:

“In ancient times, if we may believe the myths of Hellas, Athens, after a disastrous campaign, was compelled by her conqueror to send once every nine years a tribute to Crete of seven youths and seven maidens. The doomed fourteen, who were selected by lot amid the lamentations of the citizens, returned no more. The vessel that bore them to Crete unfurled black sails as the symbol of despair, and on arrival her passengers were flung into the famous Labyrinth of Daedalus, there to wander about blindly until such time as they were devoured by the Minotaur, a frightful monster, half man, half bull, the foul product of an unnatural lust.”

“London’s lust annually uses up many thousands of women, who are literally killed and made away with–living sacrifices slain in the service of vice. That may be inevitable, and with that I have nothing to do. But I do ask that those doomed to the house of evil fame shall not be trapped into it unwillingly, and that none shall be beguiled into the chamber of death before they are of an age to read the inscription above the portal–“All hope abandon ye who enter here.” If the daughters of the people must be served up as dainty morsels to minister to the passions of the rich, let them at least attain an age when they can understand the nature of the sacrifice which they are asked to make. And if we must cast maidens–not seven, but seven times seven– nightly into the jaws of vice, let us at least see to it that they assent to their own immolation, and are not unwilling sacrifices procured by force and fraud.”

The Hybrid Beast Child Killer And Cannibal: George Frederic Watts’ “The Minotaur” Painting

“Such scandals made for a thunderous series of articles, printed daily for weeks under ‘eye-bulging’ headlines (‘Why the Cries of the Victims are not Heard’, ‘Strapping Girls Down’, ‘I Order Five Virgins’ and ‘A Child of 13 Bought for £5’).” – W. Sydney Robinson

Cathy Fox blog takes us further down into the deep abyss of child trafficking as it applies today:

The Satanic Illuminati Control Matrix Structure

“There are FIVE networks of organized child trafficking and abuse run by the Departmental Branches of the illuminati. Illuminati Structure Explained by One Chosen as a Mother of Darkness.”

“Each network is trained differently and run separately as a failsafe to ensure ongoing child trafficking actions, should one part be taken down. They do however cooperate.”

The organizations that run child trafficking networks are:

  • Masons – Priory of Sion, Templars, Grand High Lodge Leaders
  • Catholic Church  – Pope then Catholic Church hierarchy
  • Mormons
  • Cabal – Jewish mysticism sect aka Kabballah, mixed with New Age philosophies and satanic practices it morphed into the Cabal sect.
  • Satanists

“It has been computed, says the report of a Hampshire Home, that there are no less than 10,000 little girls living in sin in Christian England. I do not know how far that is correct, but there is no doubt as to the existence of a vast and increasing mass of juvenile prostitution.”  – W.T. Stead

This explosive reporting by Mr. Stead brought on the implementation of the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885, that raised the age of consent for girls from 13 to 16, plus re-criminalized homosexual acts.

The overall theme of “Maiden Tribute” was about child prostitution, along with “the abduction, procurement and sale of young English virgins to “Continental pleasure palaces.”

The Titanic sank into the ocean at by all accounts, between 2:28 AM and 2:36 AM, after embarking on its maiden voyage, according to stop watches that were later discovered, which froze in time when it went under. This is known as “The Witching Hour”, between 2 and 3 AM. It is the most potent time for a ritual to occur, and sadly, the passengers aboard the Titanic had no idea what they were going to be subjected to.

Just like the underage girls being led to their own enslavement or demise due to being made to join prostitution rings, the passengers on the Titanic were going to be just as hopeless as they faced the pitch black ocean.

Mr. Stead would take drastic, far too extreme measures to prove his sensational story of elite’s procuring young kids for sex by actually proceeding to abduct a child himself, believe it or not.

The Daily Mail UK details W.T. Stead’s strange journalistic plight further:

“His first instalment was trailed with a warning guaranteed to make the Pall Mall Gazette sell out. Copies changed hands for 20 times their original value and the office was besieged. Stead’s admirers thought he had performed a service in exposing the appalling reality of ‘white slavery’. But even many of his friends had grave doubts about the way he had treated a frightened child while his critics denounced ‘the vilest parcel of obscenity ever issued from the public press’. In the autumn of that year he was imprisoned for three months for procuring Eliza Armstrong without her father’s consent. He remained unrepentant and continued to edit the Gazette from prison. Always a maverick, he gradually lost any influence, was mistrusted and widely disliked and became a spiritualist and laughing-stock. But he still had some admirers – and in 1912 was invited to America to lecture. His hosts paid for him to sail in splendour on the Titanic. Extraordinarily, in 1886 he’d warned of the disaster that could happen if liners were sent to sea with too few life-boats and in 1892 wrote a story about a vessel called Majestic which collides with an iceberg. It was bizarrely fitting that this great, flawed newspaperman should perish in one of the greatest stories of all time.”

According to a user on a Titanic research site:

“Frank Prentice was on the stern and felt the ship right herself on a level keel and then rise up and then settle back. He then felt her rise up again and then he slipped off and saw the propellers in the air when he dropped into the sea. His watch stopped at 2.22am and he could see the stern was still afloat when he entered the water. Thomas Dillon was on the stern and felt the stern settle back and actually went down with it. When he reached the surface he saw the stern rise out of the water and go down again.”

Q – She had sunk when you came up again?
A – Well, I saw what I thought would be the afterpart of her coming up and going down again, final.
Q – Then she had not sunk?
A – She came up and went down again.
Q – You saw what you thought was the afterpart coming up again?
A – I thought it was the ship coming up again. She came up and went down again, finish.

“I believe the stern rose up at least 3 times as it tore away from the bow and settled back, then rose up again and separated completely and settled back again, and then it dipped down again and bobbed up like a cork until it finally went down. It is unknown if the watertight doors were sealed as this would create more buoyancy in the stern. The broken decks above would start to flood and cause the stern to become top heavy and roll over to port. Nobody could scream in the water as survivor Thomas Dillon said the water was so cold they could not yell out. Mr. Hyman said – “The cry was blood curdling and never stopped until the Titanic went down, when it seemed to be sort of choked off. The cry is ringing in my ears now and always will.” Edith Rosenbaum heard the yells coming from the ship and thought the people were cheering and when the stern went under she said there was absolute silence. Lady Duff Gordon said “After the Titanic sank I never heard a cry.””

Q – You never heard anything?
A – No, not after the Titanic sank.
Q – Did not you hear cries at all?
A – Yes, before she sank; terrible cries.
Q – Before she sank?
A – Yes.
Q – Did you see her sink?
A – I did.
Q – You mean you heard nothing at all after that?
A – My impression was that there was absolute silence.

“This tells us that everyone who heard the screams after the ship “disappeared” must have assumed the ship had sunk when the stern was still partially afloat in the darkness. Boxhall was burning green flares before the Titanic sank. He would almost be blinded by the light he was emitting. He saw the ship’s lights go out and then saw nothing else as his own light was hampering his vision of the darkness ahead. He assumed the ship had gone down when it was still afloat and he then heard the screams. He said: “I can not say that I saw her sink. I saw the lights go out, and I looked two or three minutes afterward and it was 25 minutes past 2. So I took it that when she sank would be about 20 minutes after 2.” He thought the ship had gone down at 2.20am by the disappearance of her lights and sound of the screams, but I believe the stern was still afloat until 2.30 and when it finally went down the screams stopped and watches stopped in the water.”

RMS Titanic departing Southampton on April 10, 1912.

W.T. Stead in his own words from his shocking report:

“London beneath the gas glare of its innumerable lamps became, not like Paris in 1793–”a naphtha-lighted city of Dis” – but a resurrected and magnified City of the Plain, with all the vices of Gomorrah, daring the vengeance of long-suffering Heaven. It seemed a strange, inverted world, that in which I lived those terrible weeks–the world of the streets and of the brothel. It was the same, yet not the same, as the world of business and the world of politics. I heard of much the same people in the house of ill-fame as those of whom you hear in caucuses, in law courts, and on Change. But all were judged by a different standard, and their relative importance was altogether changed. It was as if the position of our world had suddenly been altered, and you saw most of the planets and fixed stars in different combinations, and of altogether different magnitudes, so that at first it was difficult to recognize them. For the house of evil fame has its own ethics, and the best man in the world–the first of Englishmen, in the estimation of the bawd–is often one of whom society knows nothing and cares less. To hear statesmen reckoned up from the standpoint of the brothel is at first almost as novel and perplexing an experience as it is to hear judges and Queen’s Counsel praised or blamed, not for their judicial acumen and legal lore, but for their addiction to unnatural crimes or their familiarity with obscene literature.”

Captain Edward Smith

It is my belief that Mr. Stead was being set up by the Illuminati to silence him once and for all. I also asserted that the Captain of the Titanic, Edward Smith, was definitely a freemason himself, and was ‘by oath’ expected to carry out the ship’s sabotage or suffer the wrath of his handlers. How deep does this scandal go?

According to Titanic researcher Cristina Criddle:

“The inquiry into the sinking of the Titanic may have been influenced by a secret society of Freemasons, evidence suggests. An archive naming two million Freemasons has been made public for the first time and includes members on the Titanic inquiry. The controversial investigation into the disaster was labelled a “whitewash” as only three first class passengers were interviewed and most of those involved were exonerated. The list, made public on geneology site Ancestry, reveals that not only the judge who oversaw the British Wreck Commissioner’s inquiry into the catastrophe, leading investigators and some of those who escaped censure were all Freemasons. It has been claimed that the archive could show interference in the inquiry to protect masonic members. A USA inquiry blasted the Titanic’s owner, the White Star Company, and Britain’s Board of Trade for not having enough life boats fitted onto the ship. But the British inquiry, led by Lord Mersey, John Charles Bigham, who was himself a Freemason, failed to blame the Board of Trade. The president of the Board of Trade, Sidney Buxton, was also a Freemason.”

Was sinking of the Titanic inquiry covered up by Freemasons? – Liverpool Echo

The archive also lists two other members of Mersey’s inquiry, naval architect Professor John Harvard Biles and engineer Edward Chaston.

Lord Pirrie, the owner of the Belfast shipyards where the Titanic was built and was a director at White Star’s parent company, is believed to also have been a member.

Titanic captain Edward Smith, right, with Lord Pirrie

Occult Researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley adds more to the terrifying story:

“Witching hour According to superstition, the time of night when Ghosts, Fairies, and other supernatural beings are about on earth and are most likely to be encountered. By the strictest definition, the witching hour is the hour of midnight on the night of a full Moon, the apex of the powers of witches, who are said to draw their magical strength from the moon. The term is often used to mean the hour of midnight in general. Haunting phenomena occur often at night, especially between the hours of midnight and 3 A.M. According to popular occult belief, these are the hours when “psychic vibrations” are at their strongest, or the “veil between the worlds” is the thinnest.”

“The hour of midnight on the night of the full moon. This is a time of transformation and change and the height of witches’ spell-casting powers. The roots of this notion go back to ancient times, to the worship of goddesses associated with the moon, fertility and witchcraft. As the moon waxes in its phases, so do the powers associated with it and its deities, until they culminate at the full moon.”

Jonathan Morse blog concludes this dissertation with this observation:

“Stead’s explicit references to the Greek myth of the Minotaur throughout his exposé reputedly inspired the subject of Watts’s painting: ‘The appetite of the minotaur of London is insatiable’, wrote Stead; ‘If the daughters of the people must be served up as dainty morsels to minister to the passions of the rich, let them at least attain an age when they can understand the nature of the sacrifice which they are asked to make’. Watt’s close friend Mrs Russell Barrington records how The Minotaur was painted with unusual rapidity early one morning in response to ‘a painful subject’ that ‘had filled one of the evening papers’; almost certainly the Pall Mall Gazette. When The Minotaur was first shown, at the Liverpool Autumn exhibition of 1885, Watts explained that his aim in painting it had been ‘to hold up to detestation the bestial and brutal.’”

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