Beauty & The Beast: Jill Marie Abbott & Philip Anselmo of PANTERA/DOWN

Satan’s Minion:

The Mysterious Murder of Jill Marie Abbott (Part 1)

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

The nude body of Jill Marie Abbott, 40, the former girlfriend of legendary PANTERA vocalist Phil Anselmo, was found on a California hiking trail a decade ago around the Christmas holiday. News of her death shocked the metal music community. Jill was also formerly linked to MOTLEY CRUE guitarist Mick Mars. Everyone I spoke to during my extensive independent investigation spoke nothing but kind words about her. I have compiled a large case file that includes many different character interviews of people who were close to Jill, including one of her most recent boyfriend’s, who will remain anonymous for his own safety.

A CBS local affiliate in San Francisco covered the story on Dec 27, 2010:

A woman who was found dead in the Oakland hills on Friday was identified today as 40-year-old Jill Marie Abbott, of Richmond, Oakland police spokeswoman Officer Holly Joshi said.

Abbott’s nude body was spotted at the entrance to a bike trail in the 15000 block of Skyline Boulevard, about 50 feet east of Keller Avenue, at about 8:20 a.m. Friday by a resident who was driving by, police said.

The cause of her death hasn’t yet been determined, police said.

Sgt. Jim Rullamas said that because Abbott was found nude, investigators believe she died elsewhere and was brought to the site in the hills.

When I first spoke with Jill Marie Abbott on the phone, I was still living in Los Angeles at the time, around 2006, before I would eventually move to Texas and get married to my wife Hope two years later.

Jill and I met on MySpace, the online social platform, and became very friendly due to both of our intense love and admiration for the band PANTERA, a platinum selling heavy metal group from Arlington, Texas, who had already broken up by this time.

I was just getting started with my new website that promotes metal music news: Oddly enough, I had launched my site in Dimebag Darrell’s honor, the slain guitar wizard of PANTERA, the biggest metal band of the nineties.

Jill Marie Abbott & Dimebag Darrell Abbott

Truth be told, I was also knee deep into being a diehard fan of Phil’s new band called SUPERJOINT RITUAL, having seen them perform in a couple concerts at the House of Blues and once at the Universal Amphitheatre for Blackest of the Black tour with Danzig and Behemoth.

“Hail Satan,” Anselmo shouted into the microphone at the end of the gig one of those nights. I remember it like it happened yesterday.

Is this dude the real deal or is at an act for entertainment purposes, I was thinking in my head. I knew Phil was known to be a pretty dark cat from his days in CFH, but seeing him now perform in a much more evil vehicle opened my eyes to a lot of things.

PANTERA 2000: Reinventing The Steel – The End Is Near…

There is no doubt in my mind that Phil Anselmo is the real deal. He does not play ‘make believe’ when it comes to paying homage to the Devil, and the people I spoke with were sincerely afraid when I would mention his name.

Thanks to knowing Jill, she was able to introduce me to several people in the industry who hooked me up with free entry into gigs I wanted to cover on the infamous Sunset Strip back in those days. We would continue to stay in touch online via messages and on the phone many more times over the course of the next two years. A lot of what I uncovered during these events she hooked me up with helped to inform me about what was really going on.

Jill Marie Abbott and Kat, a roadie for DAMAGEPLAN

I was trying to learn as much as I could about people who were close to late PANTERA guitarist, Dimebag Darrell Abbott, who had been viciously shot dead on the stage two years earlier on December 8, 2004 at the Alrosa Villa club in Columbus, Ohio. I had always suspected that Dimebag’s death involved government foul play.

Why was a cover up happening? I would later find out that Jill’s own tragic death was sadly tied to all of the Dimebag fiasco, and after ten years of working on the case without many breakthroughs, I can now confirm that I have solved Jill’s murder.

“You are my favorite metal journalist,” Jill told me during our last phone conversation about a year before her death.

It’s very simple really. Her former boyfriend was a hardcore Satanist, big time rock star, and cult member, named Phil Anselmo, and this dude straight up wanted Dimebag dead. His deep ties to the Illuminati, which includes the Church of Satan, Michael Aquino, and other powerful witches, allowed the PANTERA vocalist his pathway to ultimate revenge.

By killing Dimebag, who Anselmo felt held too much influence in the world and among metal fanatics, the problem he had faced for many long years would be solved. This great level of fame that Dime attained as the #1 guitarist in metal, dwarfed Anselmo’s name big time, and the power Dime held over him restricted the singer on several different levels, namely his being able to be his own artist and not be yelled at all of the time by Darrell for wanting to do things differently. Anselmo’s goal was to take things way more to the extreme in his music. reports:

 Jill Marie Abbott, the one time girlfriend of ex-PANTERA vocalist Philip H. Anselmo and close friend of the band’s late guitarist, Dimebag Darrell Abbott, was found mysteriously dead on December 24, 2010 in the Oakland Hills. She was cremated soon after. A Catholic memorial service for Jill was held on Thursday (Jan 20) -between 2:00pm – 5:30pm – at Fremont Memorial Chapel located at 3723 Peralta Blvd in Fremont, California. There was a minister on location to facilitate and run the service.

Let me be clear about something. Jill loved Dimebag like a brother. Although they both shared the same exact last name, they were not blood related. However, from my research and witness interviews, I came to learn that Jill was very closely connected to PANTERA, almost like being a fifth member, she was that devoted to them and began getting invited out to their gigs during their heyday in the early to mid nineties, ultimately becoming romantically involved with Anselmo.

Believe it or not, Dimebag  would tell people that Jill was his sister.

I will document my evidence on the matter via an air tight, point by point analysis, that not only involves stone cold facts based on forensic science, but I will take this homicide investigation to A NEW LEVEL entirely, and share never before known information that I feel will help the reader make their own determination on the matter.

Keep in mind, I actually interviewed Anselmo two times over the years, making me one of the few rock journalist’s who achieved this. He is one of the toughest interviews to get in the game, undoubtedly. The second interview we did together in 2015 definitely enlightened me as to how seriously devilish of a character I was dealing with. Anselmo would next get exposed as a white supremacist at of all places a Dimebash concert event that was supposed to celebrate the life of his fallen guitarist, not add further insult. Due to fans heckling him too much, the vocalist claimed they drove him to a fit of rage and so he raised his arm to the crowd in a proud as hell Nazi salute and yelled out “White Power!”

As I have revealed to readers before, my family on my father’s side was connected to organized crime and secret societies like freemasonry plus the mafia, so nothing really scares me in this world, or truly shocks me. I learned from a young age that things are not always what they appear to be. As I got older, I learned to just go with the flow when it comes to researching the supernatural and downright demonic.

Point blank, I’m going to prove without question that Phil Anselmo co-conspired to eliminate the lives of both Dimebag and his former girlfriend, Jill Marie Abbott.

I have attained bone chilling evidence and witness testimony that potentially connects Anselmo to snuff film productions involving the murders of abducted kids, witchcraft and a very sadistic secret life that is truly befitting of a Cowboy from Hell. Just being in possession of this type of material can be a very serious crime in America, so I want my readers to understand that that is not a laughing matter.

Only a few months ago, I spoke on the phone with a trustworthy industry source who was at one time going to be involved with Anselmo in a death metal band side project. He too will remain anonymous to save him from any potential harm. He claimed to be a born again Christian and he got weary real fast of Anselmo’s worship of Lucifer.

We spoke non stop to one another for nearly four hours. During our call, at the point where he began to share the most important information, the CIA garbled his voice so I could not fully understand everything he said to me. This source confirmed for me, however, that Anselmo indeed candidly shared his interest in watching films that depict the real murder of a human being.

“Yeah, I specifically remember when Phil asked me to come over and watch a snuff film at his pad,” the source confided to me. This is when his voice began to break up and I could not make out the following sentences.


Before she died, Jill told me that she wanted to meet me in person to divulge some info about Anselmo that would potentially help me in my Dimebag Darrell murder investigation, which I had already let her know I was conducting independently.

This is where I believe the major problems for this woman developed. Did I mean to put her in harm’s way? No. Was getting to the bottom of the story more important than a human being’s life? Absolutely not. But understand something, she was the one who pursued me in this respect. I did not want anything to do with these people in that manner, because I knew what kind of hellish Pandora’s box would be opened.

Pandora’s box

“Any source of great and unexpected troubles.” 

When Jill kept calling me on the phone and talking to me about her close friendship with Dimebag, it was touching to me, and I got pulled into the CFH world for real, like I was being made into a mob family or something like that. Jill told me things that she never told anyone else. I was made privy to dark Pantera band secrets that were not to be made public. For the first time ever, I will be revealing the ugly truth as it concerns the death of Dimebag and my friend Jill’s own tragic demise by the hand of one of Satan’s minion.

The one thing that concerned me the most from the outset was the moment on the phone when Jill told me she fled for her life to get away from Anselmo back in the mid nineties, leaving Louisiana to go be a stripper at a Los Angeles club.

I verified that her info was solid and not made up to try and get my attention. I had a lot of girls after me at that time because I was the extremely popular new kid on the block in the metal game, so a good journalist always checks his sources out.

Jill was telling the truth. I learned directly from her not to be named ex-boyfriend after the end of her life that she did indeed get scared of the Luciferian lifestyle that Anselmo allegedly led while they were dating. The singer even chased after her and went to L.A. himself after to try and save the relationship, even going as far as sleeping in his car outside of the club waiting for her.

There seemed to be a game of “possession” going on but not necessarily the Linda Blair type, but more like Phil was trying to control Jill’s life. I know there were things that she saw Phil take part in that scared her to death, and she being a God-fearing Catholic wanted no part of that.

I have already authored several highly acclaimed dissertations on the matter of Dimebag’s assassination, and detailed why I believe Mr. Anselmo was directly involved in the false flag operation that effectively executed a damageplan to take out his own estranged lead guitarist. I have been interviewed several times on the matter as well, including earlier this month, so I highly advise readers to listen those appearances to gain further insight.

Another girl lost her life around Christmas time due to Satanic Ritual Abuse, many years ago, and was a news sensation that I learned is also tied to the MK Ultra program. Her name is JonBenet Ramsey.

This innocent little 6 year old girl was found dead on Christmas in 1996.

The bottom line is that it became clear to me that Anselmo showed no remorse in the things he did or said toward Dimebag that were negative, like how he could hurt Darrell bad if he really wanted to. What happened next? Well, after Dime’s death, Anselmo looked at ways to try and profit off the Abbott brothers incredible music legacy. He made a comment during the second interview we did together about how playing some Pantera tribute shows would be “good money.”

No mention from this dude about being sorry for the threat he made towards Dimebag in the media that helped to escalate the killer’s mindset, who I proved in my reports was under the U.S. government’s “MKUltra” mind control program.

The Pentagon will not release any information on the shooter named Nathan Gale, after he was kicked out of the marines for being a schizophrenic. What I uncovered was a long history of abuse by the system to this young man, and a ‘robotic’ test run he was involved in nearly one year before Dimebag got terminated that happened when Damageplan was playing a gig in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is just a small piece in the overall puzzle that explains how this entire assassination of Dimebag was orchestrated by both the Church of Satan, Mr. Anselmo and the CIA, in my opinion.

Jill Marie Abbott circa 2006

This 3 part report is going to expose the brutal truth in Jill Abbott’s death, once and for all. I’m done playing games with this world. It’s time for me to drop the hammer of Thor down. Getcha’ pull!

What I uncovered during my research is that according to the Satanic calendar, the days around Christmas are highly important ones for pagans. Human sacrifice is performed at this time, all part of making a mockery of Jesus Christ, among those dates, you will find what is called “Demon Revels.”

A news post that ran around the time of Jill’s death tried to make her look like a depressed person going off the deep end. I believe this was done to taint her character to help cover up the truth about her murder.

Abbott grew up in Sunnyvale and later worked strip clubs in Los Angeles before moving back to the Bay Area in 2004. She had lived with Walker (her boyfriend) most of that time. Abbott had a drinking problem and took anti-depressants, but she never struggled with hard drugs, he said. She wouldn’t drink daily; when she drank, he said, she drank hard. She had some run-ins with police over the years, all related to alcohol, Walker said, including one DUI while she sat in her parked car with the heat and music blaring. She managed somehow to keep her thick sense of humor.

“The officer asked how many beers she’d drank. She said, ‘All of them.’”

In her last post on her MySpace page, on Dec. 19, she reported that she “had a good sunday, got stuff done, and reconnected with my friends. (Ive been in a hole 4 too long)”. Police said they don’t think Jill Abbott’s death is connected to the fatal stabbing of a Fresno woman found Dec. 21 on the rocks off a jetty in the Martin Luther King Regional Shoreline Park, several miles from the hill site. She has been identified as Jasmine Jordan, 21.Walker said that Abbott probably worked as an exotic dancer just a handful of times in the past year and preferred waiting nightclub tables. As a Catholic, she tried to hide the stripper work from family and friends.

Things got even stranger as I worked on the case. YouTube recently terminated my channel after I posted some very damning audio clips that connect secret societies like the Mafia with human trafficking, along with shocking audio from the concert where Dimebag was shot dead on the stage. In that clip you can hear the emcee on the stage introduce the sacrifice of Dimebag this way:

“For the lamb of God, here they are, DAMAGEPLAN!”

Now, what I also need to point out is that former mafia hitman, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, is currently allowed to have a video channel on YouTube, and this guy claims to have killed 19 people. Sammy “The Rat” even profits off his channel, and yet, my millions of views were never worth one penny. YouTube immediately ‘demonetized’ all of my content when the channel started off.

They call my work controversial and say that I am a danger to the internet. Are you kidding me? I have done nothing to nobody in this life! Sure, I post a few funny hoax articles once a year on April Fool’s. Other than that, I am totally harmless, I assure you. I don’t own a weapon of any kind. I am a fifty year old man who sits at home with my dogs and cats all year long. All I do is type a lot of words on my websites. Ask my wife!!! Since when did expressing your opinions become against the law?

My YouTube channel had no strikes. But now due to these audio clips I shared, it has been “Terminated” in their own words.

So I have a lot of evidence in these matters I report on to back up my claims, capiche? Unfortunately, your masters who run the internet, The Illuminati, do not want the truth to get out and that’s just the way the ball bounces in this life.

That’s okay though. Just because those Nazi’s pulled down the truth doesn’t mean I can’t bury smarmy ass Phil Anselmo with other bombshell evidence and make “The Kid” – as he likes to be called – eat a nice big shit sandwich I have prepared for this purported baby killer.