Johnny Depp is seriously down on his luck as of late. Hell, let’s face it, the man is locked currently in a downward spiral that is so sensational it’s hard to believe at times, right?

The one time box office star has hit the skids so bad in 2019 that he and his brilliant legal team have now decided to launch a FAKE LAWSUIT against his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Stay Gold, Johnny Boy… stay GOLD!

According to the Blast, Depp sued Heard for defamation over an op-ed Heard wrote last year where she referred to herself as “a public figure representing domestic abuse.” Depp denies ever abusing Heard and is asking for $50 million in damages.

How do I know that it is bogus? Well, there is a new law that the Illuminati put into place so that MAINSTREAM journalists can’t be sued for spreading their DEEP STATE lies. It is called the Anti Slapp law, if you don’t believe me… just Google it, and you will see that the shady ass peeps behind burying the truth in the notorious #Pizzagate scandal (ahem) the MAINSTREAM NEWS MEDIA… and the US lawmakers who are paid millions each to protect American citizens, have harnessed their power together via the rigged US political and legal system to handcuff anyone from suing them for telling lies over and over to cover up their crimes as pedophile child killers. Likewise, REAL independent journalists like me and domestic violence victims like Amber Heard who are merely expressing our own views CANNOT be taken to court either, see?

Most people walking around in life today are unaware this law exists.

Depp and his team are well aware of this new law and his true inability to get revenge via the courts but he is in DAMAGE CONTROL I learned and is doing anything he can to get the gullible public to feel sorry for him because he has no doubt hit rock bottom.

Every single website that you see today who is featuring this FAKE NEWS STORY is a part of the problem. They are spreading LIES when they all know damn well that Johnny Depp has NO REASON TO BE HARASSING THIS WOMAN WHO IS A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VICTIM!

The Face Of A Battered Woman… Or Do You Really Believe She Is Not Telling The Truth?

Let’s not forget that this entire mess started when Johnny allegedly hurled his telephone at Amber’s head like a baseball player. He can deny the truth all he wants now… but the damage is already done.

Johnny Depp’s big time movie career is over.

And it is most certainly this sudden erratic display in his daily behavior that has everyone around the star whispering that Johnny is indeed suffering the effects of many years of major drug abuse, leaving him in a literal 24/7 psychosis… and it’s no laughing matter.

It surely appears the fallen star’s delusional thoughts have finally got the best of him.

Keep in mind that multiple NOT FAKE LAWSUITS have been launched at Johnny boy over the past year, including his own business management team, who he lost a whopping $25 million dollar FRAUD battle to last year, and a man on the set of one of his movies that got punched in the gut by the former Pirates of The Caribbean star, along with his former bodyguards joining the total shit show parade when suing Mr. Depp currently for partying so hard they had to actually wipe a ‘substance’ off his face things became so ridiculous for the actor.

My prior reporting on the downfall of Depp determined that the actor/rocker looks to be addicted to the most powerful drug known to man. When Johnny was first becoming a major film star in the nineties he and legendary Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson hung out like lovers, and then Depp subsequently portrayed the famed writer in a major Hollywood film titled ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’, where the drug he uses in the movie was introduced to the world at large called: ADRENOCHROME.

“…a lawsuit against the star was filed… two former bodyguards described having to act as babysitters for him. One claimed that he had to once wipe a ‘substance’ from the actor’s face in a nightclub.” 

Hunter S. Thompson Introduced Johnny Boy To The Drug That Ruined Him…

“…It was also claimed that he spent the day ‘smoking and drinking’ on the set of City of Lies, formerly known as LAbyrinth, in which Depp plays a LAPD detective investigating the deaths of rappers Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur.” 

Depp lost the biggest case against him and has to pay out $25 million that purportedly he does not even have, and now that it was announced by his biggest employer that he was fired from starring in any future pirate films for Disney, the HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRE has gotten so desperate that he and his team this past week have put out a FAKE NEWS story claiming they are suing his ex-wife.

My concern is that in recent years Johnny has started hanging out with the most Satanic woman on the planet, Marina Abramovic. Back in 2015, Depp and Amber Heard attended the Art of Elysium and Samsung Galaxy Marina Abramovic’s HEAVEN Gala at Hangar 8 on January 10, 2015 in Santa Monica, California.

Abramovic was mentioned in John Podesta’s leaked emails, where he and his brother were apparently invited to a spirit cooking party hosted by Marina, who is a well known Dark Arts performance star.

“The All Seeing Downward Spiral”

If fans recall a man named Paul Bonacci was awarded one million dollars in a legal settlement over the Hunter S. Thompson directed ‘snuff film’ debacle from the eighties, wherein Bonacci stated that little kids were murdered by a Washington DC elite child snatching ring (identical to the ones behind the #Pizzagate scandal today) while being filmed on camera and he and another boy were forced to participate in having sex with a dead boy’s corpse.

Marina Abramovic is close friends with Bill and Hillary Clinton, and they are all said to be hardcore devil worshipers along with Johnny Depp and John Podesta. Word is that they’re all connected to an elite child snatching ring so that they can harvest this super drug from the kids before they are murdered for Satan. If the elites have now decided to turn their back on Johnny, like his boss Disney, being on the outside looking in can be a very lonely place. This means he could be cut out from access to the drug via the hierarchy in his coven.

In spirit cooking, one is said to practice the mixing of human sperm, woman’s breast milk and blood together and calling it artwork. In a very graphic and disturbing video, Marina Abramovic does not hide that she uses a concoction of congealed menstrual blood, breast milk, and someone’s semen to write the “recipe” for “Spirit Cooking” on the walls. No, this is not the ingredients for Lady Gaga’s new fragrance “The White Witch.”

With no powerful coven backing him any longer, it means that a desperate Depp is forced now to carry out his own child killing missions to secure adrenochrome by harvesting their blood like a modern day Dracula, understand?

If Johnny Depp is involved in violence against children, don’t you think he should be punished?

Looking at the fact that the purported shooter who the mainstream news claimed walked into Comet Pizza and started firing his assault weapon, turned out to be a friend of owner James Alefantis, maybe it’s time everyone should stop believing mainstream FAKE NEWS that’s reported on the internet. Why do people keep falling for the Illuminati’s BS propaganda?

Late truther investigator Max Spiers (found dead on my birthday July 16, 2016) said that Helena Bonham Carter is actually a Rothschild, who is married to director Tim Burton, and is a CIA backed MK Ultra ‘handler’ of Johnny Depp.

Besides LSD, I learned that adrenochrome is used by the CIA to abuse the movie and rock star’s mind to keep him in line and pushing Agenda 21. That being said… if for whatever reason Depp becomes deemed a damaged asset for the elites in the cabal who control him, he would be denied any access to the drug via all of his past contacts. This means Johnny would start experiencing what is called “withdrawals”, and as I understand it with this particular ‘super drug’ he has been supposedly taking regularly it is a serious bitch to rip yourself away from once you get addicted to its extremely magical effects. In most cases, the person abusing this drug begins to suffer terribly themselves. Loss of all reason, flat out mumbling and sudden acts of aggression are all telltale signs that someone is totally spun out of control. Sure, Johnny’s bandmate, Alice Cooper, can play off Depp’s schizophrenia, but the writing is all over the wall now, don’t you see?

The source where adrenochrome is extracted from is most often taken from the body of a Satanic Ritual Abuse victim, usually under the age of 9, right after they have reached their most terrified state. It’s said that once a person’s adrenaline hits their bloodstream this produces adrenochrome. It has the combined effects of both super strong speed and LSD.

It was two years ago that I broke the story that claimed late rockers Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were murdered over the contents of a BLACK BOOK owned by Jeffrey Epstein that they both came across while producing a documentary together on the crisis of human trafficking. Names that appear in Epstein’s inner circle are: Bill and Hillary Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Courtney Love and President Donald Trump.

Maybe if we started showing more anger towards assholes like Johnny Depp instead of feeling sorry for him, I think it’s entirely possible that a real dent could be made in this horrific problem of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Until then, as long as everyone keeps their lips pressed up against Johnny Boy’s asshole all day and night, smooching his every move like he’s the messiah, the only thing we’re going to get is more FAKE NEWS STORIES… and more missing kids in America.

When it comes down to it, overpaid morons who merely recite words from a script that was written for them by somebody else, are about as believable right now as a second Trump term, got it?

It’s clear as day to see that Mr. Depp can go as far as make a thinly veiled threat of murdering the unpopular U.S. President, scam people out of millions of dollars, beat up his wife and never serve one day in prison.

Why is that? What makes Johnny Depp… or any of these celebs better than you or me? If we were him, our butts would already be serving a long stretch inside were we to be caught doing the same exact crimes.

It’s time Americans start acting like grown adults for the kids sake, okay? Whether you have a little one of your own or young relatives you lookout for in life, America is under covert attack by the well organized baby snatching group backed by Uncle Sam and the CIA called “The Finders”.

Blonde hair, blue eyed boys and girls fetch $50,000 each.

I myself actually witnessed a near child abduction occur at the local grocery store last year, so I know for certain that we are in a state of emergency.

In the end, Johnny Depp needs to do himself and everyone else a big favor and go away never to be heard from again. Because if he sticks around too long, I am afraid his own coven members will be forced to kill him so that the heat does not get too close to them.