My older brother, Jeff, announced via Facebook that President Trump and his motorcade were spotted upon landing in a plane at Santa Monica Airport on Friday, April 5th, which was once called Clover Field back during World War II.

It made me wonder to myself: What is the President doing flying into such a small airport in this quaint residential section of Los Angeles?

And why didn’t the major TV news channels report this information?

What exactly is the big secret?

I grew up in the upper middle class neighborhood of Mar Vista, California in the 90066 area code, (spot the triple 6’s once you invert the 9? LOL), and I played little league baseball nearby at North Venice Little League from the age of 10 until I was 18, (played against Beverly Hills in the all star game) and then I coached 12 year old kids as a mentor for two years after that, donating my time, when most dads did not even show up to see their own kids games.

Barker Hangar: The Hottest Spot In LA. To Meet An Alien…

I know a lot about the history of Santa Monica Airport, and it definitely sends red flags up for me, in terms of how it potentially informs us as to what is coming with ‘Full Alien Disclosure’ by the U.S. government.

If you give me your undivided attention for the remainder of this report, I will explain exactly why I think this, okay?

I know I have a reputation for being a prankster, but I assure you… I will inform you only of the facts in this matter, to the best of my knowledge.. and enlighten y’all as to what I know, however far the research takes me.

Yes, over the years I have become notorious for my worldwide famous hoaxes that I post at my site But please understand me when I say that I’m not trying to joke around with this report, despite the reality that it’s going to seem super far fetched to almost any human being who reads it.

Satan’s Favorite Pop Star, Lady Gaga, Accepts An Award At The 2019 Critics Choice Awards Held In Santa Monica, California

As the story goes, Santa Monica Airport is home to Barker Hangar and Hangar 8, which are hot spots that Hollywood and the business elite hold major functions at, such as the 2019 Critics Choice Awards.

This hangar is most famous for being home to some of Howard Hughes airplanes and the DC3.

Here is the description of the venue taken from their site:

“The historic Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport is known as one of Southern California’s premier venues for charity, corporate and private events. The dramatic ceiling vaults to an impressive 43-feet at the center, providing an arched steel truss over a 150- by 234-foot cement floor. The 35,000 square foot hangar is one of the biggest and most versatile venues in L.A., making it uniquely suited for events as diverse as concerts, retail sales, awards shows, trade shows and gala dinners. An additional 6,000 square feet of dressing, production and conference rooms are available. Adjacent exterior areas for tenting, parking and support facilities total over 97,000 square feet. Easy freeway access.”

Television commercials for virtually every single major automobile manufacturer, along with major soft drink brands have been made at the Barker Hangar as well as music videos for pop stars, such as TLC, the Cranberries, Stevie Wonder, Eminem, The Backstreet Boys, Janet Jackson, R. Kelly and L.L. Cool J.

Live venue credits also include The Billboard Music Awards, The MTV Movie Awards, The American Television Awards, Nickelodeon’s Annual Kids Choice Awards, and The People’s Choice Awards.

Capacity – 3,000 interior and more, doors open to 130 feet wide to add exterior area.

Facility TypeIndependently owned hangar structure for events.

Under the guise of a fundraiser, it looks as if Trump held a secret meeting at Santa Monica Airport with the top alien hierarchy that the United States has been covertly working together with to bring about the New World Order under a one world leader, religion and money system.

Don’t believe me? Think I am full of it?

Did you know that the infamous Battle of Los Angeles took place in 1942 not that far from this area? For one crazy hour the military shot a ton of firepower at a purported UFO hanging out above the Pacific Ocean. At first, it was claimed to be a Japanese enemy attack…

“Because of a well-organized alert system, the whole California southern section was searching the night skies in a matter of minutes. What they saw were beaming searchlights illuminating the night sky, all of them converging on one thing-a UFO. A similar scene would be repeated later during The Norwood Searchlight Incident albeit, on a smaller scale. The beams of light would soon be accompanied by tracer fire from anti-aircraft artillery, all of the rounds aiming at the invading craft. The giant UFO would take direct hit after hit, yet without damage.”

“The 37th Brigade was relentless in its attempt to bring down the large object but found no success. The barrage of spent shells would fall over the entire area-no place was safe this night. Many were injured, and there were even reports of multiple deaths from the falling shells. According to newspaper reports, eyewitnesses described the sight of the UFO-like a “surreal, hanging, magic lantern.”

In 1983, the U.S. Office of Air Force History claimed the event on a case of “war nerves” triggered by “a lost weather balloon and exacerbated by stray flares and shell bursts from adjoining batteries.”

I was not planning on writing about UFOs ever in my life, trust me, but my investigative reporting on the suspicious deaths of two late rock stars, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington two years ago, centered around their exposing an elite international child trafficking ring, that I believe is the answer to the big question: “Where are all the missing kids in America going?”

It is my determination that Uncle Sam is trading these CPS and CIA backed stolen kids to the aliens, who are currently residing below us in underground facilities that the U.S. helped build. The aliens in turn give us secret technology… then the alien entities eat the abducted boys and girls so their form on earth remains healthy.

The top celebrities that we know and love, including major business figures and yes, politicians are said to be “possessed” by these malevolent parasitic aliens, who are able after hosting the subject (via an eye attachment maneuver, as explained by abductee Donald Marshall), to shapeshift back to their original form whenever they desire. As I understand it, they need the flesh, energy and blood of these kids to hold their “human hologram suit,” which is based off an extremely advanced light photon technology, along with getting high off the powerful drug they harvest from the body before they execute the child called “adrenochrome.”

According to the bio on his site, Mr Marshall “names many other world leaders, politicians and famous celebrities secretly involved. Many of Marshall’s claims can be substantiated by events catalogued by public and private organizations, such as Child Abuse Recovery, a division of Trauma Research Center, Inc. and the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels, which found Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip guilty in the disappearance of ten native children from the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia on October 10th, 1964.”

Nobody misses these stolen kids I learned because they are deemed to be “undesirables,” which is a brutal tag to put on some innocent young boy or girl who typically comes from a background of poverty, in turn become teen runaways and when caught, have been left to fend off the pedophile foster parents that are allowed to take in kids when they should be locked up under the prison… not compensated to have sex with kids they are housing who are not their own. What happened to looking out for their safety? Would you have been able to survive a situation like that, had your parents turned their back on you? Think about it… you, me, any of us, could have easily ended up alien din din. That’s real talk!

I was lucky to be raised by a good God fearing family and that is why I am still here to this day, full of life, and hopeful for the future of mankind.

Santa Monica airport is actually scheduled to be shutdown in 2029 I learned (spot the triple 6’s again, 29 becomes 2 multiplied by 9 = 18, which divides into 6, 3 times, right? That give us: 666).

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 5 —”President Donald Trump will be landing at LAX soon, and the roads to his Westside fundraiser are likely to be jammed Friday afternoon and evening. Residents and commuters in the West Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas should expect delays triggered by the presidential motorcade.”


When you observe the actual news article I have sourced pay close attention to the time it was posted: 3:33 PM, which is 666 inverted.

It’s been reported that the Santa Monica Airport will close down and be turned into commercial development, such as a large park, and other things not associated with aeronautics, after major heavyweights like Howard Hughes and Douglas Aircraft kept planes there, and it ultimately became a historic landmark to many who grew up in the area like myself.

I can recall fondly taking my younger brother, Eric, to visit the Douglas history of flying museum and always having a great time back in the late nineteen eighties. Actor Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones, Star Wars) crashed his plane several years back flying out of Santa Monica Airport, landing in Penmar Golf Course.

Harrison month before last spoke about ocean conservation at the World Government Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

It’s said that he “pleaded for protection of the world’s oceans while calling out President Donald Trump and others who ‘deny or denigrate science’.”

Hangar 8 nightclub at Santa Monica Airport has been a big time spot for the elite to hang out I learned, and as I dug deeper, the connection to the legendary Hangar 18 where UFO remains from the 1947 Roswell crash were taken starts to become more apparent.

“HANGAR:8 nightclub, a 15,000 square foot clearspan structure is often used for events and filming. The facilities have been used for feature, television, music video and commercial productions, corporate events, fundraisers, product launches, film premieres and private parties.”

According to ace WWII USAF pilot Marion “Black Mac” Magruder, a trusted and highly respected member of the Air War College who was sent to Wright Patterson to closely investigate the ‘Roswell’ materials brought to Hangar 18, “Yes,” he insisted, “there was definitely an alien corpse observed in Hangar 18, but at one point it was still alive.”

Black Mac is said to have seen with his own eyes an honest to God, living, breathing alien in Hangar 18.

And then… he watched the alien die.

Marion “Black Mac” Magruder

I researched deeper and learned from one online source that:

“Marion Milton Magruder, USMC, was one of the first Americans to learn the techniques of Airborne Intercept Radar Night Fighting. He went on to lead a group of pilots barely out of flight school to be “Black Mac’s Killers,” the top-scoring Night Fighter Squadron in the World War II Pacific Theatre.”

“Filled with action and suspense, this heroic tale is a tribute to those men who cheated death, overcame immeasurable odds, and accomplished what the “experts” believed was impossible. Very little has previously been published about the genesis of U.S. Naval Radar Intercept Night Fighting due to the classified status of the program at the time.”

Before Marion Magruder’s death, he “came clean” to his own son telling him all of the details of exactly what he saw at Wright Air Base.

“Magruder claims there were foreign materials that defied all definitions of the materials we know on Earth. There were malleable metals that reformed themselves to their original shape; there were parts and pieces of the unidentified flying object; and last but not least, there was an alien. Magruder described the being to his son as “child-like, thin, with a large head and four digits.” He said it was alive but “we killed it,” by experimenting on it. Magruder’s son says his father and his Air War College classmates were sworn to secrecy under threat of Court Martial. On his death bed, Black Mac confessed to his son that we were not the only living beings in the universe (Hangar 18).”

Look at the below patch that reads “Black Mac’s Killers”. It was worn with honor and distinction by Black Mac’s gang. Now, add the letters ‘G’ and ‘I’ into Mac and you’ll get what I believe spells out exactly the sort of shenanigans that Trump and his buddies are into at Santa Monica Airport.

Black Magic’s Killers

BLACK MAGIC = The Practice of Witchcraft and Demonic Evocation

“Upon his arrival (Black Mac) saw pieces of debris, shrapnel, and two unknown aliens. He said that he saw 2 species at Wright Field; one appeared to friendly while the other was rather aggressive and was considered a military hostile. Those present as Magruder was talking stated that his eyes would begin to well up as he talked about the aliens. Pilot Magruder, according to his children, arrived when the aliens were alive and watched as the Military performed multiple experiments until he watched them die. Magruder said that he helped move materials from Wright Field to Eglin Air Force Base, this included the corpses of the aliens. To add to Pilot Magruder’s story, he was also stationed at Area 51! It is also documented that on July 26, 1952 a squad of motorcycle people arrived at Pilot Magruder’s home and escorted him to the Pentagon. This is approximately a week after the first sighting of UFO’s above Washington D.C and the night that the second UFO sighting in D.C. was documented.” – Stephanie Kelly

For your information, G.I. are the two letters used to describe the soldiers of the United States Army and airmen of the United States Army Air Forces.

Point blank, being damn nearly 50 years old (I turn 49 on July 16th), and having some direct military experience back in my early twenties (I reached Private First Class in USMC during the “Operation Desert Storm” war conflict back in 1991), so I believe I’m a lot more educated on the topic of government black ops than 99% of the people who are reading these words I type.

Living in Fort Worth, Texas, currently, I am a stone’s throw actually from the location where the UFO remains and the purported captured aliens were taken from the Roswell crash in ’47 before they got transferred to Hangar 18.

“The Threat Is Real!”

I have a lot of extra knowledge about the situation than most, and hopefully it will wake some of you up from your deep sleep.

Most reporters covering a story like this certainly do not have the vast experience that I do living a combined forty five years in these two historic UFO hot spots of America.

You’re getting the straight scoop from the most honest and dedicated news journalist working in the world today, albeit operating as an independent news reporter, and I am being censored because of the fact that when I speak the truth it pisses off all of the elite who run the mainstream TV news stations and radio channels, okay?

Guess what? I also am doing all of this for NO PAY, (Google won’t even pay me my owed residuals for ‘monetized views’, and in the past 2 years alone that totals lost earnings from the millions of viewers worldwide who are entertained by my reporting, while YouTube and Google get paid for the ‘revenue generating’ ads they stick on there, whether I post a hoax or not, while scumbag corporate butt puppets like Sean Hannity – WHO LIE ALL OF THE TIME THEY TALK – earn a whopping $50 million each year… to push the deeply twisted Illuminati agenda. What a damn shame.

What a damn JOKE!!!

To this day, the US Air Force swears that they do not, nor ever have kept the remains of alien beings or UFO debris anywhere.

I know for a fact they are liars.

And my source who confirmed this is the one and only ace WWII USAF fighter pilot Marion “Black Mac” Magruder. How do you like them apples?

Whether anyone wants to face the truth or not, up until 1970, the Air Force had the sole responsibility for tracking any UFO sightings that occurred in the US, got it?

The program that maintained and investigated details of the sightings is called “Project Bluebook” and all of their archives can be found online via a simple Google search. The project began shortly after the Roswell Incident and the Air Force now, shocker of all shockers, states that many of the official files up to 1949 are incomplete or missing.

This would include details of the Roswell Incident.

What caught my eye is that the legendary Howard Hughes was closely associated with a man who was literally a pioneer in UFO and alien discovery. This man actually was employed by Mr. Hughes for several years…

His name is George Van Tassel.

He is called The Original Space Channeler.

George was an aeronautical engineer for Lockheed Douglas and worked with Hughes Aircraft Company.

A nearby hotel in the area near George’s greatest creation, The Integratron, located in the Mojave Desert details his story:

“The Integratron offers a fantastic addition to your relaxing stay at the Aqua Soleil Hotel and Mineral Water Spa. It’s only forty-minutes from the hotel and well worth the drive, even at today’s gas prices. This UFO Looking dome was built in the early 1950s. It’s one of the most acoustically sound structures in the world, made of wood using no nails. The wild stories about George Van Tassel, the man who built this machine, and what he built it to do, are pretty incredible to say the least. Ol’ George claimed he got the blueprints from aliens…”

George Van Tassel and the Integratron

A man named Jonathan Berman said that these aliens gave Van Tassel instructions on how to build a device that would be “a rejuvenation machine, anti gravity machine, a time machine, and used for research into free energy.”

This device still exists and is called the “Integratron.”

The housing for the machine was constructed of fir and birch wood with no metal fasteners.

The site takes us further down the rabbit hole:

“The white wood-domed structure sits four stories high and 55 feet in diameter, just off Twentynine Palms Highway in Landers, California, about an hour north of Palm Springs. According to Van Tassel, the site was determined by its relationship to the Great Pyramids in Giza as well as its proximity to magnetic vortices. It is a 16-sided metal-free building constructed using a technique called joinery—no nails or screws were used in an attempt to avoid interference with the conductive properties of the machine. Inside, the acoustically perfect sanctuary made of Douglas fir rises three stories high and features sweeping views of the desert from its 16 small windows. The Integratron remains open to visitors today, although it’s no longer outfitted for the purpose of time travel—the machinery is, mysteriously, long gone.”

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

The building where it is located was almost complete when Van Tassel had a sudden heart attack in 1978 and died. It still remains open by another person I learned, now strictly used for deep relaxation services.

Howard Hughes In 1938

“If you haven’t heard, sound baths are the latest form of relaxation therapy to hit some of the spas in the Coachella Valley. It’s actually an ancient form of Chakra meditation. Inside the acoustically sound Integratron dome, they play a series of “quartz crystal singing bowls” and the feeling is absolutely indescribable. Sixty minutes of pure aural bliss. At one point, it sounded like a U.F.O was landing.” –

To add more drama to the fold, Berman stated: “…that it was looted of material and the original plans soon afterwards.” He claimed that Uncle Sam’s FBI was very interested in what Van Tassel and Hughes were doing.