Kurt Cobain: The Murder Conspiracy (part 1)

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

The purported suicide death of late NIRVANA rocker, Kurt Cobain, has always been shrouded in mystery, mainly due in part to his wife at the time of his demise, Courtney Love, offering confusing explanations about his actions during the grunge performer’s last days alive.

Kurt Cobain’s sad end, it turns out, was not a suicide. It was a covert government assassination, just like in the cases of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, wherein I proved via groundbreaking analysis that both of those men were murdered.

The ongoing scandal known as #Pizzagate, also commonly referred to as PEDOGATE, has exposed the world to a sinister network operated by the elites, based out of Washington DC, that specializes in human trafficking.

After three years of conducting my own independent death investigations for Chris and Chester, I determined that their deaths were both connected, and #Pizzagate is the reason they were killed.

My work on these matters was immediately labeled a hoax, and was never taken seriously. I’m here to tell all of you now it’s time to wake the hell up, before someone you love dearly ends up dead without a face.

There have been a lot of ‘smoke n mirrors’ when it comes to the coverage on Kurt’s death, and misinformation riddled films made, namely “Soaked In Bleach” that involved Courtney Love and an ex-cop she hired named Tom Grant.

Kurt’s tragic end, fans will soon come to learn, was not by his own hand, as the mainstream news and his widow Courtney wants you to believe.

Like Chris and Chester, it is my determination that he was executed because of what he knew about this terrifying pedophile ring.

In this special three part report, I will continue to assert my dominance as the world’s most dangerous journalist and prove once and for all that I have been right all along about everything that I reported.

Upon racking up hundreds of millions of views, my bold independent journalism stands alone as the most powerful evidence against the Illuminati to date. My work is immortal, and will stand the test of time as the most important actions done by someone to in essence pull back the curtain on the occult. What I am now prepared to present to the world is going to be highly shocking, very graphic, utterly horrifying, and frankly, totally out of this world.

In a brand new interview I did with The Drinking Life blog, I fully detail the tragic circumstances that all of these rockers found themselves in, and how it all relates back to these horrible acts of human atrocities, that date back as many as seven decades, as it pertains to PEDOGATE.

Conspiracy theorist Max Spiers lost his life in 2016 after he became a whistleblower against the dreaded Illuminati. He had been investigating a major “occult-based pedophile ring within the US military” he revealed in an interview filmed just four days before his suspicious death.

“… He spoke of having details on a number of underground tunnels connecting “pre schools, kindergartens, and churches” in San Francisco, which were linked to the Presidio scandal. Mr Spiers also gave theories about Michael Aquino during the interview. The interviewer asked Mr Spiers if he was scared to be talking about these subjects. He replied he was because he was exposing it.”

This all stems from when John Podesta‘s emails were leaked by Wikileaks, and the truth began to unfold right before our eyes about what was truly happening.

A longtime American military man named Michael Aquino, and former member of the Church of Satan, heads up the USA’s “MK Ultra Mind Control” program, and was investigated for the Presidio daycare scandal, has now officially been named by myself as the primary suspect in the unsolved Zodiac Killer case.

I have acquired new information that puts him in the region of the 1968 murders while on leave from the military. Mr. Aquino attended a meeting at “The Black House” in Los Angeles. This was known to be the headquarters for The Church of Satan. I have much more details to be shared later about how this all ties him down as the Zodiac Killer, but the bottom line is now that I have him confirmed as to be in the area at that time he must be looked at even more closely and is most probably the true identity behind the notorious serial killer.

Oddly enough, Courtney Love is close friends with Chris Cornell’s widow, Vicky Cornell, who herself has done nothing but confuse everyone with her ever changing narrative about her husband’s death.

Courtney was named as part of late convicted billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein‘s inner circle, in his own “black book” that was turned over to the authorities after his initial arrest.

I learned that another “black book” that belonged to Elizabeth Short, AKA “The Black Dahlia” – as the story goes, who was working as a lure for the same pedophile ring who today, believe it or not, is behind #Pedogate.

The top names in Hollywood are said to be named in this book that belonged to the slain wannabe film starlet who was helping kidnap kids and as it turns out, herself would later be subjected to sadistic and brutal punishment before being ritually sacrificed via her body being cut in half and drained of all its blood.

LAPD will not release Short’s “black book” to the public.

One thing I need to clear up. There was more misinformation put out through the fake news media that was finally corrected about a supposed “movie” that both late rockers, Chris and Chester, were said to once be involved in called “The Silent Children” – now it turns out to be bogus.

Again, what needs to be stressed is that Chris Cornell’s foundation itself was specifically started to help little kids suffering abuse. That is not something anyone can debate. Chris worked tirelessly to bring awareness and funds to countless charitable organizations related to children, too many to mention. So whether or not he was putting together a film about all of this scandal is a moot point. Chris had long established himself already as a champion for the kids.

Chris and Chester were both working hard to try and expose this high level corruption to the world before they were both silenced.

“Interesting, I had just read & tweeted your interview w/ Romania Journal about Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington being murdered. I found (via Wikileaks) the email to Podesta from Tom DeLonge about UFO’s very strange, especially in that he listed “important things” as the subject.” – Elizabeth Summer

Just like Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, Kurt Cobain was also becoming privy to the diabolical scheme being carried out by Uncle Sam, and would have no part in the bloodshed. In fact, Kurt was turning against his own band members at the end, for their silence, and he wanted to do something to try and bring a stop to the madness.

According to the UK’s Express:

“The San Jose Mercury News reported in 1988 on claims Lt Col Michael Aquino, who was based at Presidio, and the self-confessed founder of a Satanic church called The Temple of Set, was involved in the abuse, but despite a police inquiry, no charges were ever brought against him.”

I learned celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and others, including Love herself, were said to have clearance to go to Wonderland facility in L.A. where MK Ultra was carried out on them to turn these stars into Manchurian Candidates.

What I discovered as I dug deeper is that Courtney Love looks to be at the center of all of this corruption, and certainly the deaths of these three rock idols, and is potentially directly responsible for countless kids stolen and sacrificed or sold into sex slavery.

She herself had allegedly been a sex slave held in a cage when she was much younger. I was given this information by a trusted source and it goes deeper than you can imagine.

Is Courtney now working as the ring’s lure like Elizabeth Short?

How much did Kurt truly know about all of his wife’s history?

It is not out of the realm of possibility, in my opinion, that Courtney killed Kurt and staged his death for the ring. She must be looked at closely too during this ongoing investigation.

If Kurt did know about his wife’s ties to Pedogate, it would make sense as to why many of his final songs and music videos were peppered with hidden occult-related messages, plus speaking out about abuse against women and kids. It was a big time cry out for help.

“Rape Me”

One thing we know for sure is that Courtney has a lot of history with Epstein and Prince Andrew, the two biggest names at the heart of the pedophile scandal where many young girls were savagely raped.


There is a reason that Randy “Rocket’ Cody has been called the “The Most Dangerous Rock N Roll Writer Alive.” as we focus on the darker aspects of the Heavy Metal genre and the music industry in general… covering a wide range of topics including the “suicides” of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell, Pizzagate, Frazzle drip, the Hidden Agenda of the “Elite”, to shapeshifting Aliens……..all good clean fun!

“The Drinking Life” blog

My source now tells me that the infamous “Frazzledrip” video that is being held by NYPD, not only depicts Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin involved in the ritual killing of a child, but I’m being told that there is a third person also in the video that has never been mentioned.

Yes, you guessed it… Courtney Love!

This is the reason that Chris Cornell was murdered. When he received the computer file called “Swordfish,” wherein he was able to view the entire “Frazzledrip” film but also came across Epstein’s “Black Book” and some other damning info within the file tied to Pedogate, it was tipped off to Courtney through Vicky Cornell what he saw, and within 24 hours a hit for Chris’ life was put out.

Sure, I’ve been known to push fantastic hoax articles, like the one where I said Donald Trump is Bigfoot and Lady Gaga is singing on the next METALLICA album, but I swear to all that is holy I’m telling the truth about these dead rocker investigations.

As I understand it, the HRC snuff film and other key components of the “Swordfish” drop are taken straight from the well known Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin computer file named “Life Insurance.”

This explains why such a huge cover up is going on in America and NYPD will not release the “Frazzledrip” snuff flick to the media, because they know that they are trying to hide the fact that Courtney Love is the Illuminati’s achilles heel and would blow Pizzagate wide open.

I was informed by a person who has a copy of the snuff film via a third party that one of the scenes depicts “three women eating the remains of a dead child’s hacked apart nude corpse.”

After his own analysis, despite the footage being “dark and a bit grainy”, he noted that the third woman who appears with Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin in one of the final scenes is apparently “a famous American blonde with bee stung lips.”

The kicker, however, believe it or not, the source goes on to state for the record that the mystery blonde in the HRC snuff film is wearing a NIRVANA concert shirt.

Because Chris’ bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, who was hired by Vicky, has strong MOSSAD connections and training for assassinations, he was used to help take Chris out in his hotel room I believe, and until Detroit PD releases the hallway security camera footage that they claim to have seen, which supposedly clears Martin of any wrongdoing, the Cornell investigation will remain open, and I will keep pressing ahead to get to the bottom of it all.

The evil cabal doesn’t mind throwing Hillary and Huma to the wolves, trust me, but Courtney Love, as I understand it, connects to a lot of other extremely powerful people in the ring, Prince Andrew, being the biggest, and her being exposed in such a manner in a gruesome snuff film would totally validate my theories and open up a huge can of worms for she, Tom Grant, The Royal Family, along with all of the other liars in the mainstream news media who made a mockery of Chris, Chester and Kurt’s deaths, plus are complicit in the biggest human trafficking ring of all time.

This is why Courtney and Vicky Cornell suddenly formed such a “strong bond,” with Courtney actually attending the funeral for Chris Cornell. Both of these women are the glue that is holding together the Illuminati’s bullshit narrative of depression being the cause of their husband’s downward spirals.

So until the authorities responsible for representing the law release these 3 items, my theories and reputation as a news journalist remain highly credible:

1. Chris Cornell security camera footage

2. Frazzledrip snuff film

3. Swordfish computer file

Prove me wrong. Isn’t that as simple as it gets? I have hit the ball into the Illuminati’s court now, so we shall see how they respond. I don’t think anyone in the world is ever going to dare challenge me.

I literally hold the winning hand.





Pictured: The Most Dangerous Journalist Alive: Randy “Rocket” Cody