Frazzledrip: The Shocking Truth, part 1

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

The hottest topic currently in the truther community currently is the purported Hillary Clinton snuff film that is circulating on the dark web titled “Frazzledrip,” which apparently depicts she and Huma Abedin (plus a potential 3rd person rumored to be Courtney Love, widow of NIRVANA frontman Kurt Cobain) taking part in a ritual murder of a young child.

Is it a hoax? Or is it real? I decided to dig even deeper to see what I could learn, and unfortunately, I uncovered some pretty terrifying information related to the matter. Hopefully, my investigating can help bring the ugly reality of #Pizzagate into sharper focus.

One user on Reddit informs us of the grim truth:

“It exists. I saw a few minutes of one of them back in late 2015/2016. I thought what I was watching was fake, until it disgusted me and I didn’t try to finish it. I found it on TOR from a link on an open forum in the darkweb. I was looking for some network security leaks and got off on a bunny trail about redrooms. A few months later I came across some mainstream online information about it that made me understand it wasn’t fake and later I shredded my laptop. You don’t get arrested for watching it on the dark web, but accessing TOR will get your activities watched. The only way they will come and arrest you is if they do a MITM attack and catch your info from a compromised exit node from TOR, or compromise you some other way. That being said, don’t go fooling around on the dark web unless you know what you’re doing. It’s easy to stumble upon things you wish you didn’t see. didn’t even know the name of the file was “frazzled_rip” until this year.You can never “un-see”.”

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW – Frazzledrip: The Shocking Truth!

“What is in the emails is staggering… and turns your stomach…”

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