The Titanic, A Journalist & An Early Pedophile Scandal

The Titanic, A Journalist & An Early Pedophile Scandal (part 1)

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane & intolerable” ~ H.L. Mencken

Being the world’s most prolific and widely published conspiracy theorist of all time, I find myself at times pinching myself and asking, “Is this life of mine really happening? Am I going to wake up one day and all of my past accomplishments as a journalist be nothing but a figment of my imagination?” Well, the great man I am about to tell you an incredible story about, named W.T. Stead, has been largely forgotten and it feels absolutely amazing to me that I have the honor of being the writer to reach back into time, so I may grab onto the firm grip of a true legend, pulling him back into the modern times for one more sensational news story.

Who was W.T. Stead? He is widely regarded as the greatest newspaper man of his time. He was also one of the victims aboard the Titanic when it sank in 1912.

In my previous reporting on the Titanic, I effectively solved the mystery of how the Titanic was truly sunk, and it was not by way of the Illuminati’s BS story that it sank due to hitting an iceberg. I proved that the most massive ship of its time was sank on purpose. I also backed up my theory with official confirmation by legitimate sources, but most importantly, I proved that the legendary Titanic was a Satanic ritual sacrifice carried out on the ocean.

What is most compelling about the true story behind the intentional sinking of the Titanic, is the fact that the world’s most prestigious journalist at that time, Mr. Stead, had published investigative reports about an elite pedophile ring in England that was engaged in human trafficking.

Mr. Stead had famously authored “The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon,” which was a series of newspaper articles on child prostitution that ran in The Pall Mall Gazette in July, 1885.

He crusaded against the system and in the end, the age of legal consent was changed because of it.

“It has been computed, says the report of a Hampshire Home, that there are no less than 10,000 little girls living in sin in Christian England. I do not know how far that is correct, but there is no doubt as to the existence of a vast and increasing mass of juvenile prostitution.”  – W.T. Stead

This brought on the implementation of the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885, that raised the age of consent for girls from 13 to 16, plus re-criminalized homosexual acts.

As the story goes, the overall theme of “Maiden Tribute” was about child prostitution, along with “the abduction, procurement and sale of young English virgins to “Continental pleasure palaces.”

“Ritualized sex magick draws upon the combined power of a sex act and the partners. Magick spells and incantations are launched during orgasm.”- Occult Bot

Orgy Island: Just When You Thought It Could Not Get Any Worse…

Yes, amazingly enough, Mr. Stead was singlehandedly fighting against the inhumane treatment of young boys and girls, much like late rock star friends Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were.

In his epic four part dissertation, Mr. Stead took his readers to the gritty streets of London, to its “darker side.”

He exposed the flesh trade while shedding light on the vast corruption of those officials who not only turned a blind eye but also took part in the abuse themselves. It sounds eerily similar to the modern scandal of PEDOGATE, doesn’t it?

So what I will do now to reignite the flame, if you will, is publish my own special three part report on the Titanic investigation as it relates to Mr. Stead’s death, and the possibility that he was set up to die when placed on the ship, due to his potentially exposing the darkest secret that members of the Illuminati did not want to get out to the rest of the world. I will examine every possible aspect to ascertain the true significance of his role in this tragic story.

I already provided witness testimony that supports my theory that a fire was started on the ship well before its first and final voyage, that included a potential explosion that helped weaken the hull far in advance of it hitting anything out on the open sea.

The over one hundred years difference in time between Mr. Stead’s death and the current elite pedophile scandal, that starred late billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, brings an even more grim feeling to what is currently going on today. How could the elite’s abuse of kids be given a “pass” by authorities at every level?

Stead used brutal subheadings with each article, such as: “The Violation of Virgins”, “The Confessions of a Brothel-Keeper”, and “How Girls Were Bought and Ruined”.

Titanic Universe blog takes us further down into the deep abyss:

“The RMS Titanic had gained worldwide attention because of her size and luxurious accommodations. Some of the world’s wealthiest people were anxious to climb on board her, and the list of First Class passengers was full of very wealthy, and powerful, people. Among the cream of society was the name JP Morgan, and he had planned to be on her when she set sail from Southampton, England.  Morgan was booked to stay in one of the parlor suites, one of the fanciest rooms on the sip, but a day or two before the sailing, Morgan cancelled. Why was it that Morgan decided not board the ship and sail with her? Was it illness  or was there another reason Morgan cancelled his booking at the last minute? Did Morgan have inside information and knew the ship was doomed?”

“The biggest reason in the world for JP Morgan to want the Titanic to sink was not because of the insurance money, but because of money of a different kind. There were three very prominent men on board the sip, and these three  were opposed to the Federal Reserve, the system which protects banks to this day. To a businessman like JP Morgan , the Federal Reserve system would ensure he could carry on with business with some protection from the government. According to the conspiracy theory, Morgan arranged for these three powerful men to be on the Titanic, and with their untimely deaths came the end of the opposition to the Federal Reserve, which was founded in 1913. Could this have just been a coincidence or something more?”

John Pierpont Morgan Sr. (April 17, 1837 – March 31, 1913)

You see, the truth is that J.P. Morgan essentially forced the U.S. government into acting on a central banking system amid the Bank Panic of 1907 when Wall Street turned to J.P. Morgan for help.

According to “Morgan was able to convene all the principal players at his mansion and command all their capital to flood the system, thus floating the banks that, in turn, helped to float the businesses until the panic passed. The fact that the government owed its economic survival to a private banker forced the necessary legislation to create a central bank and the Federal Reserve.”

As stated above. several prominent men also died on the Titanic, including the richest man in the world at the time, Jacob Astor. The others were named Isidor Straus and Benjamin Guggenheim. All three of them were totally against the idea of creating the Federal Reserve.

Source: NWO News

Mr. Stead in his investigative reporting, quoted a former brothel-keeper who confirmed the nature of England’s child sex business:

“Maids, as you call them – fresh girls as we know them in the trade – are constantly in request, and a keeper who knows his business has his eyes open in all directions, his stock of girls is constantly getting used up, and needs replenishing, and he has to be on the alert for likely “marks” to keep up the reputation of his house. I have been in my time a good deal about the country on these errands. The getting of fresh girls takes time, but it is simple and easy enough when, once you are in it. I have gone and courted girls in the country under all kinds of disguises, occasionally assuming the dress of a parson, and made them believe that I intended to marry them, and so got them in my power to please a good customer. How is it done? Why, after courting my girl for a time, I propose to bring her to London to see the sights. I bring her up, take her here and there, giving her plenty to eat and drink–especially drink. I take her to the theatre, and then I contrive it so that she loses her last train. By this time she is very tired, a little dazed with the drink and excitement, and very frightened at being left in town with no friends…””I offer her nice lodgings for the night: she goes to bed in my house, and then the affair is managed. My client gets his maid, I get my £10 or £20 commission, and in the morning the girl, who has lost her character, and dare not go home, in all probability will do as the others do, and become one of my “marks”–that is, she will make her living in the streets, to the advantage of my house. The brothel keeper’s profit is, first, the commission down for the price of a maid, and secondly, the continuous profit of the addition of a newly seduced, attractive girl to his establishment. That is a fair sample case of the way in which we recruit. Another very simple mode of supplying maids is by breeding them. Many women who are on the streets have female children. They are worth keeping. When they get to be twelve or thirteen they become merchantable. For a very likely “mark” of this kind you may get as much as £20 or £40…”

Just like in the PEDOGATE scandal that I have become world famous for writing about over the past four years, it seems that the government in England, including the Royal family, at the time of Stead’s report, were playing a big role in keeping this tragic situation of trafficking young kids covered up from the general public. Mr. Stead, like myself, undoubtedly made countless enemies for himself, due to his stance on the matter.

“Since time immemorial, wherever Satanists have been present, it has not gone well for children. In a globalist paradigm, as long as they are at large, child trafficking will serve to ensure that there is no place on earth where children can be safe.” – Occult Bot

J.P. Morgan passed away in 1913, the same year both the Federal Reserve and the Rockefeller Foundation got started.

The House of Morgan can trace its roots back to 1838 when a man named George Peabody, a business partner of the Rothschilds, launched it. At the end of the day, the House of Morgan was “nothing more than the American wing of the Rothschild’s banking empire.”

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